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Cuckold Stories


Bowling Night

Arrived home early to get a surprise.

My wife has been seeing another guy very casually and not very often as they are both busy with work. Sometimes they go 6 months without a meet and just text each other the rest of the time. He texts her giving her tasks to perform and has proclaimed a ma...

First Hotwife/cuckold experience

A Hotwife/cuckold life begins

Note to reader: This is a rather long and detailed story. When hubby (D) and I first met, I was dating a guy who had introduced me to the lifestyle and we had enjoyed some experiences together. I had been separated three years and D one year. We were an i...

Surprise for the wife

For our 11 year anniversary I surprise blindfolded wife.

Over the 11 years we’ve been married, my wife has become a good obedient submissive when it comes to bedroom activities and has become more and more turned on by the idea of meeting random men to dominate her and enjoys kissing, sucking cock and riding ot...

The Break IN

Dave returns, but he's not alone

I recently got a call from my buddy Dave. He mentioned that he was coming into town and wanted to introduce us to his new friend, Buffy. He also mentioned that he was hoping to hook up with us like we did earlier in the year. When asked about how Buffy wo...

Pay The Man

Just another quickie about this adventurous couple

Tracey and I had talked about role playing and I felt that tonight would be a good time to start. We had both gotten home late and were hungry. We decided to order pizza. We were going to have it delivered and then I said… “Why don’t we role play?” “Role...

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A Hot wife Afternoon

A Visiting Couple Entertains Me

It all started with "Thanks for all the loves" I had received a few "loves" on my profile pics by VS, the online equivalent of flirting, like a smile across a room at a party. I checked out VS's profile and liked what I saw: a cuck couple with a sexy hotw...

Cheating wife from SH

This is how you fuck someone else's wife

Her hubby had gone to USA for business and was going to stay there for 2-3 days, we have been chatting on SH for sometimes, she hadn't cheated before(so she said) and we decided to meet. With COVID restrictions lifted, her daughter was at school. Her son...

Blacked - Last Weekend

Real story of a casual evening with coworker turns into hot night for wife.

This story has been a long time coming. Not long after meeting my black coworker I began fantasizing about him potentially fucking my sexy wife. He was fit and tall and I was pretty sure he would have a lot of stamina. After a long conversation with him o...


Indian Wife First time with stranger young buy

Wife could not control with another handsome young boy and got pregnant

My husband always told me his fantasies to share me with another man. We are married from 15 years and have kids. Our sex life was interesting and then after few years of marriage i lost interest of sex as I was not attracted to my husband anymore. I love...