Written by Anonymous

First Time
Feb. 22, 2020

The First time I met a couple was like nothing else I had ever experienced.

We chatted through Craigslist I believe I was probably about 19 at the time and was pretending to be 25. I talked with the husband mostly, he was nice enough, seemed like a welcoming situation so we went back and forth. I was only bi-curious at the time I had never experienced anything with a man, let alone a couple. He asked me about my interest and what I had in mind, I said I wanted something laid back drama free and ongoing. He asked if I had ever done anything with a man I said no, He asked if I would do anything, I said I'm not sure? maybe?

Eventually, we set up a date to meet, I was so nervous. I remember driving to Kitchener and what was about a 10-minute drive felt like 10 hours. I was so horny though and excited I could feel my cock throbbing he whole way. I found the house and parked my car, I could hardly breathe it was so exciting and felt so, naughty. I entered the elevator and went up to the 18th floor.

At this point, my heart was going a mile a minute. I knocked on the door and waited patiently. The wife opened the door to there apartment in a mesh see-through white top, I was so caught off guard and turned on. She said " You must be Jason," I said "Yes", I was in disbelief that this was real and happening. She then welcomed me into their apartment, as I moved in I could see him masturbating on the couch to porn. He looked over and said, " Hey Jason, nice to finally meet". I was so caught off guard with all of this I didn't really know what to say I just said " so should I get naked too'? He said, "Why not".

The next thing I knew I was taking off my pants, she was in the kitchen making herself a drink and asked if I wanted one, I politely declined. My boxers slide off and my rock hard cock jumped out from my pants, I looked up and smiled he said "You seem excited" I laughed, he then asked if I was nervous and funny enough at that time I felt great. I was so comfortable and it seemed so normal now. We started to masturbate and finally, she joined us on the couch, sitting right in the middle.

She and hi were both older than I was, probably in their mid 50's I was just so turned on by there naked bodies he had a throbbing cock around 6.5 inches and cut and she had gorgeous breast and beautiful pink nipples. She put her hands on both of our thighs and then started to stroke our dicks at the same time. I was so horny, this was the first time a married woman had touched my cock and I loved it! She said "you boys are hard" and we laughed he then said to her " why don't you taste Jason" my heart pounded I was so nervous.

She licked my cock and slowly filled her mouth I put my head back and let out a moan. It was amazing she sucked my cock like a had never had in my life it was absolutely amazing. after sucking my cock and his for a while she asked if I wanted to fuck her in the bed. I left and did. She was so hot a beautiful woman. I went on top of her and then took her from behind. I said " I'm getting so close to cumming" just as I said that I heard him come in the room. He walked around to the far side and said " Can I taste my wife off your ock" I hesitated at first and then said " sure". He got on the bed lay down and wrapped his mouth around me. I was shy at first but then was moaning over and over.

The first blowjob from a man and it felt great! She then joined and they asked me to lay down I was throbbing. Two mouths sucking my cock and balls over and over I was squirming all over. I finally said " I'm going to cum," they both asked me to stand and kneeled down in front of me. They continued to suck me on their knees I reached down and grabbed her breast they were so soft, I decided to see what another cock felt like so reached down ad touched his. She then jerked him with me, I stood back up did one more moan and said I'm going to cum. They both stopped sucking shut their eyes and I covered their faces with cum, I had never had an orgasm like this. It was an incredible experience, I felt light-headed.

They both moaned as they were covered with cum and he stood up and exploded on her tits and face. I was so light-headed I sat on the edge of the bed and watched. This was an incredible experience I thought o myself. I then chatted for a bit grabbed my things and left. The rest of the day I was smiling.

I left later that week for school tried staying in contact but never had a chance to meet them again. I lost contact after deleting my Hotmail account and have always wished I would meet them or another couple like them again.

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