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Meeting with other swingers can be an experience is that not often forgotten. The build-up, anticipation and excitement of an encounter is what makes swinging meets a special erotic practice. Meetings tend to be planned in advance, but a spontaneous encounter can present many sexual thrills as well.

Finding other swingers is a process that this site makes incredibly easy to do; you can easily use the site's search facilities to find your ideal partner(s) to explore your own inner sexual desires. The site has connected thousands of partners together with some fascinating stories discovered.

Share and share alike by writing your own story.

Mr. W reached out to me as we were both members of a special interest website, the subject of which we share a common interest. I had posted on what specifically was of interest to me, and in the thread I had mentioned an upcoming business trip. W had rea...

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I was sitting on my porch in the early hours wearing a black summer dress with nothing under it. I saw him approach, as he got closer I spread my legs & he dropped to his knees. His tongue explored my pussy & worked my clit beautifully, he glanced around...

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The ride home from the airport was strangely quiet…my wife had just been to her company’s west coast quarterly meeting after receiving a promotion, which made her responsible for attending from our eastern region. She asked me to pull over….”I need to tel...

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If you can't be with...

Stranded while away on a business trip

I'd started this one a while ago but a certain sexy lady on here asked me when I'd be posting another story so that was enough incentive for me to finish it. So here it is...hope she enjoys it! ---------------------- I'm Mark and I'm a 31 yr old IT manage...

A boring night takes an exciting turn (part 2)

The excitement continues at the hotel room - written for Flygirl!

It didn't take long to get back to the hotel and once we were in my room, even less time to start kissing again. I'm very oral so love kissing, nibbling and licking my partner and obviously she enjoyed it to as her lips and tongue continually pressed back...

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A boring night takes an exciting turn.

In town for work, it gets much better

I was in town for business so I really didn't know the area but I also knew I didn't want to be stuck in my hotel room all evening either so I asked the guy at the front desk if there were any decent bars nearby. He asked if I was looking for classy or ju...

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First Encounter

It's all under the table

We selected the restaurant with intention. Quiet, Dim lighting, and a warm fireplace that kiss the sink of these my beautiful Envie and our soon to be playmate. Envie and I arrived early to get the best table selection, close to the fireplace knowing we b...

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The visit /the creampie

I hooked up with a friend it was SO HOT!!

This happened last year 2018. I was having a terrible year! The out of the blue a friend who was recently single sent me a text wanting to get together. First off, very odd, I lived in a different city, second I used to hit on this women when we were both...


Jane again

A hard lesson

In our early married years, Jane was serviced on a regular basis by a Turkish doctor (as described) - he exclusively sodomized her, and used her in the most depraved way (ass to mouth was something of a favourite). This was to change. Owing to our promisc...


Submissive wife Ch 4

Jane follows her instructions

Jane, as regular readers are aware, has provided me with many erotic situations over the years - I am always aware of the risk of repeating very similar situations in my reminisces, however I would like to share a brief, but strangely erotic coupling, fro...

New Friends

Coffee and More

Since beginning my adventures I have chatted with so many amazing people. Some that I may never meet. Some that I have met and though we may never play, their advice and humour made me feel welcome in this tiny Tbay community. I have chatted with some odd...

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I like this lifestye

I have enjoyed sending Jane to meet men for sex for many years - many of her meetings have been previously described on this site. As there must be a limit to your interest in her exploits, I will attempt to describe the little things that I find exciting...

Pof lady

sinking my cock into this beautiful woman

Melbourne is a small place in Ontario, using the dating site to find people with common interests is often tricky, so this time when I found a lady that was keen to meet, i jumped at it. It was a brief conversation online, she said she was free, I was fre...


she sat down on my face & smothered me

I put an add on a Craigslist saying I would be in a motel in Hamilton and had a fantasy I wanted to act out. Basically I was seeking a woman who would come to my motel, find the door open, with me laying naked on the bed. She would come in, sit on my face...