Mar. 15, 2020


I always visit this site, check for personal messages, likes for my pictures, stories check out all the amazing pics and videos and have a general nosy.

I contacted this 58 yr old, at first, she told me I was too young, I worked hard and made her respond, We had chatted a few times. we shared some pics, but I didn't think it would go anywhere. She was 58 and told me she was recently separated, things had not been good in her marriage for years. She was 5ft 8, about 70kg. I thought she looked great judging by the pics she sent, there was never a real clear face picture, I have always had a fantasy about an older woman, not many people know about this, I don't know where it came from, but always wanted to be with an older woman.

I live in St Thomas and work in London, one day sitting at work, it's been a few days since I got laid, so I log on to the site on my phone.

She wasn't online. I left her a message letting her know that I am keen to meet her and she won't regret meeting me bla bla.

I logged back at about 7 pm after my shift that same day. There was a message from her. She says she is free after 9 pm and asks if I want to meet her at a bar in London She left her cell number there too. I straight away text her and tell her yes please, when and where. She replies with the details and we arrange to meet at 9 pm.

I was very nervous as I am sitting in this bar waiting for her. She arrives at about ten past 9 She looked great. Nice short skirt, low cut top and really attractive face. She had a lovely curvy body, decent size breasts that were barely contained in her bra.

I stood up to greet her, we hugged, she said she was nervous too. We made chit chat, had a drink each. The entire time I could not stop myself from looking at her body, everything seemed so nice. She was quite upfront with it and said she noticed me looking at her, she said that made her feel good.

It didn't take me long and my hands were on her legs, sliding closer and closer to her pussy. She was widening her legs ever so slightly to allow my hand access. As we were still in the bar, it was all very exciting. I was rock hard from the get-go. She gave my cock a few strokes from the outside of my clothes. I was getting braver and my hand was getting closer. Finally, my finger reached her panties, I could feel the dampness. At this point her legs were wide enough for me to have a good play. I managed to pull her panties aside and slip a finger into her pussy. I could see on her face she was liking it. Her nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through her top.

She leaned over to me and said we need to get out of here back to her place. I didn't need to be told twice. We left. I followed her in my car to her place.

We got to the doorstep of her house, she grabbed me and pushed me hard against the outside wall, started kissing me roughly but passionately. Her hands were all over me. She had my pants down to my knees, my hard cock in her hands wanking me. I had to stop her as I was close to cumming. She pulled away. Opened the door, lead me into her room and stripped me naked as I stood there. She then pushed me back onto her bed, told me to stay there and not move. I was very excited, I had never been in this type of situation before where the lady was taking charge, I loved it. My cock was hard and I started to jerk it, she told me to stop playing with it as that was her job.

As I lay there on her bed, she started to strip for me, ever so slowly and seductively. She got down to her panties and bra, she had an amazing body. She turned around and bent over ever so slightly wiggling her bottom at me, she was pulling at her thing and playing with it as it rose and fell up and down her ass. I t was very hot. She finally took her bra off, her big tits sat ever so nice, some slight sag, but looked beautiful. Her nipples rock hard and perfect shape.

At the end of her bed she had small bedposts with rounded tops. I didn't really notice them until she backed up onto one and started grinding her pussy on it. This is the best show I have seen in my life. She pulls her panties to the side and her smooth bald pussy is gliding over the top of the rounded bedpost.

I grab my cock again and start jerking it, she tells me off calling me naught and gets on all fours on the bed and crawls towards me. Without breaking eye contact she starts at my feet, rubbing her tits up one leg, rubbing her nipples all over me as she works her way up. Her face stops at my cock, she is centimeters above my hard cock. I have precum glistening out the top. She gives one single from my balls to the head of my cock then carries on up my body to my face, the whole time rubbing her tits all over me. It was a very erotic experience.

She sits on my stomach and slides a bit down so she can feel my hard cock in her ass crack. She leans forward and we start kissing, she grabs my hands and puts them on her ass. She is gently sliding back and forth ever so slightly. I can feel her smooth pussy rubbing on my trimmed pubes. Her tits are a magnificent sight as she is rising and falling as she is grinding on me.

I finally get my chance to touch her naked body. She has slid back on my cock so the head on right under her asshole. She is sitting up, her tits just begging to be handled. They feel so nice, soft but heavy. The nipples so hard and she was reacting to my every touch. As she was grinding on me I told her to slow down as I was gonna cum, she started to move faster, next thing I know she is cumming on me. I could not hold out any longer, I blew my load right there. I could feel how warm it was there, she didn't get up she just continued to grind on me more, this time longer strokes. I could feel the shaft of my cock on her pussy now. Such an amazing feeling.

After a few more strokes she lay down on me. We started kissing again for a few minutes. She then moved down my body to my cock, it was already getting hard again. She mentioned how she likes the taste of cum and pussy juice mixed together. She started sucking my cock and licking up the mess. One of her hands held my balls and caressed them, the other rubbed my stomach all while she sucked my hard cock. It felt so nice to have so much attention.

She looked up and asked if I would do her a favor and eat her pussy. She didn't need to ask. We got in the 69 position, This was the first time I was having an up-close look at her pussy, it was beautiful. Nice clean and smooth. I got stuck in, she tasted ever so sweet. My hands ran all over her body, I played with her asshole, rubbed her tits, she didn't let go of my cock once.

We moved from our 69 to the classic missionary position. She reached into her drawer and pulled out a condom. I quickly put it on, lay back down on top of her and slowly entered her. She was so warm and wet. Her body felt so great. I would like to say this went on for some time, but I was so excited I only lasted about two minutes before I came again.

I made my way down in between her legs and started to lick her pussy again. She bought her legs up to her chest, opening herself right up to me. I was licking her ass, licking her pussy all over, nibbling on that clit. I felt her tense up as she started to cum. I could taste her cum as I licked her pussy, her legs came back down and she squeezed my head very tightly.

I ended up staying with her until one in the morning, we had so much fun that night. She is a very lovely lady. My appetite for older women has only increased.

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