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Meeting with other swingers can be an experience is that not often forgotten. The build-up, anticipation and excitement of an encounter is what makes swinging meets a special erotic practice. Meetings tend to be planned in advance, but a spontaneous encounter can present many sexual thrills as well.

Finding other swingers is a process that this site makes incredibly easy to do; you can easily use the site's search facilities to find your ideal partner(s) to explore your own inner sexual desires. The site has connected thousands of partners together with some fascinating stories discovered.

Share and share alike by writing your own story.

happy2bbare 4 months ago

If you can't be with...

Stranded while away on a business trip

I'd started this one a while ago but a certain sexy lady on here asked me when I'd be posting another story so that was enough incentive for me to finish it. So here it is...hope she enjoys it! ---------------------- I'm Mark and I'm a 31 yr o...

Anonymous 5 months ago

Be Careful what you wish for

The text read, Saturday, my place, Live Breeding, 7pm, Girls Night.

It's been 25 years since that night. We got more than expected and history was about to repeat its self. I met my husband in university and we been to together ever since. We married soon after graduation, moved to Toronto to start our new jobs and...

happy2bbare 6 months ago

A boring night takes an exciting turn (part 2)

The excitement continues at the hotel room - written for Flygirl!

It didn't take long to get back to the hotel and once we were in my room, even less time to start kissing again. I'm very oral so love kissing, nibbling and licking my partner and obviously she enjoyed it to as her lips and tongue continually pressed...

happy2bbare 6 months ago

A boring night takes an exciting turn.

In town for work, it gets much better

I was in town for business so I really didn't know the area but I also knew I didn't want to be stuck in my hotel room all evening either so I asked the guy at the front desk if there were any decent bars nearby. He asked if I was looking for classy...

Swingrrr 6 months ago

Please Sir...take me...!

The game reveal the sincerity of affection

“Please, Sir,” she voiced in a barely audible whisper, “please take me and make me your own... Sir.” Whilst he was genuinely perplexed by her easy submission today he recognised that this was something she needed. It was something that went beyond s...

girthy_fella 8 months ago

Head and Breakfast

Barebacking and back bacon

A few months ago I got a message from a lady that came across one of my ads. Guess she ended up getting a divorce a few months back and couldnt take it anymore, she needed a good pounding as she was "super horny". Shes a nurse working nights and h...

hawksley 8 months ago

Bluesfest adventure

An unexpected encounter at the Ottawa Bluesfest

The Ottawa Bluesfest is a summer festival of, well, pretty much any sort of music. The days of it having a blues focus are long gone. However, one early evening I found myself standing in the middle of a sparse crowd enjoying, of all things, some p...

Anonymous 11 months ago

Improving My Swing

Where improving your swing at a golf course takes on a new meaning

Improving My Swing It was a hot sticky day. The boys were off golfing and you were left to read your book. Sitting in the air condition club house was ideal if it weren't for Deandra. Deandra was one of those moms. She loved to talk, but mostly c...

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girthy_fella 1 year ago

The spice of life

Variety, I love women of all shapes, sizes, ages and colours

Another story from when I was working just outside of Toronto. It was the fall time and I had received an email from a lady that had stumbled across one of my ads. We chatted for a bit and got to know each other and she learned I was only slightly we...

girthy_fella 1 year ago

Big Package Deliver

How I met one of the most incredible looking cougars ever

This is a story about how I met one of the most foxiest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life. It starts off as any other story I was at home minding my own business probably jerking off or something, I was pretty bummed...

girthy_fella 1 year ago

Scoring on the soccer slut

Any hole is the goal haha

I met a young girl years back on a different adult site, I some how won her over with my witty charm and sense of humor, plus she liked what my dick do. We ended up chatting for a bit and finally decided to meet. I was going to meet her after her soc...

I've never had any luck on Tinder, I'm not pretty enough for that app. But there was an occasion where I did match up with a woman my age on there. She was home for the Christmas holidays and just looking to get out from her parents house, story of m...

A tale of old, back when Craigslist was still around. Shortly after I had broken up with my ex, I started chatting with a lady that had come across my ad and was interested in my dick. She was an older nurse, 47, single and looking to be stretched...

girthy_fella 1 year ago

My first mature woman

Such a nurterer haha

I was on another site looking for adult friends when I struck up a conversation with a 54 year old woman. She was looking for a friend in the bedroom and outside we ended up chatting for a while then we finally decided to meet. She invited me over to...

girthy_fella 1 year ago

The Cheating Wife

Fun in another mans bed

This story starts like many of my others, a woman got ahold of me after seeing my ad on Craigslist. We chatted for a bit I asked what she was looking for and I guess the husband wasnt able to give her what she wanted at home. I was a bit hesitant at...