Nov. 30, 2019

I have always loved to be gangbang , i enjoy more than one cock in me , I am so luckey that my hubby never says a word , I got in to Moncton late and it was snowing ,so I got a hotel room for the night ,I went down to get something to eat and have a drink ,the bar was so so I ordered a drink and food and looked around .

I saw a couple of young men over at the bar , looking over and I just stayed in my spot one sent the water over and ask if, I would like a drink .

I replied that I have to go up and phone home and I left telling the water to hold my order .he said the weather is bad and he did not think any one would leave to night .

I went up stairs and refreshed my self and a quick shave in my lower region and called hubby he so good to me he said have fun tonight take lots of come, he always wants me to enjoy my self .

so I returned to the bar and F brought me my supper and a drink from this young man I sat there for a while and F ask if I had my room for the night as some people can not get rooms , I replied to F that the hotel has to keep one room open for our company ,he said nice we talked a bit and then the young man at the bar came over and ask if he could sit down I said if you are over 21 yes he laughed and ask if his friend could join us .

we all were having a joke and drinking and enjoying our self's , and it started to get late and F said he has to shut down the bar .

they replied could they stay in the bar they could not get a room and the roads were closed , well he said for a little while and we talked and drank and I felt a hand sliding up my thigh it was not a quick move he had had his hand on my knee for a while , I was getting wet and wondering when he was going to move and find out I do not wear undes , there were two other friends with him and we all joking and enjoying the drinks when his hand hit my wet pussy and I smiled at him and he blushed a bit I reached over and rubbed his cock it was hard and long I ask them there ages and they were 23/25/30/I replied I have kids older than you .

the other friend moved in and he started to move his hand up my leg , I was getting wet and hot and I wanted to get fucked bad I went to the washroom to have a pee and f was in there cleaning and he said I will leave I said why and I peed and came out he was standing there with a wicked hard on I could see it under his pants ,I looked at him and said well are you going to use that thing or waste a good hard or he dropped his pants I bent over the counter and he fucked me hard and started to pull out I grabbed him and said let it go he came hard in me and it was so good .I went back to the other three and we started to talk and I felt the hands go up and they started to finger me and they soon found out I was full of come B said to me can I lick your pussy it will taste so good I then said lets go to my room and F said he will be up in a bit we got up there and they all got naked and we will call him B went down on me and licked F come out of me I had two cooks in my mouth and one licking my pussy and ass I felt him insert his tonged in my ass I told him he would have to fuck my ass and he said he would love to the other two were getting head and I informed them that they had to cum in me not on me we all played and five times I was DP that night it was a night that I will remember for a long time every time one pulled out the other went in I forgot what it was like to be young and so full of cum it turned out B was bi and would suck out the cum from me and he sucked all the cocks that went in my ass we slept for a bit and I felt them start on me again and all I could do was let them have there way with me hubby called on facetime and told the boys to have fun and we fucked till noon .I have meet up with them a once after that and they brought there wife's and that a an other storey two couples and me out for a weekend if you are intrested