Written by Melanie

Oct. 15, 2019

Birthday Party

Hubby’s last birthday ended up like no other birthday. He decided that he wanted an underwear party. Some of our more conservative friends decided not to come (I think most of them suspect that we are pretty lose) but the fun ones all arrived. After taking off the coats that covered them, the fun of seeing how everyone had dressed began.

Some had the works, suspender belts, etc. Some were hardly dressed at all. One of my friends had panties on that were so small I could see here pussy lips. She laughed at me and said “well best I keep my legs together then”.

The party ended after midnight. Most people had left except my neighbor and a friend of his. Both of them were wearing jock straps (I think that’s what they are called – literally a strap and a bag holding the cock and balls. Both of them looked very fuckable and I had always thought about banging my neighbor. My regular gig fuck, Mike, had left town some months ago and I was dying for some fresh cock. I had considered asking hubby to find a young stud but hadn’t gotten the courage up yet. As for the neighbor, I always wanted to fuck him but you can’t walk up to someones door and say “Please would you fuck me”.

Darryl, the neighbor was hot, wide shouldered and well-muscled. Judging by the bulge in his jock strap he was well hung too. His friend was huge, as in 6 ft 5. Not as pretty as the neighbor but I assumed at his size he had a cock to match (apparently that’s not reality – cock size and man size are not correlated)

After more alcohol and talking shit, someone found a bottle of cream, the one that squirts. The game started with the 2 guys standing in front of me taking turns to squirt cream on my tits and lick it off. As Darryl leaned forward for a lick of my nipples I grabbed his cock and squeezed him a few times. Game on!. He was hard almost immediately and his cock had nowhere to go. The head started sticking out over the top of his jock strap. Eventually he said “fuck it” and pulled his jock strap down under his balls. Darryl’s cock was awesome and was in mouth in seconds. His friend immediately sat down next to me and started running his fingers over my panties, trying to get his fingers into me in the side of my panties. With Darryl’s cock still in my mouth I slipped my panties off. I leaned over to Darryl's mate and said quietly in his ear “I want you to fuck my pussy hard”. I then turned to both of them and said “Right, who’s going to fuck me first?” I left Darryl’s cock, stood up and bent over. Darryl immediately entered me and started banging me hard, grunting as he did. His friend maneuvered himself around to my face and shoved his cock in my mouth. Cock sandwich. My husband sat playing with his cock and when Darryl and his mate had shot their last loads he came over and fucked my now sticky mess of a pussy.

Darryl comes around quite often now but the same rules apply – I only fuck other guys with hubby present.