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I was working on the line at a factory and this guy was hitting on me and on the break we went out to his jeep smoke a j all the time he was flirting with me touching me weeks went by well one time he started to rub my wet pussy i unzip to find his cock w...


BJ lover

The feel of cock on my lips

I walk up to you in my heels, garter and robe. You weren't expecting me to be in your room. You are pleasantly surprised. I walk up to you in a slow calculated pace, one heel slowly crossing the other, till I am standing right in front of you. I make eye...


Jennie is a bareback FREAK!

Thought she was innocent turns out I was WRONG!

A few years ago I worked with a girl that I thought was kinda cute. She wasn’t what you would say model beautiful but I thought she was cute. She was skinny and kind of nerdy. She was friendly enough, although a few times she was kind of cold and stand of...

The changed woman.

My dirty secret

A holiday of a life time that changed me forever.

I am a married woman of 55 and I have never ever in my life done anything like this and I don’t think I ever will again but I want to write and get it off my chest and I am wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience and this is the only outlet...


I love the smell of a woman

Something different

this was a few years ago. I began an affair with a co worker. She was a bigger girl but recently lost a bit of weight. I remember commenting to myself ‘she looks totally fuckable now!’ It started off playful, a drunken moment out at a work event, I tried...

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Watching girlfriend turned me on!

this an account of what happened the first time i watched my girlfriend with another guy

This is the story about the first time i ever saw my girlfriend with another guy. Maria is a dark haired sexy Argentinian beauty with a body to die for. We used to play this game in bed that used to turn us both on, where each of us would come up with a f...