First Encounter Meetings

It's all under the table…

We selected the restaurant with intention. Quiet, Dim lighting, and a warm fireplace that kiss the sink of these my beautiful Envie and our soon to be playmate.

Envie and I arrived early to get the best table selection, close to the fireplace knowing we both like it hot. And of course if there were any extra layers to be removed , the warmth of the flames would assist in the undressing.

We started the evening with a couple of glasses of re… Read more

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Start of an affair Meetings

New lover…

We met on a look out with an amazing view after chatting for a few weeks online. My nerves were getting the best of me and I almost cancelled. I did meet a couple already, and fucked them...but I haven't met a single guy yet. I was nervous.

He was normal looking, with sunglasses and a baseball cap. I loved how his voice sounded. He looked a little older than the 50 years his profile said, but hey, people age different.

After chatting and… Read more

The visit /the creampie Meetings

I hooked up with a friend it was SO HOT!!…

This happened last year 2018. I was having a terrible year!
The out of the blue a friend who was recently single sent me a text wanting to get together.
First off, very odd, I lived in a different city, second I used to hit on this women when we were both married and I got rejected! With extreme prejudice.
We spent the afternoon having lunch, then after a few drinks I invited her to stay the night.
We ended up having more drinks at another … Read more

Jane again Meetings

A hard lesson…

In our early married years, Jane was serviced on a regular basis by a Turkish doctor (as described) - he exclusively sodomized her, and used her in the most depraved way (ass to mouth was something of a favourite). This was to change.
Owing to our promiscuous lifestyle, Jane was on the pill, as I insisted she perform bareback with strangers - she followed my instructions faithfully, and I always enjoyed the 'sloppy seconds'.
After a few month… Read more

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Submissive wife Ch 4 Meetings

Jane follows her instructions…

Jane, as regular readers are aware, has provided me with many erotic situations over the years - I am always aware of the risk of repeating very similar situations in my reminisces, however I would like to share a brief, but strangely erotic coupling, from February 2009.

We were in Gran Canaria and I had told Jane that I wanted her to have sex with a stranger - she was, by now, used to this demand, and agreed to provide my entertainment, if I … Read more

New Friends Meetings

Coffee and More…

Since beginning my adventures I have chatted with so many amazing people.
Some that I may never meet.
Some that I have met and though we may never play, their advice and humour made me feel welcome in this tiny Tbay community.
I have chatted with some odd fellows.
But overall I feel very lucky.

I have my out of town friends. Planning a play visit soon. ?

I have found my in town sexy playmate. (Which I may have screwed up.?)

And re… Read more

Jane Meetings

I like this lifestye…

I have enjoyed sending Jane to meet men for sex for many years - many of her meetings have been previously described on this site. As there must be a limit to your interest in her exploits, I will attempt to describe the little things that I find exciting about our lifestyle.
I love to have her dress in stockings and suspenders without any underwear - she always protests but I insist. I am sure that her dates appreciate her obvious availability… Read more

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Pof lady Meetings

sinking my cock into this beautiful woman…

Melbourne is a small place in Ontario, using the dating site to find people with common interests is often tricky, so this time when I found a lady that was keen to meet, i jumped at it.

It was a brief conversation online, she said she was free, I was free, so she asked me to come over to her place. i was so excited i could hardly contain myself. On the drive over I couldn't believe that I was finally getting to meet up with someone after mont… Read more

Craigslist Meetings

she sat down on my face & smothered me…

I put an add on a Craigslist saying I would be in a motel in Hamilton and had a fantasy I wanted to act out. Basically I was seeking a woman who would come to my motel, find the door open, with me laying naked on the bed. She would come in, sit on my face and make me worship her, have her fun and then leave.

It's a fantasy, and I had little faith that anything would come from it. Just as I was about to stop checking my e-mails and go to sleep … Read more

Stock Room Deposit Meetings

Do you have any inventory that needs counting?…

We've been talking for awhile now, but today is finally the day you are coming to visit!

