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Unprotected Stories


Surprise for the wife

For our 11 year anniversary I surprise blindfolded wife.

Over the 11 years we’ve been married, my wife has become a good obedient submissive when it comes to bedroom activities and has become more and more turned on by the idea of meeting random men to dominate her and enjoys kissing, sucking cock and riding ot...


What happen one nigh

Had so much cum in me leak out for days

We went over to our friends place there was 4 trini guys there we had a few drinks my boyfriend was ask to go get food he and one of the other guy went off to town I stayed our friend takes my hand leads me to the bed room and plays with my pussy I said w...


Jennie is a bareback FREAK!

Thought she was innocent turns out I was WRONG!

A few years ago I worked with a girl that I thought was kinda cute. She wasn’t what you would say model beautiful but I thought she was cute. She was skinny and kind of nerdy. She was friendly enough, although a few times she was kind of cold and stand of...