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My husband set me up on a date

Hot fun in a mall


2 minute read

My husband set me up on a date with some one I knew to go to the mall and meet up for drinks so week or 2 before the date he have me start talking dirty to him then it lead to photos exchange the guy said he was masterbating to my photos made me bit horny and then he said he take me to the washroom at the mall and fuck my pussy hard I said ya right you won't he said oh hell i will and play with ur wet pussy even side he pull my thong off in the mall i still said ya right kinda made me horny thinking about it The day I get a text from him said wear a micro mini skirt with thong and high thigh nylons red thong red bra white top So I did as he told me to we had a drink at the bar and he started to rub my leg and up to my wet pussy after a couple we went shopping in the mall he made me try on shoes had to get the guy to help out she seen my thong up close and got a hard on and they had high boots there he ask the guy to help out me with some the guy had he hand on my legs and one of the boots got stuck so he had to work it off me what just made me so wet and horny then off to close shopping between we hit a washroom and omg he bend me over and ram my wet pussy hard it was ok I kinda wanted him to cum in me I was so ready for it try on more stuff then he sneak in a change room with me and he was sliding he hard cock in me it was so hot so hard I almost scream out and he was pulling all the way out then in hard and deep so I reach down without him knowing it I slip the condom off on one of the out strokes as he was ramming me I felt him blow a full load in me I cum so hard as he pulled out i drop the condom on the ground made him think it came off then I dont think he knew he cum in side me my husband told me before how to slip it off and drop it after some one pulls it out so I try it I think it work and the store so knew we did it we parted ways i had my husband pick me up and i showed him my cummy pussy i blow his cock on the way home and when we got ho.e I told him every thing that happen as he fuck my ass I had to tell him or he would not cum in my ass mmmm what a great day

Tags: adventure, ass, bareback, public

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