May 10, 2017

This is the story about the first time i ever saw my girlfriend with another guy.

Maria is a dark haired sexy Argentinian beauty with a body to die for. We used to play this game in bed that used to turn us both on, where each of us would come up with a fantasy describing an encounter with someone we both knew. It started off as a harmless game involving one of us meeting and fucking a celebrity but soon enough escalated to people we knew in our day to day lives and some of our sexiest friends. So one night I would end up describing a fantasy involving me and one of her sexy friends and then the following night she would choose one of my friends that she found sexy and create a scenario where she'd end up fucking him or her. After a while, a friend of mine from my soccer team Mark started appearing fairly regularly in her fantasies and the one she'd get wettest describing. I loved burying my face between her long legs and feasting on her delicious wetness while she described her fantasies in intricate detail and only kept encouraging her night after night. It was all fun and games and I never thought anything would come of it but a couple of summers back when Maria was between jobs, she decided to use the time to learn to drive. Being a driving instructor, Mark volunteered to give her free driving lessons and.......... everything changed.

One glorious summers day, a couple of weeks into their lessons, I came home from work (walking distance away) at lunch time and realised she'd taken my car for her lesson. I waited around for a while, hoping to have lunch with Maria and then from the window noticed them drive over and park at the back of the apartment building at the far end of the car park in a secluded area obscured by bushes. Something was strange, as most of the rest of the car park was empty and they could easily have parked up closer. I kept waiting for them to come out but they kept sitting in the car. I couldn't see much from the back bedroom window due to the distance and bushes. So, after about 20 or so minutes of waiting around I went down to check on them.

As I walked to the car, my heart was pounding as if i already knew what to expect. When I got close to the car, sure enough I could hear Maria's signature moans that she makes just before she's about to cum like crazy. I hid behind the bushes next to the car and took a peak through a clearing.

I could see Maria in the drivers seat of my Audi, with one of her gorgeous tits out and Mark in the passengers seat reaching over kissing her up and down her neck. Her wet panties were hanging off the steering wheel and by the way she was moving and moaning, I could also make out that he was fingering her (expertly!). I'm sure she came at least twice in a span of 20 mins. Watching them I initially felt a bit shocked, then jealous and then extremely HORNY! Really wanted to spank the monkey there and then but it was in the middle of the day, in the middle of a car park at the back of my apartment block that any one could walk into at any time! So I just watched with my trousers sticking out painfully.

Anyways, after she had cum the second time, it was as if a demon had all of a sudden possessed Maria. She pushed him back into the passengers seat. Started kissing him like a maniac and ripped his shirt open. Then she slowly kissed him all the way down his neck, his chest, his six pack stomach and further down ....... Unfortunately, from where I was standing I could only see above a certain height but the ecstatic look on Mark's chiseled face told the whole story. Every now and then however, I would get a glimpse of her curly black locks bobbing up and down.

She sucked him for what felt like an eternity. He was moaning with pleasure, clenching hard the drivers seat headrest with one hand and the seatbelt with the other hand, clearly trying desperately not cum. Then all of a sudden she sprung up, kissed him deep while pushing his seat back and reclined, got out of the drivers seat and jumped on top of his lap. Her summer dress now wrapped around her waist and her bra hanging off the driver seat headrest. She then proceeded to ride him like a stallion with her gorgeous boobs both out now bouncing in his face. He was clearly spoilt for trying to suck each one in turn or trying to kiss her luscious lips. She rode him for ages and came at least once before he did. Finally, when it looked like it was over I made a dash back to our apartment and sat myself in our lounge trying against hope to subdue my raging hard-on.

Maria came in on her own about 15 mins later. Looking as if nothing had happened. Pretending to be all innocent and asking why I was back early from work. She then tried to make a dash for the shower but I got up, stopped her in her tracks and gave her a long deep kiss. I could immediately smell and taste him on her lips and tongue. Somehow that turned me on even more and she was obviously still so horny from the session with Mark that she kissed me back even deeper and practically jumped me! We did it right there in the lounge. I licked and kissed her all over. Could smell and taste him on all over her stunning body. It was obvious he had spunked all over tits and tummy. We then 69ed on the floor. I think she then knew that I knew but we didn't talk about it as we were both so ragingly HORNY that we just fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked for ages. On the lounge floor, the kitchen counter, the dining table, the sofa....

After it was all done, we finally did get to the shower together and she told me everything and I told her that I'd seen it all and that it had turned me on to no end. I also told her that I would love to have a threesome with her new fuck buddy and she agreed to make it happen. Which it did and it was equally marvellous but thats another story for part two!

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