Written by The changed woman.

Jan. 28, 2019

I am a married woman of 55 and I have never ever in my life done anything like this and I don’t think I ever will again but I want to write and get it off my chest and I am wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience and this is the only outlet that I can find that allows me do this.

I have been married to a wonderful man for over 30 years, we still have an active sex life so its not that I am frustrated or anything like that, so I don’t have that excuse. My husband and I recently had a wonderful holiday on the South African gold coast where we hired a town house on the beach, and it was a wonderful location. The house was very high spec with two bathrooms inside and a shower room outside. You can’t see into it from the outside and it was a wonderful experience to use it, a little bit naughty if you see what I mean. As you do when on holiday, we made friends with another couple. They are from South Africa, in their 30’s , black and an attractive couple. As I have ginger hair and very pale skin, they seemed fascinated with me and said a number of times how beautiful I was and he flirted a lot which his wife didn’t seem to mind. My husband was oblivious to all of this which annoyed me. Then my husband decided he wanted to take a 2 hour drive to some town to visit an antiques fair, I decided not to go with him and he left.

I went to the local town for coffee and bumped into our new friend, explained that my husband was away and was invited for lunch with them, all this was fine. I went with them to their place and we had lunch, but his flirting got worst and then he just came out with it. His wife told me that her husband was amazed by my beauty ( a bit of an exaggeration) and my ‘flame red hair and skin like milk, very poetic but a little over the top. Then he sits back in his chair and says that he would like to make love to me and make his life complete. I laughed but he asked again, can we make love, I want to take you to my bed and be inside you. I looked at his wife who smiled and said that it was OK and that they have a very happy open marriage. I was shocked and took a while to find something to say but in the end I said ‘thank you but I am married and I don’t do things like that’. I got up and left. But it was exciting and part of me regretted being so prudish, I wasn’t likely to go back and jump into bed with him but it was exciting and I will admit to taking a shower and imagining being in bed with him and I ended up having a very long and deep orgasm thinking about it.

The next day it was as though nothing had been said, a few days after this my husband decided he wants to go back to the same antiques fair because he hadn’t had the chance to see it all. We had a few words about how far it was and the fact I didn’t want to go and would be left on my own again but as usually he does what he wants to do. I went for a walk on the beach and went for a swim, I didn’t; stay out too long because I burn easily and so went back to our rental home and I showered.

I couldn’t get out of my mind that fact that a stranger had actually asked me to go to bed with him and on top of that in front of his wife who encouraged it. I was in a world of my own, touching myself when the door bell rang. I started to dry myself but the bell rang again so I put a dressing gown on and answered the door, it was our neighbors. I was soaking wet and immediately felt very self-conscious, the gown was silk and I was wet so it clinged to me and left very little to the imagination. They took one look at me and made some wooooo sound, looking me up and down. I said that I was in the shower, but they said that they would make the coffee whilst I finished my shower, so I stood to one side and let them in. They followed me in, he was telling me how good I looked, I laughed it off but as I walked his hand found my back. He apologized for being so forward but said that I really was a beauty and he said that he couldn’t get me out of his mind. I told him that his wife would slap him and me if he continued but his wife said that she couldn’t get me out of her mind either.

I don’t know if I was mad at my husband for leaving me or mad at myself for letting them in or even mad at them for being so persistent but he stood in front of me and I let him put his hand on my shoulder. He said I had beautiful skin, his wife stood beside me and had her hand on my shoulder. I sort of felt trapped but I wasn’t scared, my mind raced part of me wanted him to touch me part of me wanted him not too and I could have asked them to leave and I could have walked away, but I didn’t. I remember thinking that this will never happen to me again and it was exciting.

He asked if he could kiss my neck but before I could say anything he kissed my neck and my cheek, but it was me that opened my wet gown. I exposed my breasts, he stepped back and said that I was beautiful and put his hand on me and felt my nipple. His wife pulled my dressing gown open and down to the floor, the two of them kissing me and massaging my breasts. It sounds silly now but I still had some soap in my hair and I said that I had to finish my shower. I went to pick up my wet dressing gown but she picked it up and threw it away telling me ‘you don’t need that’.

