Apr. 16, 2019

After our steamy experience following our last session, I encouraged Maria to bring Mark home to fuck him after their next driving lesson in the comfort of our bed. That whole week in the run up to the next lesson we were both so super horny in anticipation that our sex life went up several notches. We couldn't wait! We were fucking all the time and all over the place - the park, the library, the women's loo in our local pub ... and of course, the car in which I'd watched them.

The following week, as sure as clockwork, Maria had her driving lesson around lunch time. This time she texted me after they'd arrived home from their lesson, telling me she was taking him back to the flat and that they'd already made out in the car with him fingering her to an explosive orgasm in the drivers seat. She said that Mark still has no clue that I am in on their indiscretions, so I should be very quiet if I am to come over and watch them at it again. I worked about 20 minutes walk from the flat but I ran back home in about 10, not wanting to miss anything. Before I went in I checked the car. Sure enough, she'd left her wet knickers hanging off the steering wheel. I took it and had a good taste of her delicious juices all over it. Smelled soooo good!

I quietly entered our flat and could immediately hear her signature moans coming from the bedroom. This time I could also hear Mark being a lot more vocal. I quietly tiptoed over to the bedroom. Maria had kindly left the door just slightly ajar for me to get a decent view but closed enough for them not to notice me.

As I peaked through the door crack, I could see him standing naked facing away from me at the edge of our bed and his bubble butt pumping away! On each side of his perfectly formed arse, I could see each of Maria's delicious long legs sticking out wide in V shape. I took another taste of her juicy knickers and proceeded to unzip my trousers. My cock sprung out in a second, like a jack in box. They were completely engrossed in each other, changing positions, alternating between sucking, licking, fucking. I wanked furiously watching them as Mark made Maria moan like a wild nymph.

Then all of a sudden as I was wanking away at this beautiful sight like a madman, I accidentally pushed the bedroom door open! Mark turned around and looked at me in the doorway (my trousers around my ankles and my rock hard dick in my hand) and simply smiled and then turned back to Maria and proceeded to fuck her even harder. I was a bit confused, expecting him to be shocked. Clearly she had told him everything. She then looked at me and smiled as well and in between her moans, she reached her hand out towards me, making a "come hither" gesture. I almost tripped over my dick and walked over to her as she grabbed my rock solid cock and started stroking it to the rhythm of Mark's fuck strokes. My jumper was still on and she ordered me to strip fully. As I started taking off my jumper, her hands moved down to fondle my balls and all of a sudden I could feel warm lips around my cock head and an expert tongue rolling around it.

As I took my jumper off, expecting to pump that warm mouth, i was totally surprised to see that it was Mark's mouth on my hard cock!! Maria looked at me and smiled. Surprise?!! (we'd talked about this fantasy in one of our "foreplay games") He was so good! He continued to pump Maria hard and deep, while at the same time sucking me deeper and deeper! Maria reached over to suck on my balls and then they alternated sucking my hard cock between them. She came once again with my balls in her mouth.

At that point she pushes Mark onto the bed and then proceeds to ride him reverse cowgirl. She then pulls me by the hair and gives me a deep snog as she starts to bounce wildly on his hard shaft. She then pushes my head down to her beautiful left tit, her nipple fully erect, beckoning me to roll my tongue around it before I nibble and suck it. Then she pushes me to her right nipple bosom and I do the same. They bounce all over the place as she pumps him harder and harder, faster and faster.

Then she guides my head down her belly as I kiss and lick her, all the way down to her engorged clit riding that solid shaft. At that point, with Mark's rock solid cock probing her deep, she stops pumping him, leans back a bit and the pushes my face on to her beautiful clit. I start licking it and lapping up her juices. At this point Mark proceeds to pump her from underneath as I flick my tongue up and down that juicy clit to the same rhythm as his strokes. At that point she has the most violent shaking orgasm I had ever seen till then. She shook so much that Mark's hard cock popped out of her and went straight into my clit licking mouth. Her juices tasted so delicious on that spongy cock head. As her orgasm subsided, I sucked them clean off it and put his cock back in her. My first ever experience of another man's cock. He then proceeded to fuck her hard as she pulled me up to her to give me a deep snog... We then alternated positions and gave her a good seeing to for the rest of the afternoon.

Needless to say I didn't return to work the rest of the day and pulled a sickie. I'll tell you how the rest of the day went in the next part. Please leave a message below, if you'd like to hear more.

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