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21 Sep 2019

Hot tub

Some never knew


1 minute read

So when we lived at this one place we had a hot tub so we used to party alot in the hot turn room had seats TV like a party room so every time I got in the hot tub I was told to remove my bottoms and he would play with me and there be other people there most time no one knew it u could not tell if I had or or didn't have any and for the ones who end up finding out and this what happen my bf would have my bottoms some times he go in the house get drinks and bring them in and put them on the table and other times he do that and go back to the house doing something so I had to get out to go pee or get the drink and it didn't take long for the one or ones in the hot tub under stand what would happen next I had a few waited for me to bend over to get my drink and had there way with me some fuck me hard and quicky before bf came back few maybe me blow them before my bf came back and there was always touching in the hot tub and rubbing my pussy and some would take my foot and get me to rub your balls and cock and they waited until my bf left so they could bend me over and ram my pussy odd thing my bf never walk in on any one mmmmm I wonder why that is

Tags: adventure, anal, bj, creampie

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