I walked away naked annoyed with myself, I told myself how stupid I was, I was a married woman and I let strangers see me naked, kiss me and touch me. I was scared at what might happen, what if they expected sex, had I just given them permission to go further. I was telling myself that I should tell them that I wasn’t willing to have sex with them but I continued to walk to the door that led to the outside shower. I looked behind me to see what they where doing, she had a wrap around dress and had unwrapped it, both of them were naked. He was beautiful, strong and powerful, his skin was dark and shining and his penis was thick and very long and swing as he strutted towards me. His wife following, her breasts as big as mine. My mind raced, would I allow them to touch me, suggest they have sex next to me, what would it be like to be entered by such a large cock, how long would it be before my husband came home.

I walked into the shower and switched it on, followed our neighbours. In one move she put her hands on my breasts and her tongue in my mouth, we kissed the way my husband and I did when we where young. I felt my legs being pushed apart and a mouth cover my love hole followed by a tongue. I climaxed quickly but it had only just started. I steadied myself against a solid wood shelf whilst she sucked my nipples hard and he put his tongue inside me, a few moments later I bent down and sucked another woman’s breast for the first time and allowed fingers inside me before they were replaced by a leg rubbing against my pussy, it was hers, our breasts pressing against each others, his tongue in my mouth and hands running all over my body. Then she moved to one side and as he fed his thick snake like cock into me I had my first orgasm.

She moved behind me and held onto me, her fingers circling his cock whilst it slid into me and then out again, the other and gripping my breast, she went from biting my shoulder to kissing my neck. She kept whispering ‘let my boy fuck you’ over and over and I did. I had never felt anything so big inside me, I felt every ripple, every ridge, I was being filled with muscle. My own muscles froze, I couldn’t move even if I wanted to so I leant against this beautiful black woman, felt her breasts against my back and with my legs open let her husband have me, fuck me, take me whatever way you want to put it. I was pressed between them as they kissed and sucked each others mouths whilst feeling and gripping me and being inside me. Then it was her turn, I felt her shake and listened to her cry out when she climaxed, now he was fucking me hard, the look of pain on his face and I knew he was going to cum inside me. I wasn’t on any birth control but I guessed it was too late for that now and he exploded cum into me over and over again and the three of us moaned like animals. Then we caught our breath and actually showed. Then we kissed and hugged like long lost friend and they thanked me, dried themselves, dressed and left. I showered for a long time because cum was dripping from me then I sat on a sofa naked questioning what I had just done. I felt terrible but the next day I made an excuse and went next door.

I wanted them to do that to me again, I knocked on the door and was let in. HE asked em if I had enjoyed yesterday, I nodded, he asked if I wanted it again and I nodded again. A few moments later I was pulled to the floor, the two of them pulling my clothes off and moments later I was being fucked hard by them both, he used me like their sex toy Cumming inside me, on my breasts and in my mouth and she loved it, sucking me and cleaning me with her mouth and hands.

The three of us fucked once more time before my holiday was over. My husband decided to visit a wine yard, I said I was tired and needed to start packing so he left without me. A few minutes later I was on my knees my breasts swinging, a mans wife under me her tongue lapping at my nipples whilst her husband fucked me doggy style, another thing my husband didn’t do. After he had cum inside me and we had all climaxed I had my first one on one sex with another woman, she rubbed herself against my pussy and gripped my breasts whilst her husband made food and looked on. I had the most exhausting and most beautifully painful orgasm of my life with that beautiful woman. We ate naked on the floor and afterwards they both held onto me whilst they fucked, three bodies pressed against each other his cock inside his wife as she screamed but that didn’t stop me cuming again.

Later we kissed and said our good bye’s and the next day they were gone. The day after that we flew home. For the whole long flight I wanted to turn to my husband and tell him that I had had a threesome and that another man had cum inside me over and over again and that we didn’t use protection and that I was in love with him and he may have made me pregnant but it was worth it but I didn’t and I wasn’t pregnant. Now all I can do it hold by heavy breasts in the shower and imagine that I am feeding my hard nipples into his mouth or his wife’s and I can feel her hard nipples on my tongue. I use a huge vibrator I bought secretly and hide from my husband, its black and thick and long and it fills me and brings back memories and if I never have that experience again I will be devastated because I was a slut and it made me feel alive,.

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