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A New Lifestyle

"True story of how my wife got anal from her ex during first time trying cuckold lifestyle."
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Published 2 months ago

Author's Notes

"If anyone likes this real story let me know and I will right the next one. Have about 10 somewhat alike stories that happed between me and my wife!"

Not sure what happened to my brain through the breakup with my first ex, but knowing that shortly after our breakup that she was already with another guy seriously pissed me off. Furthermore, hearing them fuck through his dorm room door of the university infuriated me to the point that I sometimes think that on that day something in my head broke. After a half dozen short relationships in between I met the woman that would in the future become my wife. She was far more beautiful than any of my previous women to the point that I never thought I stood a chance with her. 

Skip ahead a few years of dating, my then girlfriend was living with me in an apartment. Now over the past 2-3 years of dating my wife had been receiving flirty messages about once every three months, by her ex saying how he missed her. There relationship way back in high school was short and mostly just physical. Just hearing her tell me that her ex was texting her was for some reason turning me on now which surprised me because even though I was a bit jealous, but i wasn’t near as jealous or angry as I had been with my ex. After a few months of seeing his texts to her I began to tell her that she should fuck him and let me watch.

About 2-3 months went by with me bugging my then girlfriend to fuck her ex/dirty text him, before she decided to start messaging him back. She was worried at this point that it would ruin our relationship. They both started sending dirty texts to each other as he began sending detailed messages of what he wanted to do to her. She started sending pics of herself in a bra and panties to him without asking my permission which further turned me on. When she and her ex had been dating she was extremely skinny and small chested, however when she and I started dating she had developed huge DDD tits that looked very nice and perky in a bra. She was regularly dying her hair red and she turned a lot of heads in the bar scene. Her ex had never seen how hot she had become until these pics. 

Shortly after, my then gf had started coming to bed super horny and when I fucked her she was dripping wet before we even started anything. I knew this had been due to his messages and soon after her and I had started role playing sex with her ex. Not long after that she finally stated that if I really wanted she would fuck him in front of me.

We arrange a date that would work for the three of us. We set the rules and my wife asked if they were allowed to kiss. I stated that kissing just made it hotter for me. I the boyfriend at the time wanted to make it a hot night for my gf. I bought alcohol and an erotic school girl outfit for my gf as well as a honeymoon suite in a hotel room for them. When the date came along my then gf and I headed up to the hotel room as she went straight to the bathroom to get ready to fuck her ex. The honeymoon suite had 2 rooms and a bathroom, couch in one room with a tv and a hot tub near the bed in the second room with a door separating the two rooms. I mixed the three of us drinks prior to him arriving. After about half a hour my wife came out of the bathroom, her hair red done up in pigtails with ribbons, full lips with red makeup, a white bathrobe on and underneath her long legs in black fish net stockings and black 6” heels. Keep in mind she has always been a shy woman and I never really saw her like this, but she was a sight to behold, being over 6’ tall in her heels. We talked a bit and she quickly drank down about 3 drinks and I could tell she was getting a little drunk and very horny.

When her ex arrived and opened the door, my wife met him there and as soon as he saw her he panicked to get his shoes off and the second they were off their lips met. After a few minutes of them making out my gf now my wife stepped back from her ex, undid her robe and let it fall off of her shoulders to her feet. She then turned to face me to give me a show. The skirt from the school girl outfit was too small and her nice tight large ass hung out a couple inches lower than the bottom of the skirt. The top barely containing her huge boobs looked like it was barely covering anything as my wife’s nipples strained through the top against the fabric. My wife’s ex groped her tits from behind and pressed his cock against her ass as it was clearly trying to break out of his jeans already. My wife then turned back to them and the two of them began kissing deeply as if they had needed this for years. As they continued standing in the room kissing in front of me my wife began stroking his cock through his jeans as he lifted his shirt over his head. When his belt, jeans and underwear hit the floor my wife got down on her knees grabbed his ass and began forcing his already hard cock into her mouth. This was way too hot to me as my wife had never blown me like this as she did not really enjoy doing it. But for him she was gagging herself on his 7 inch dick as he threw his head back and moaned as his right hand grabbed the back of her head pushing his cock further into her mouth. After a few minutes he stood my wife back up and kissed her again deeply before pushing her into the other room and throwing her onto the king sized bed. 

