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What happen one nigh

Had so much cum in me leak out for days


5 minute read

We went over to our friends place there was 4 trini guys there we had a few drinks my boyfriend was ask to go get food he and one of the other guy went off to town I stayed our friend takes my hand leads me to the bed room and plays with my pussy I said what are u doing he keeps playing my pussy getting so wet pulls his zipper down I said again. What are u doing he just pulls my head on to his BBC makes me suck him and told me to lick his cock and balls I did what he wanted until it was fully hard it was so big I said my boyfriend will be back soon he said bend over and lift ur skirt and he put his cock in me as I was in doggy it was so big in my tight pussy as he put his cock in me deeper and deeper he started to fuck me harder and harder I started to cum and sprayed the bed I didnt know the other guy was watching us from the hall and was stroking his cock as he watch us I said my boyfriend will be back he said shhh and keeps fucking me I can feel his cock throbbing I said dont cum in me ur not wearing a condom soon after he blows a full load of cum in my pussy i said omg u cum in me he then gets up moves to the front of me and puts his cock in my mouth and held my arms i was unsure why or what he was doing and the next thing i feel the other guy come up behind me i could not say any thing with a cock in my mouth the other guy slides his cock in me it is as big or bigger then the last one as I suck the big cock the other guy put his cock deep in side me and as he fuck me so hard and deep I was worrying my boyfriend would come back and I started to cum and spray the bed over and over then he pulls his cock out of my mouth I just said omg dont cum in me u have no condom then he rams his cock in my mouth as the other one fucks me he pulls out to far and rams my ass and keeps fucking me I can feel him throbbing shortly after he blows his load up my ass it was hot and deep in my ass they get up am so horny and wet and dripping with cum i fix my self up and go back to the lining room 10 mins later my boyfriend came back we were drinking and ran out of booze so my boyfriend was ask to go to town get more drinks he left i stayed then our friend took my hand and we went back to the bedroom and he unzips his cock and made me lick his cock and bj him hard and he said bend over he lifted my dress up and slide his BBC in my wet cummy pussy it felt so good as he fuck me as he had my nipples and played with them he pulled out and slide in my ass he said mmm prelude and ram me deep in my ass until I feel him throbbing and cum in my ass he did the same thing moves in front and put my mouth on his cock made me blow him the other guy was hard and slide his cock in my pussy as he grab my hips he fuck me hard and deep he cum in me so hard I could feel the cum hitting me in side my pussy so he moved to get a bj our friend gets me to ride him as I blow his friend I had for got there was the other friend there he must of been watching and stroking his cock all I know I was sucking a cock and riding a cock and he slide his cock in my ass it was even bigger then the other to there all fucking me my head is spinning now have no clue what to feel I can feel them start to throbbing the one pulls his cock out of my mouth I have no clue why I said it but i said don't cum in me ur not wearing condoms i had all 3 BBC's in me and they all cum the same time they get up went to the living room i fix my self up and went back to the living room my boyfriend came back my thong was soak in cum from my pussy and my ass our friend went to make up some food and told me to come and help him as i get to the kitchen he made me get on my knees and he put his cock in my mouth as he made up some food i blow him until he cum in my mouth we went back to the lining rooms the night ended i went home with my boyfriend he ask for a bj on the way home I didnt know what to say on what happen that night we get ready for bed he ask how was my night I pause and was unsure what to say tell him or not say a word I just got up on his cock and was riding him in hope he would not ask again as he cums we lay back in bed as I close my eyes all I can here is well how was your night I'm like omg he waited and then he said he told them to fuck me any way they wanted to and not to say a word when he was there in the same room all I could come up with was I got up on my knees and he fuck me ass as I told him what happen that night God I so love this man of mine

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