Feb. 20, 2020

We started out watching porn together, all different types, but I really got turned on watching women with multiple partners or another woman. It always got me soaked and horny...it progressed from there.

BF would whisper in my ear when we were having sex " imagine 2 sets of lips kissing you, sucking on you nipples..." My moans would get him going further..."imagine 2 cocks, one in each hand for you to suck" This went on for a while and I got wetter and more turned on every time. We decided to join an adult site and we chatted with a few guys until we met B. We chatted with him for a bit via email and seemed to hit it off very well so we set up our first meeting.

We set up a meeting in a public place for drinks that had pool tables. It went very well, we chatted and had a couple drinks to relax, everything was going well. We started playing cut-throat, It's a game of pool for 3 people, each person is assigned 5 balls by number, 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15. Once all your balls are off the table you're out of the game. It was going very well so after a couple games I leaned over to my BF and asked if I could take him home, I knew that's what he wanted but said it was up to me. So needless to say we did.

When we got home we poured another drink and set out to play another game of pool, we have a table at home. This time the BF suggested we add a new rule...every time one of your assigned balls was sunk, you lost a piece clothing. Which was fine with everyone naturally. The first couple balls I lost were my jeans and my socks lol. Then B sunk another one so I told him he could take my top off, which he did slowly. It was then I realized I wasn't wearing wearing a bra and a low cut top, so the whole night when I bent over to shoot the guys got a good view of my tits even before we took him home. lol

Next thing I know I'm fully naked, both guys have only lost their shirts lol... BF comes up behind me and rubs my ass and starts kissing and nibbling on the back of my neck. Hands on my tits...B comes over to join in front of me. Now I'm between two men. B is kissing me, and feeling my tits, BF is nibbling my neck and rubbing my ass and I'm trying my best to not fall down because my legs are turning into jelly. Then B drops to his knees and BF reaches down and lifts up my one leg exposing my pussy fully to this guy. I can feel his tongue trying to drive deep inside me. Everything became a haze..

Then they laid me on the floor, more licking , more sucking...they took turns with tongues in my pussy or cocks in my mouth. I had enough....I needed to get fucked. So we took it up to the bedroom. More licking, more sucking...damn I needed a cock in me. The guys were laying side by side and I was sitting on BF's face but going from sucking one cock to the other. Then my BF lifted me up and placed me on B's face. I'd had enough ffs, I needed to be fucked.

I handed B a condom, got on my hands and knees and started sucking BF's cock, Then B penetrated me from behind...my first spit-roast...WOW I was in heaven... They fucked me like that for a bit until I heard B moaning and he started pumping harder...he finished... Then he had to go to the bathroom to clean up and get of the condom. When he joined back in the bed BF and I were laying on our sides with his cock inside me. He laid down beside us so I just took his cock in my mouth

Shortly afterwards B said he had to get home to his wife lol...So we walked him to the door and the moment he was gone I was lifted up and carried back up to the bed....while BF was fucking me he told me I'd never sucked so hard and I did when B was fucking me.....I was hooked, being spit-roasted was a fantastic experience I wanted more..

Tags: adventure, cocksucking