When we first started bonding over our love of public play, I never dreamed I'd have something so accessible and perfect as a setting. Then, I started working at a new place and learned about the stock room.

It's upstairs, above me. Lockable and discrete, yet still has some qualities that keep it exciting. You're almost here now, and I can't wait to see… Read more

My First Public Experience Meetings

I had been thinking about this moment for some time. When it finally came, I was nervous, but the nerves just made my cock that much harder.…

It was late summer. The air was warm, but there was a breeze; the sun was still above the horizon, but it was beginning to shine it's golden setting light over the city. A few months earlier I had came in contact with a couple. We had been exchanging emails back and forth and had expressed quite a lot of interest in each other. They were a much older couple - something that I actually found comforting. What caught their attention about me was my… Read more

Submissive Wife (Ch. 3) Meetings

More of Jane…

With Jane now in her late twenties, our adventurous lifestyle meant that we began to become rather more easily recognised – at least around our regular haunts - and my unusual preference of encouraging Jane to participate in casual sex with complete strangers, had led us - on occasions - to be recognised, and approached

This was not what I wanted – I preferred variety over repeat performances.

In order to achieve this, I began to organ… Read more

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Submissive Wife Ch 2 Meetings

She always delivers…

While our married life was a series of sexual escapades, I had, in fact, laid the foundations for this lifestyle some time earlier.
I first persuaded Jane to allow me to offer her for sex with strangers some time before our marriage, and I include one our first adventures in this batch of memoirs.

Some two years before our marriage (Jane would have been 20), we were invited to a wedding reception, where, after a few drinks, we made our excuse… Read more

Submissive wife Meetings

She always gives satisfaction…

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later,… Read more

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Submissive wife Meetings

early adventures for a sub wife…

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later,… Read more

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Submissive wife ch 1 Meetings

She always gives her best…

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later,… Read more

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All day visit Meetings

invited over in the morning, turns out to an all day play time…

I just found this section, with people writing stories.

I thought I would share a fun adventure I had.

I had previous encounters with ‘Ben’ & ‘April’, as he would prefer to sit back mostly, while she was the the center of attention. We had gotten to the point where we were comfortable without a condom.

One day, I was asked to come over to their place at 9:30am. When I arrived, April had just returned home from dropping the kids… Read more

An Afternoon of Firsts Meetings

Sharon and Keith are complete strangers who experience that “electric” feeling when they meet and toch each other for the first time.…

Sharon is 48, married with 2 teenagers. He has a great career as a pharmacist in Ottawa. Many would consider her to be a MILF. She has dark brown hair with bangs framing her sensual green eyes, a great figure for a woman of her age and frim breasts with ever so slightly puffy nipples. She keeps fit and lives a healthy lifestyle. Keith is 50 and recently separated. He is in sales and based out of Toronto. He manages to stay reasonably fit b… Read more

Photo fun Meetings

This happened an a business trip about a year ago. I found a married couple on swing heaven that seemed very interesting. He was an amateur photographer with every piece of equipment you can imagine. She was an incredibly sexy woman who loved to show off in front of the camera.we chatted on Skype Prior to meeting to make sure we were all comfortable with each other. The plan was for a night of erotic photos.. no Kissing, oral or penetration by m… Read more

Love being in the middle Meetings

We've had a busy spring and fit in fun whenever we can. I had been feeling frisky after a weekend playdate with a couple we've been playing with off and on for a year now. It's aways amazing to watch my husband please another woman while enjoying her husband. But usually I am eager to get all of the attention. I knew just who to ask next. We flirted back and forth for a few days then my husband suggested a spot for some outdoor dogging in the sun… Read more

