Written by Anonymous

Oct. 1, 2019

I walk up to you in my heels, garter and robe. You weren't expecting me to be in your room. You are pleasantly surprised.

I walk up to you in a slow calculated pace, one heel slowly crossing the other, till I am standing right in front of you. I make eye contact, slowly licking the corner of my lips, showing you the pink of my tongue.

I run my fingers from your chin to your belly, following the line of buttons down your shirt.

I slowly kiss your lips flicking my tongue against yours, slowly devouring your mouth.

I love the taste of your tongue on mine. We still do not say a word to each other but our breathing is starting to labour, letting me know you are enjoying this.

I start to bend my knees as I lower myself to your crotch. I unhinge your belt, undo the button of your slacks and slowly lower your zipper. Your pants fall to your thighs, exposing your tight boxer briefs.

I rub my hand on your engorged cock through your boxers, your cock imprint shows you are aroused .

I lower your boxers till your beautiful cock pops out right in front of me.

I smile, look up and meet your eyes. I then grab your cock in my left hand while still making eye contact. I open my mouth and seductively stick my tongue out. I flick the tip of your cock with my tongue, tasting your precum.

I take my left hand and slowly twist it upwards to the head of your shaft. I open my mouth more and put your head in my mouth, tasting you and getting you wet, still making eye contact.

I look down to your cock seeing my spit starting to glisten the shaft. I twist my hand one way and twist my head the other as I slowly insert your beautiful cock in my mouth, going deeper and deeper till I feel you touch my tonsils. My head keeps going in semi circles while my hand continues twisting in the opposite direction

I can feel your head getting bigger, your cock getting harder, your breathing getting deeper. I know you are about to cum and I cannot wait.

I dont stop, enjoying the taste of you, feeling the moisture building up between my legs, getting turned on by the thought of you cumming in my mouth.

I feel you explode, hot cum starting to pour in my mouth. You grab me by the hair, not allowing me to spill a drop. I keep sucking as you keep squirting, until you are done. You release my hair, I release your cock from my mouth, I take my hand and wipe some cum off my lips and chin.

I stand up and say my first words to you..."was it as good for you as it was for me, James. Now I want you to get hard again so you can fuck my pussy".

I go to lay down on the bed and spread my legs. James cums towards me, staring at my shaved pussy looking like he was ready to feast on me....we hear a door open. I jump up quickly and run to the bathroom. I quickly put on my clothes and stay quiet. I can hear James talking to a woman saying he was just about to take a shower. James comes into the bathroom and puts his finger to his mouth. His wife came home. I needed to find a way to sneak out of the bathroom and out of the house. This sense of danger really turned me on. Once I found my way out I knew I would be back.

Tags: affair, blowjob