Feb. 21, 2019

“Jealous?” He said huskily into my ear, as his naked body pinned mine to the bed. “Why would you be jealous of a toy?”

The topic of us fucking a woman together had come up mid-foreplay. I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea.

“Babe, you know a chick isn’t the same as a toy.”

“Well she can be.” He said then sucked my ear as he slipped two fingers into my wet pussy. I moaned and brought my lips to his, kissing him hungrily, drawing his tongue into my mouth.

He pulled his lips from mine but kept sliding his thick fingers in and out of my slick pussy. I grabbed onto his strong neck in an attempt to bring him back down to me. He wasn’t having it, and he resisted.

“Do you like kissing me?” He asked, his thumb clamping down onto my clit.

“Yes! So get back down here and kiss me.” I begged.

“And imagine how amazing it would be if you had someone to bite those nipples or lick this little clit as I shoved my tongue down your throat and stretched out your pussy.” He said thrusting his fingers deeper into me to prove his point. He then further emphasized his point by once again covering my mouth with his, drawing me into one of his delicious kisses.

He pulled away again. “You can say you’re jealous, but you just got a whole lot wetter baby.”

“Fuck you.” I said, knowing he was right but hating to lose an argument. “Give me this cock already.” I said grabbing at his dick, trying to change the subject.

He obliged, but not the way I had in mind. He flipped around and straddled my head. In one simultaneous move, he slid his throbbing cock into my mouth, as he smothered my pussy with his lips. He then started to go harder, literally fucking my face as he lapped at me…

When we were done fucking, and laying in bed, he brought up our conversation again. “You got really wet when you were imagining two mouths and four hands on your body.”

“I know.” I admitted. “The issue isn’t two people touching me, it’s how I’m going to react to you touching another girl, fucking another pussy.”

“Fair.” He said then paused to think for a moment. “Maybe you’ll be a little jealous... But don’t think about it as me getting to fuck another woman, the excitement is in us doing her together. I’ve banged lots of chicks. What I want is to do it with you. You spreading her open for my hard cock, or me pushing her face down onto your pussy while I pound on your ass. That’s what does it for me.”

Wow. The way he put it made me want a second round. I shimmied up to him, pressing our naked bodies together.

“Babe like I said, she’s our toy to play with together. We can use her body for our pleasure, and then when we’re done, we’ll leave and it’ll be just the two of again. Like putting one of your dildos back in the drawer. No attachment, just pleasure.” He elaborated, seeing I was starting to soften to the idea.

We’d shared a guy before and it was one of the most incredible sexual experience of our lives. That experience made me reluctant to shut the door on us being with a woman without at least trying it once.

“Ok baby, let’s try it.” I agreed. “But she better be hot af.”


It took us a while to find a woman to fuck. Solo women looking to play were so much rarer than single men who wanted to bang… But I suppose that’s why they’re called Unicorns; almost impossible to find but magical once you do.

And then we finally connected with Gia online.

We met with Gia at hotel bar. Mr. GameOn let me sit beside her and do most of the talking, probably worried that if he showed too much interest in her, I’d get jealous and call the whole thing off.

Gia was just my type; glamorous with juicy, kissable lips, a voluptuous figure and like my Mr., European with dark hair and olive skin. She was also cheerful and talkative. I’m not sure if there’s something rarer than a Unicorn, but if there is, it would be how I’d describe Gia. She was seriously that spectacular.

By the end of the first drink we’d established we were all interested in fucking each other. I loved how eager Gia was to get up to the room to play. She was newly single and couldn’t wait to fuck the pain of her break up away. Mr. paid our bill and we made our way to our room.

Shortly after we entered the room, Gia excused herself and went to the bathroom. Mr. GameOn took the opportunity to find out where my head was at. “What do you think?” he asked.

“She’s amazing.” I answered honestly.

Hearing this, his eyes lit up. “Can’t wait to see you two play.”

I looked down; his cock was straining against his jeans. He really couldn’t wait. I grabbed the hard bulge and rubbed, feeling my pussy tingle with the contact. Mr. groaned and bent forward, kissing me while he started to undress me.

“Shouldn’t we wait for Gia?”

“She can catch up.” He said before sliding one of my breasts out of the black lacy bra I was wearing and popping my nipple into his mouth. I gasped with delight and followed his lead, unbuckling his belt and releasing his, now raging, hard-on from his jeans.

“You two are so hot.” Gia said, startling us both.

We looked over at her in unison and took her in. She was only wearing lingerie, like me, she wore a lacy black set. Her long brown hair was draped over her shoulders and massive breasts were just begging to have a cock between them. She was delicious.

“Get over here.” Mr. ordered, then turned back to me and kissed me so hard I couldn’t breathe.

Gia obeyed but instead of joining in on our kiss, got down on her knees in front us. I felt her run her fingers up my inner thigh and push my thong aside as Mr. pulled me closer to him as we kissed. She then slid her fingers into my dripping pussy, making me moan.

This got Mr.’s attention, he pulled away from my lips to enjoy the view. Gia had his thick cock in her hand and fingers up my pussy.

“Good girl.” Mr. said to her approvingly. He then pushed my panties down. “Kiss her.” He said to Gia, putting his hand on the back of her head and directing her mouth onto my pussy. Her tongue found my clit and she gave it long, hard laps.

