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Pay The Man

"Just another quickie about this adventurous couple"

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Tracey and I had talked about role playing and I felt that tonight would be a good time to start.  We had both gotten home late and were hungry.  We decided to order pizza.  We were going to have it delivered and then I said…


“Why don’t we role play?”


“Role play?  With pizza?”  She asked.


“Sure”, I said.


I then described the scenario to Tracey.  I would go and pick up the pizza.  I would then bring it back and ring the doorbell.  She would answer the door naked and “tip” the pizza guy.  She smiled, mentioned that she’d wear a blindfold just to add to it and then winked at me.  It was settled.


We ordered the pizza.  It would be ready in 30 minutes.  I left with about 10 minutes left before the pizza would be ready.  I hit some traffic and got to the pizza place about 20 minutes later.  Walked in and told them who I was picking up for.


“That’s been sent out for delivery.”


“Delivery?  No, it was for pickup,” I said.


“Oh.  Hold on a minute,” said the guy at the cash as he looked through posted notes.


“Ah.  My bad.  The guy who took the call has you down for pickup, but we’re so used to delivering to you that I automatically sent it out for delivery.  Sorry about that.  He should be there in around 10 minutes.  I can call him and ask him to wait for you,” he offered.


“No.  That’s fine.  The wife is there.”  That’s when I realized that Tracey was there.  Naked.  And would put a blindfold on when she answered the door.


I ran out of the pizza place, got in the car and rushed home.  As I pulled up to the laneway, I saw the pizza guy getting out of his car.  He couldn’t have been older than 20.  A little bit scrawny.  Surely Tracey would know enough to look through the peep hole before opening the door?  Right?  Although there was a part of me that hoped she wouldn’t.  We’ve been swinging for a while now, and there’s been nothing hotter to me than watching Tracey fucking another man.  I was getting hard thinking about it.  I quietly got out of the car and snuck over to the other side of the delivery car, so I could hear what was going on.


The pizza guy got out of the car, grabbed the pie and went to the door.  I watched him ring the doorbell and I imagined Tracey yelling to “hold on” or “I’m cumming”.  With my luck she’d probably answer the door fully clothed knowing that it was actually the pizza guy.


The door swung open and there was Tracey, blindfolded, her breasts heaving with every nervous breath, her pussy throbbing with anticipation.  The pizza guy looked up and nearly fell back.  Before he could say anything, Tracey asked to be handed the pizza.  The pizza guy gave her the pizza box and she placed it down inside the house.


“Does the pizza boy want a tip?”  She asked, licking her lips like she does when she’s hungry for cock.


A faint “uh huh” was all the pizza boy could muster as he unzipped his fly and pulled his rock hard cock out.  It was at this point that I thought to myself that, surely Tracey would know that wasn’t my cock.  She sat on the step and motioned him to cum closer.  With her mouth opened and he had one hand on his cock, and the other cusping the back of her head, he slid is his cock into her mouth.  As she sucked his cock, she motioned to him to undue his pants.  He unbuttoned the top of his pants and put both his hands on Tracey’s head to ensure that her mouth took his cock in a methodical fashion.  As his cock bobbed in and out of her mouth, she pulled his pants down to his knees.  She then placed her hands on his ass cheeks and slammed his cock deep inside her mouth, holding it there for a few seconds, as the pizza boy groaned.  That’s when I knew that she knew it wasn’t my cock and she was going to continue.


She cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other while she nibbled on the tip, before swallowing it up whole in her mouth.  She sucked his cock faster and deeper, begging for him to cum.  I could tell he was close.  His body was shaking, and he was trying to keep his balance.  That’s when Tracey stopped.  She pulled his cock out her mouth and wagged a finger at him, telling him “Not yet”.


She got up and walked into the doorway.  She put her hands on the wall, spread her legs and showed him her ass and pussy.  I moved around for a better look.


“Don’t close the door.  I want to feel like we’re being watched,” she said to him, but that was more of a message to me.  She knew I was watching.


“Fuck any hole that you want, but you cum in my mouth.  Understand Pizza Boy?  Answer ME!” She shouted at him.


“Y-y-yes,” he answered nervously.


He walked up behind her, with his cock in hand, and his pants now around his ankles.  He spread her cheeks and slid his cock deep inside her wet pussy.  Tracey came as soon as she felt the tip penetrate her.  He was slow and methodical.  Tracey ordered him to go faster.  She just wanted to get fucked.  She didn’t want this to last long, she didn’t want a marathon.


He put his hands on her hips and began to thrust harder and faster.  She slammed her ass against his pelvis with every thrust he took.  She slid her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit as he fucked her harder and faster.  Her legs would buckle when she came.  His body was beginning to shake again.  She turned to him and asked if he was about to cum, he quietly said yes.  She pushed him out, dropped down to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.


She sucked his cock with purpose.  She wanted his cum.  She sucked him hard and fast, taking his cock deep into her wet mouth.  She could feel him pulling away just as he was about to cum.  She grabbed hold of his ass and wouldn’t let him escape wet warm clutches.  As he cried out, he shot his entire load into her mouth.  She then let him go.  He pulled his cock out of Tracey’s mouth, but she grabbed hold of it and licked the last drop that was about fall from his cock.


She stood there, leaning against the wall, mask now in hand, as if to enjoy her handy work.  She watched the pizza boy frantically pull up his pants and do them up.  He tipped his hat to her, looking away quickly and nearly knocked me over as he desperately tried to escape the clutches of this succubus who just drained him of his man juice.


She looked at me with a smile and motioned me to cum over.  She wrapped her naked body around me and gave me a long wet, cum filled kiss.


“We should do this again,” she said with a wry smile as she picked up the pizza and walked into the living room.  Leaving me to wipe the pizza boy’s taste out of my mouth.

Written by JCSuperstar

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