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Surprise for the wife

"For our 11 year anniversary I surprise blindfolded wife."

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Author's Notes

"True Story"

Over the 11 years we’ve been married, my wife has become a good obedient submissive when it comes to bedroom activities and has become more and more turned on by the idea of meeting random men to dominate her and enjoys kissing, sucking cock and riding other cocks in front of me. So for our 11th anniversary together, I decided to surprise her. A week ago my wife got a set of lingerie for our anniversary to wear for me, however she was not ready to wear it for me just yet.

Fast forward to yesterday, my wife let me know in the morning that she was ready and was going to wear her new outfit for me tonight. I grew excited as she gave me a deep kiss, telling me that she was really horny. Over the day I thought about having someone else take my place and decided to message a guy she had fucked in the past that is local. I asked him if he was interested in being part of a surprise and he said he was. I told him that after our kids were in bed, I would tell my wife to put on her outfit for me along with a blindfold and go down on her knees in the living room. I told him that he would need to enter our house with extreme quiet while she was changing and getting ready. I told him that he was to get naked in our landing and when my wife was ready on her knees, I would step back and let him move in. I also informed him that I wanted to watch him fuck her face, make out with her, and that he was allowed to fuck her raw (which he had never done before) and creampie her. I kept in regular contact throughout the day to make sure the timing was just right.

So everything went as planned, kids asleep in bed, he quietly opened the door at around 8:30. My wife who was getting ready didn’t hear him come in. I met him at the door and whispered to him to get naked and hide in the kitchen. My wife finished about 10 minutes later and got down on her knees in the living room as told, before putting on her blindfold and calling out to me “ready!” I saw her, just as beautiful as the day I met her, now with her black blindfold on, red lips, flowing reddish hair draped around her shoulders, and a very transparent white outfit that her big triple D tits were pouring out of. I took out a small rope and bound her hands together in front of her and signalled that we were ready to our guest and I purposely made loud steps toward the kitchen as he passed me. Then I quietly hopped quickly to take my position beside her with my phone camera to take some video. His cock was semi-hard as soon as he saw her and I clicked record video. He gently petted her head as she smiled still thinking it was me. He then slowly entwined his fingers within her hair and grabbed a large handful, forcefully open her mouth with his other hand and stuffed his semi-chubbed cock down her throat. This definitely caught her by surprise and she let out an audible surprised moan out, as his hands are quite a bit thicker than mine and our cocks are quite differently shaped. My wife opened her mouth wider to let him deeper down her throat as he picked up pace fucking her throat hard. My wife gagged loudly and each pull out his cock was clearly glistening in the dark room with gobs of her saliva.

Once he had enjoyed himself enough he grabbed my wife’s bound hands and pulled her to her feet. He slapped one of her swaying tits, spanked her ass surprisingly hard and kissed her neck slowly upward towards her lips. He kissed her deeply for a minute as my wife kissed him back. He whispered in my wife’s ear, “Nice anniversary present! I appreciate you wearing it for me!” My wife let out a soft moan and nodded her head. Then he bend her over by the hand still in her hair and fucked her throat some more.

He now led her by her hair to the bedroom and quietly motioned for me to follow. This wasn’t really in the plan for me to join but he told me to get up on the bed on my back and got my wife to get up on top of me in a 69 position. He told me to eat her out as I did so. I licked at my wife’s clit as she was literally soaked and dripping down my face with anticipation. Her hands still bound and her eyes still blindfolded. I watched as our guest took out my wife’s lube and stuck her buttplug slowly into her ass. She gasped at this and began sucking my cock.

This next part I wasn’t expecting and I wasn’t even sure I’d enjoy. I thought he would at this point tell me to leave the room, which in the past he did. He began to stick the full girth of his cock slowly and deeply inside my wife’s aching and dripping pussy, right in front of my face. He handed me one of her powerful vibrators, the one that makes her squirt and told me to take turns using it on her clit and licking her. He put my wife into a quick rhythm, his cock disappearing and reappearing in front of my face. His balls occasionally slapping the top of my forehead. While licking her my wife began to orgasm, so I switched to the vibrator and she began to moan loudly and squirt. A lot. She began leaking down my forehead. I felt her legs tighten up around me as her whole body started to convulse. He kept pounding his cock into her right through her orgasm as she was just about screaming in pleasure. I didn’t think it could, but his pace quickened as he just about yelled it out my wife “I’m going to cum deep inside you”. My wife with heavy breathing moaned “Yes please”. My wife now took my cock deep into her mouth and I almost came immediately. He stated “Here I cum” and began grunting loudly as he slammed his cock deep into my wife. My wife in complete euphoria gasped loud popping my cock out of her mouth, jerking it quickly with a bound hand as I lost control and blew my load, shooting it over her head and all over her back. As he pulled out large gobs of his cum propped out of her onto my forehead.

My wife rolled off of me and and continued huffing and puffing. He wiped himself off with a towel and I got up to go wash off. My wife took her blindfold off and they kissed each other and then went for a shower together. They talked a bit and caught up as they washed off, but not too long after I heard my wife moaning over the sound of the shower. After a few minutes I watch my wife lead him back to the bedroom for a second round with a firm grasp on his cock, his tongue down her throat and his large hand gripping tightly on her ass.


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