“Fuck.” Was all I could say. This chick was amazing.

“You like that baby?” Do her lips feel good on yours?” Mr. asked, already knowing my answer.

Wanting in on the action, he then took the tip of his cock and moved it towards Gia’s mouth.

“Mmm let me taste you.” Gia said, looking up at him. She took his head into her mouth while continuing to pump my g-spot with her fingers. Gia made his dick look so good. I wanted some too.

Kneeling down beside Gia, I started to suck Mr.’s balls while she worked his shaft. “Do you like that Daddy?” I asked, coming up for air.

“Too much. You two are killing me.” Mr. groaned. “Gia, sit on the edge of the bed, and baby kneel down in front of her. We’re going to eat that pink pussy of hers together.”

“So you want us to stop?” I asked between slurps.

“You two better stop sucking me or this is going to be done before it starts.” He laughed.

He and I re-positioned ourselves on the floor in front of Gia’s open legs. I could see her shaved pussy peeking through her lacy panties. Mr. took them off her. “Take off your bra.” He told her. She obliged and was now totally naked, her huge breasts exposed, big nipples waiting to be bitten.

“Like what you see baby?” Mr. GameOn said into my ear.

“Mmmmm yes Daddy.” I answered.

“Kiss it.” He said holding open her pussy, revealing her hard clit.

I did as I was told and put my lips on her pussy, which made Gia inhale sharply. Hearing her reaction encouraged me and I slid my hands under her ass cheeks and buried my face in deeper.

Mr. groaned in approval. Seeing me eat a pussy was a fantasy of his. He got up and laid the now moaning Gia down on the bed. He fed her his dick and grabbed at her huge tits as he watched me lick, suck and kiss her pink slit.

“Fuck baby, get that pussy wet for Daddy. Let me see you finger her.”

Gia squealed in anticipation then went back to slurping Mr.’s cock.

I slid my fingers in her now soaked pussy and curled them against her G-Spot. She moaned even louder as I went on.

“Is she nice and wet for me?” Mr. asked me.

“God I’m so wet.” Gia answered on my behalf.

“We’ll see.” Mr. said, pulling his dick from her mouth. He walked back over and lifted me off the ground and sucked my lips.

“Mmmm she is wet, I can taste her all over you baby.”

He flipped Gia over onto all fours while standing at the edge of the bed.

“Hold her open for me.” He said.

I did what I was told, and then did one better. I took his big dick in my hand and guided it to her pussy. “Fuck her hard Daddy, stretch her our and make her scream.” I said into his ear.

“You’re killing me.” He said, right before obliging.

I laid down on my back in front of Gia and spread my legs. “Play with me” I said to her, handing her a dildo and pushing her mouth onto my throbbing pussy.

“Oh my God yes.” She said, her voice muffled by my cunt.

Laying back I took in the pleasure of her lips and the dildo while I appreciated the view.

Watching my tall, sexy, beast of a man slamming her was unbelievably hot. Seeing his tattooed arms bulge and he pulled her close... Hearing his balls slap against her... She was damn sexy too, tits slapping as he fucked her. It was like I had my own porn to watch and it was starring my favorite person.

And boy was he going at it. Gia was moaning louder and louder, Mr. was getting her so close. “You like that cock Gia?” he asked.

All Gia could do was scream. She was cumming. Relentless, he pumped her harder and harder through her screams.

“Mmmm… That’s a good girl.” He said to her as she finished.

“I’m not done.” He said, not skipping a beat. He hadn’t forgotten about me. He took Gia’s place at my pussy and started to eat me out. Grinding his tongue onto my clit, reaching up and grabbing hard at my nipples. I was getting so close too.

“Oh no you don’t.” He said to me and abruptly stopped. “You’ve been a very good girl today, you’re not allowed to finish just yet.”

“Please” I said trying to push my cunt into his face.

With that he backed off and propped my ass up on a pillow.

“Come help me Gia.” He said. Gia crawled over, and once again took my clit into her mouth. Mr. held my legs wide open and started to rim my ass with his tongue. Then as Gia’s licking became more intense, he started to fuck my ass with his tongue. Have I mentioned how much I love filthy my man?

“You want it baby?” He asked.

“Please make me cum.” I screamed.

Mr. lubed up and then slid his cock into my ass. He went right in, not bothering to be gentle or ease himself in. It hurt and felt so good at the same time.

“Gia, finger her pussy and tug on her nipple. We’re going to make my girl cum so hard.”

“Cum for us.” Gia said to me.

The sensation was overwhelming. Gia’s mouth on my clit, fingers on my g-spot and Mr. pounding away on my ass, so much was happening at once. I think it took me all of thirty seconds to come. I laid there bucking and screaming but Gia and Mr. GameOn were unyielding in their pounding.

Seeing me cum made Mr. even harder. “Oh God, I’m so close.” Gia heard this and took it as a cue to suck his balls as he fucked my ass.

That was the final straw that pushed Mr. over the edge.

“Give me that cum Daddy. Please.” I begged.

“Want that ass filled?” he said thrusting even harder. “Here it comes baby.” He said with a groan.

Pulling out he flopped onto the bed.

“That was amazing.” He said.

“You’re amazing.” I said back to him in agreement.

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