First Time
Mar. 15, 2019

I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the age 22 (thanks to all stepmom porn). J was always beautiful. She isn’t skinny but not obese. Long dark hair, big firm tits, nice ass, and great legs. She is never very modest but shy around family gatherings, I had seen her half naked when I was young as she would shower and go out of the bathroom. I guess she felt like I had been around long enough that it wasn’t a big deal. But I started noticing it after a while

I moved out of the country for education at 17 and visited my home only on my vacations, this incident happened on one of those trips, I was 24 then and I was working for a hospital overseas, I decided to go home for my break, dad picked me at the airport, J greeted me with a big hug, then dinner, a few days past, it was mainly J and me home all day, as dad was at work, all my friends and people I use know are no more around,no vehicle I killed my time watching porn and jacking it off It was late spring going into summer, I bought some breezes and beer to cool off the heat, I offered her a drink and she accepted it ,this was my first time drinking with her we had few drinks I was still having jet lags on and off I was laying on the couch dozing off, got woken up as J was cleaning up, Organizing and getting rid of my mess. She was wearing a light yellow/tan nightgown. Just straps on her shoulders. V cut that showed off her assets. It barely covered her. I looked up to see what she was doing. She was wiping down the end table at the far end of the couch. She was bent over facing me I pretend to sleep as the strap on her nightgown fell off her shoulder but she kept cleaning, now I could see her breast clearly and I couldn't take my eyes off it,

I was again pretending to be sleeping. I had seen her boobs while she exiting the shower and while changing in camping trips numerous times when I was young but for some reason seeing her with her breasts hanging out of her nightgown got me going. She turned around and bent over to pick up a dog toy off the ground. Her nightgown rode up over her waist, white panties, I could see her pussy lips slightly through the panties. The silhouette of her pubes. Then she turned her head towards me. She had caught me looking at her. She called (my name) are you checking out my ass?” I said, “No.” She said, “I think you were. And It’s not OK you know.” , I felt scared/embarrassed so I replied maybe I was looking but not checking It got awkward as we both looked into each other's eyes, to get out of this uncomfortable situation I uttered out You do have a nice ass. to my surprise ” She said, “Thank you, honey. I appreciate that.” this gave me the courage to pushed it along with alcohol I said, “I think you are pretty hot all over.” She said, “Oh I’m old and fat.” I said, “Oh. You’re only in your 40s and you aren’t fat. You’re thick. I think you’re perfect. Amazing racks, great ass, great legs.” She said, “Tell me something and be honest.” I said, “Ok. What’s that?” She asked, “Have you been checking me out? Are you sexually turned on by me?

I had no idea what kind of talk I was about to get into. I decided to just be honest and take my chances. I said, “Yeah, I guess I am attracted to you. Just kinda recently. Don’t tell anyone? She said, “Of course not, then she asked me, Do you have girlfriends ?” I said, “Not really. She said, Very sad with a naughty smile

She was now sitting opposite me on the table. I was sitting up facing her, I couldn't look at her anymore but she insisted me to look at her, I decided to get up, then she had her leg draped over mine and the other on the floor. She slowly slides both of the straps down around her elbows. Her big beautiful breasts were nearly exposed. Her nipples were most definitely showing signs of an erection. Her gown was around her waist and it was open. I could tell that she doesn't shave her pussy I could see her pubs

I asked, “So, you don’t shave?” She said, “My pussy? Nope. Never have. I like it better natural.” I said, “I like it too, ” She said, “Where is this conversation going? then I said anywhere you want, she smiled and looked into my eyes for a moment and with a naughty smile she said I think it’s only fair that I see your ass as you have seen mine ” I was shocked, I asked “You serious?” She said no it's not a good idea, she pulled up her gown covered herself and began to get up of the table, I stood up from the couch, held her shoulders and said no one is home it's just you and me. Nobody will know ever know about this and I slowly lowered my shorts. She was shocked and said what are you doing, then she got a good look at my hard cock and said you had grown up a lot. By this time I standing with my hard cock between her breasts, she pushed me on the couch and. She pulled me around in front of her. She had her legs open and I was between them. I was looking at her marvelous looking pussy through her lace white panties. It was making me harder and harder She said, “Wow. You’re pretty big, she made me stand up She took it in her hand and stroked it fully erect. She said Beautiful cock as she did it.

She leaned in and started sucking my dick while I stood there. God, was I dreaming? She stroked my cock with her thumb and index finger and sucked my dick. A few minutes in she stopped. Kept my cock in her mouth but stopped sucking enough to take off her nightgown, now she is only wearing her panties, and I was playing with her nipples and her pussy.

She then stopped and said, “Let’s go back to my room.” She stood up, took me by the hand and led me to her bed. She got on her hands and knees on the bed(doggy). She looked back and said, “Come here.” I kneel down and started licking her sweet pussy, she wasn't expecting that she jumped for second but I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face, as I was licking and sucking she was opening her legs and adjusted her self and at one point she grabbed my hair and forced it into her ass and pussy, she was wet, and she kept moaning my name, I was sucking her pussy and was licking her ass once in a while, she was moaning louder and louder and then she pulled my face into her ass, I knew she was coming, the juice was warm and tasty. She turned over and kissed me on the lips and pulled on to the bed, she kissed my stomach and licked my cock, sucked on it while playing with my lower belly and balls, I was getting excited and was moaning, she stopped and looked at me and asked Are you ready?? I said Yes I am, I guided her onto my hard dick, now she was riding me, she was looking at me,I could tell she is enjoying, her hair was on her boobs, and it was dancing to her riding style, then I stopped and made her bend over the bed facing the wall, I opened her, as l got up behind her she guided my cock into her pussy, grabbed her ass and started fucking her.

It felt amazing. She fingered her pussy as I fucked her. I wasn’t sure how long I would last. She was pushing back every time I would thrust into her. She had just started a good orgasm. I was feeling mine almost there. I told her I was about to cum. As we were going bareback. I asked if she wanted me to pull out. She was cumming hard and she said, “No, leave it in. I want you to cum in my pussy ”

So I did. It was a good one. Once we were both done she went limp and laid on the bed on her stomach. She told me to just lay on top of her and not to take my dick out just yet. We lay there for a few minutes. Then she said, “Ok. I should go was your load out of me. I said Let’s take a shower together. We showered and acted normal that evening, I could sleep that night thinking about this incident. And the next day I made a move she said yesterday was a mistake and the alcohol was to blame. I haven't made another attempt yet.

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