I watched with clear view from the other room as he pinned her on her back and climbed on top of her kissing her repeatedly. My wife turned on her favourite love song and grabbed his hard cock needing it so badly that she guided him directly inside her without any foreplay o warmup. This was so hot that I began taking video of the whole thing. I gently stroked my cock as it was hard as a rock since he entered the room, trying not to cum until the end. The second his whole shaft entered her aching pussy she let out a loud moan which immediately made me blast a huge load of cum on the corner of the beds covers. After they fucked for a bit, he turned around on her and got into the 69 position. I could tell the way my wife was moving her head that he was doing her best to take his whole shaft into her mouth so that she could lick his balls. After this he turned my wife to the side to give me a full view as my wife pulled out her small vibrator and placed it on her clit. He once again enter her and slowly began picking up the pace. At this point my wife was still wearing all of her school girl outfit, his cock pushed up underneath her skirt, panties pushed to the side, her tits bouncing wildly. After a few minutes my wife stated loudly that she was going to cum. Her ex pushed her legs together, throwing them up over his shoulders squishing the vibrator between her legs, and began slamming hard and deep into her as he also quickened the pace. My wife’s tits slapping back and forth fell right out of the school girl top and she threw her head back, grabbed both of her own nipples in each had and started shouting “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME HARDER!” “YESSSsss!” With this she started bucking her hips back and forth. Just as my wife’s orgasm was finishing her ex pulled his cock out and blew his load all over her chest, while I simultaneously blew my second load of the night. My wife’s ex collapsed on top of her kissing her deeply before they both got up and walked to the bathroom for a shower. 

While in the shower they talked and caught up with each other as I sat down on the couch to watch tv. After approximately 15 minutes the two of them emerged from the bathroom covering themselves in towels. They stood at the makeshift bar and both had another drink as I notice the ex whisper something to her. My wife giggled and after finishing their drinks my wife gave me a naughty smile, grabbed her ex’s hand and pulled him back into the bedroom, this time closing the door in my face! With my face pushed up against the door, it wasn’t long after I heard a cap of something open which I correctly guessed that he had brought lube with him. I then heard my wife moan in pain this time as he asked her if she was ok. Then I heard her say “Yes keep going”. I then realize he was going to fuck her ass, which she had never let me do before. After a few minutes I heard my wife gasp loudly and start to let repeated moans out as the bed started to make creaking noises. After about two minutes of this I heard him picking up the pace as the bed stared banging and knocking hard against the wall. I could hear his balls slapping loudly against my wife’s cunt. She then started letting out the loudest moan I have ever heard in all our time together to the present. She started yelling obscenities and screaming as her ass was being smashed hard and fast until it she gasped again and it sounded like she nearly passed out. As she screamed hard on his dick, my third massive load hit the other side of the door. Then I heard the ex grunting loudly still fucking deep in her ass as he pulled out and burst all over her back. After about 10 minutes both of them came out. My wife looked a little sleepy but had a huge smile on her face. Her ex went back to have another shower as she came over to me naked and asked with a smile on her face, “did you hear how hard a came from him fucking my ass?” I said “yes”. She then asked “are you having fun?” As she rubbed my hardening cock through my shorts. I again said “Yes”. She then deeply kissed me and gave me a smile as she returned with her ex to the shower.

By this time it was getting late and I set up the mini bed by the tv. When my wife and her ex came out of the washroom again my wife asked me what I was doing. I stated that I was going to sleep on the mini bed and she and her ex were going to sleep in the main bed. My wife looked at me confused and asked “are you sure you are ok with that?”. I stated with a smile on my face “yep”. Everyone got into their bedside the lights went out in all rooms. As I was falling asleep I heard the familiar sound of them kissing again and as I looked over the vibrator started again underneath the sheets. I could pretty clearly tell in the dark lit room that they were making out under the covers, while he played with her tits and finger her until she came for her 3rd time. Right before I passed out I bust my 4th load of the night into a towel. 

Around 3 Am I woke up again to the sound of the bed in the other room creaking, I could see the faint outline of my wife sitting up and riding him cowgirl. She would lean down every few minutes to make out with her ex as he played with her tits and sucked on them. I blew a fifth load into the same towel before passing out again, before they had finished. At around 7 Am I woke up looking into their room as they were both asleep. I played a game on my phone for about half an hour before I realized my wife’s ex was awake and fondling my wife again. After a bit I could tell my half asleep wife was moaning a little as he fingered her again. He then got out of the bed walked around to her side, cock fully erect and dragged her half asleep ass out of bed. As she was still half asleep he bent her over the bed and fucked her until he came all over her back for his 3rd load of the night that I knew about. After I blew yet another load into the towel, my wife’s ex left and i told him thanks for coming, then packed up as my wife slept. After we were in the car again my wife smiled at me and asked if we could do that again!

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