Wittys beach encounter Meetings

Was able to check off something on the fuck it list. Today on a walk at wittys lagoon I came across a couple enjoying eachother. I asked if I could watch them and voyour since it was something I had wanted to do. I've been in MMW threesomes but never just watched a couple and played with myself. We enjoyed eachothers company for a few hours. (Sorry if it got awkward at times) but I had a great evening. He had offered her to me. I would have take… Read more

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making an exception to the rule Meetings

Dan and I decided to try out this website for swingers about a year ago now. We have been enjoying all the conversations and trading pics. We have discovered I am an exhibitionist at heart and love to dance and strip for the camera. We have only met with a couple of men, and enjoyed the experience but we were left wanting more.
We set rules and boundaries and agreed neither one of us would take one for the team. And we agreed we both hav… Read more

An interesting business trip. A cuckold beginnings Meetings

My name is Lexy, and I am married, 2 young teenagers, I married young and now 43 yrs young, 5'2", 115lbs, blonde shoulder length hair, a killer body for a woman of my age, I work out regularly and that helps I guess.

I have been in a rather blah mood the past few weeks, I don't know if it's the winter, work or what but everyone could tell I was not my normal cheerful self. Finally my husband suggested I take a few days and go away for the we… Read more

ice breaker Meetings

how to break into the first swing i hear of this from a friend that suggested it as a way to give the first time hard part over with play a game of strip poker deal all the cards out keeping a joker in the deck if it s a mmf or ffm with straigth males and girls and if the joker turns up she or he gets a blow job ( every one must state at start if there a rec or giver at start of d… Read more

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Craig's list fantasy fulfilled Meetings

Well I am dying to tell someone about our amazing weekend :)
We love watching amature porn together especially the Craigslist ones. So naughty.
My husband decided to treat me so he posted an ad asking for local men to stop by and be recorded while playing with me on the couch. I laid out a few lacy nighties and panties. While waiting for each man to arrive I went on cam with other men to flirt and get worked up even more. I was so wet and exc… Read more

meeting Final chapter Meetings

Final chapter Sherrie’s pov

This is crazy after coming back down to earth from another mind blowing orgasm I realize I still want more. This is so not like me but I am loving it. Our Guest’s cock slips from my wet pussy and guides it towards my breasts. I pull off the condom and he shoots his warmth all over my breasts. His cum is so hot and covers my breasts completely. Dan appears with a warm cloth and cleans my breasts. I am in he… Read more

1rst meeting chapter 3 and 4 Meetings

Dan POV Chapter 3

I watch as Sherrie turns over with that sly smile that I know so well. She seems a bit shy but when she looks up and sees us both watching her every move I see that shyness dissipate and replaced with a look of pure sexiness and lust.
I watch as Our guest’s cock twitches in anticipation of touching her. I know he wants her and now needs to have her. I am amazed at how well he is restraining his lust and provide more oil … Read more

1rst meeting chapter 2 Meetings

Our guest proceeds to remove my lovely wife’s negligee slowly and with great attention to detail. He removes one of her shoulder straps looking directly at me. I smile and he smiles back knowing that my permission has been granted. He moves to the other shoulder allowing her sheer lingerie to slowly drop down her body to the floor. His hands caressing her curves her breasts kissing her neck from behind giving me a perfect view of her face and h… Read more

our first meeting Chapter 1 Meetings

Introduction: This story is written from my point of view and my wife's separate point of view and will be several chapters long. We invite others to write their own perspective as to how this scenario would unfold in their eyes and from their own unique perspective. Would love to receive these stories from you and never know could lead up to more.....

Chapter 1
Dan’s POV
Sherrie and I had been chatting with our guest. We had finally arran… Read more

My Ultimate Fantasy (His) Meetings

My fantasy.... My overwhelming desire... ... is to witness my girl taking the cock of another man into her mouth and servicing it!
I have fantasized about this act probably more than any other sexual scenario. The variations of this fantasy are almost as unlimited as all my other fantasies combined.

... Your lips part... the pink tip of your tongue poking through to moisten them, e… Read more

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