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Hornycouple88 1 month ago

A New Lifestyle

True story of how my wife got anal from her ex during first time trying cuckold lifestyle.

Not sure what happened to my brain through the breakup with my first ex, but knowing that shortly after our breakup that she was already with another guy seriously pissed me off. Furthermore, hearing them fuck through his dorm room door of the univer...

Anonymous 6 months ago

It was two years ago but I relive it in my mind often. I’m a geologist, forever searching for “gold in them there hills”, quite often my job takes me to very remote, uninhabited regions of this vast country, seeing how I’m usually alone in these expe...

Anonymous 11 months ago

When we got to the room Mr B was sitting there with a towel wrapped around his waist. Mr B came over and gave Ms Smith a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mrs B was standing behind me and gave my ass a slap. I could see when Mr B got up that he was par...

Anonymous 11 months ago

We walked over to a table where the couple was sitting. They both stood up and introduced themselves (Mr. & Mrs Brooks) They looked to be in their late 40’s. A good looking couple. He was about 6’0 tall, short dark hair, average build (but a litt...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Our first MFM

Now onto gangbangs

So my wife and I talked about having a MFM threesome for a while, we finally went to a sex club and got a room. She said first guy at the door let him in, so I did and so it began... She was laying down and I was eating her out while she sucked him...

Starrynitex1 1 year ago

The surprise...

Husbands surprise to wife...

Part 1 It’s Friday and a long week has passed, where relaxation and some personal alone time is warranted. You get home, kick off your heels and call for your husband, as you hear some music playing from the bedroom. You don’t hear a response, so yo...

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Jimmy Slaps 1 year ago

The Soccer Mom Van Full of Naked Dudes

A group of good friends go on a road trip to their favorite camping spot and boldly leave their clothes behind.

This story took place years ago, and it was the year after graduating high school. My closest friends and I were all 19 and 20 at the time and just starting to realize what the real world looked like. As is common, we tended to cope with these chang...

Anonymous 1 year ago

The First Couple I Met

Double blowjob orgasm...

The First time I met a couple was like nothing else I had ever experienced. We chatted through Craigslist I believe I was probably about 19 at the time and was pretending to be 25. I talked with the husband mostly, he was nice enough, seemed lik...

DandD2e 1 year ago

Our first experience

Finally decided to take the first step

We started out watching porn together, all different types, but I really got turned on watching women with multiple partners or another woman. It always got me soaked and progressed from there. BF would whisper in my ear when we we...

Anonymous 1 year ago

The Naughty Photoshoot

Look at the size of that lens

The photoshoot At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical photographer, I will assure you I am not. The photoshoot was a typical everyday shoot, my friend was going pro as a dominatrix and needed some images for her the madam’s website. Env...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Hoping this happens next

Heres how she needs it again asap

Help double team her hard and deep both taking turns in ass and pussy as the other is at other end being sucked off her on hands and knees for a deep hard lenghly spitroast making sure to fuck her hard when its ur turn dont hold anything back but als...

Anonymous 2 years ago

Hot tub

Some never knew

So when we lived at this one place we had a hot tub so we used to party alot in the hot turn room had seats TV like a party room so every time I got in the hot tub I was told to remove my bottoms and he would play with me and there be other people t...