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"What’s good for the goose…."
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Published 4 weeks ago

The ride home from the airport was strangely quiet…my wife had just been to her company’s west coast quarterly meeting after receiving a promotion, which made her responsible for attending from our eastern region.  She asked me to pull over….”I need to tell you something”….her voice wavered…”last night at the closing dinner, there was dancing…and…I was dancing with one of the men from HQ”.  Ok…I chuckled, “I’m not upset”..our marriage was solid but had fallen into a typical lull…sex had been more infrequent and certainly more vanilla than our early days.  “No..there’s more…she continued…a slow song came on and during the dance…his hands got a little…um…frisky, and he held me close…I could feel his…arousal”.  What did you do? I asked.  “I didn’t do anything….I was frozen…and when the song was over I went back to my seat.”  Ok, I said…you weren’t ready for anything like that…trying to be supportive.  She continued…when the dinner was over, he came over to me again, and in front of many colleagues, offered to escort me back to my room…how could I refuse? She had previously explained the hotel/convention complex had a tower and many detached bungalows, to one of which she had been assigned.  “…so we walked together, and at my door, we talked business for awhile”. When the conversation was over, he told me it was great to meet me, a gave me a hug….which….turned into a kiss..I could again feel his arousal as I had moved back up against the door.  I’m so sorry…please forgive me!  I was speechless but seeing how distressed my wife was…I said he crossed a line…and I’ll support you in however you want to handle this.  We didn’t talk again of what happened, but time marches on and the next quarterly meeting soon approached, where she wanted to discuss a new idea directly with her boss from not with “him”.  She was increasingly nervous as I dropped her off at the airport.  On the second day, she told me she had discussed her idea, it was well received, and a further meeting “up the chain” had been arranged…with…yes…”him”.  She told me she didn’t know how to handle it…his assistant had called her, saying he only had time after dinner as he needed to leave the conference early the following day.  He would come to her room at 9pm..she was told.  “I have an idea” she said.  “I’ll set up my iPad on wifi in the corner of the room, hidden, so you can see and hear everything…and if you speak I’ll hear it too”. This was so I’d be able to be her…security…so to speak.  Before he arrived, we tested it….I could see the bed and a bit of the hallway from the entrance..the picture and sound was clear.  There was, out of view, a table where they would sit for the meeting.  She told me she had avoided him so far during the conference, but now a…reunion…was inevitable.  9 PM wife hadn’t changed out of her conference clothes, wearing a long skirt, heels and business blouse…just another day at the office attire.  He arrived.  He was quite tall, fit and looked a few years older than me.  I think I could see a touch of grey in his hair.  The movement was too fast to see if he was wearing a ring.  They sat down and for a good hour, I listened as they talked business.  Finally the meeting wrapped up..he was impressed and would move forward with her plan.  She came into view finally and sat on the end of the bed…saying “I can’t believe I didn’t take these heels off…my feet are killing me”.  “Let me help”, and offered his hand towards her leg.  She raised one leg, and in doing so, her skirt edged up, exposing her knee.  With one hand under her calf, the other hand slipped one shoe off, then the other.  He sat down beside her, put his hand on her knee and said it was great seeing her again.  She appeared again to have frozen, like last time…saying and doing nothing.  He moved in closer and kissed her, as as they began to make out, where I was supposed to shout out and be her guardian, I noticed how incredibly hard I had become, so much that I quickly took my pants and underwear off and started stroking myself.  I watched as my wife was undressed, positioned and mounted by him, I watched as they sucked, licked, caressed, fingered, rode each other.  I watched my wife’s face and her moans as she orgasmed.  Finally he positioned her face down at the end of the bed, ass up.  He gripped her hips and began pounding her from behind, getting the deepest possible penetration.  From his movements and grunts I knew what was about to happen…and so did my wife…and then, with a wild and feral sound, he held her off the bed and emptied his hot semen into her.  This also sent my load into the air, strong enough to give myself a facial.  After a moment, she turned her head to face him, but as her head turned she caught sight of the hidden iPad…and a look of horror crossed her face. She said he had to go…this was a mistake…and so he quickly dressed and left.  I watched as she approached the iPad, sitting on the corner of the bed, still naked.  “…a….are you still there?” She asked.  Yes, I said.  “…and you just saw everything?”  Yes, it looked like you were having such a good time, you needed it, wanted it and you got it..I responded.  Now…open your legs.  “What?!”  I said open your please!  She opened her legs…sitting on the bed corner, I had a perfect view.  Now open your pussy.  Her body still glistened with the sweat of sex, and her fingers, upon opening her still engorged lips, let a stream of white, pearly liquid flow out.  I was now rock hard again, and I said turn the iPad around and look at me.  She did and saw my cock, hard and ready.  I gave her a full show.  When she got home the next day we talked about our needs and desires.  She fully agreed that I too could play with others, but in our small town and friend circles our reputations couldn’t take being exposed….so it was with great excitement, a month later, when I called her up from work and said…”I just got promoted…and it’ll involve a fair bit of travel!” Which reminds me…I could use a ride from the airport…and ladies free next week?…flight 69 arriving on…

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