Written by Anonymous

Jan. 27, 2019

this was a few years ago. I began an affair with a co worker. She was a bigger girl but recently lost a bit of weight. I remember commenting to myself ‘she looks totally fuckable now!’

It started off playful, a drunken moment out at a work event, I tried to kiss her, denied!

We then texted playfully. I know I pushed the boundary’s! But I was horny!

We began having sex, it was awkward, but the more we did it, the better it got.

She wasn’t on birth control, so I convinced her to go in it.

This is where it got SUPER HOT!!

I hate condoms with a passion, because it takes away the passion.

I remember one afternoon we had sex twice on a futon. It was her in top. Her vagina was so wet and warm my cock stood no chance! I flooded her womb with my seed.

I remember her having a vaginal organsam, she loved when my cock twitched inside her as I was cuming.

We kissed and I plunged my soft cock in and out.

Then it happened, I started to get hard again. She wasn’t satisfied with the first time so we went at it again. This time with both came together.

She sent me a text when she went back to work. She told me her pussy was leaking my cum and it driver her crazy! Miss her.

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