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The surprise...

Husbands surprise to wife...


4 minute read

Part 1 It’s Friday and a long week has passed, where relaxation and some personal alone time is warranted. You get home, kick off your heels and call for your husband, as you hear some music playing from the bedroom. You don’t hear a response, so you continue walking toward the bedroom, that has low light,…you suspect from candles. As you get closer to the door way of the bedroom, you see your husband sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at you with a smile that makes you light up in side as always, you take a few steps closer, and in the dim light notice another shadow to the right of the bed. Another man, you gasp ever so quietly, not due to being scared, but surprised or more so intrigued, as at that brief moment, you recall a conversation you had with your lover a few months prior about opening up some of your fantasies that had started up in conversation over that special dinner you had on her birthday… Was this really happening, was your husband really going to make this happen, was this the surprise you have been waiting for by only visions in your dreams? Your husband steps towards you and whispers in your ear, something only you and he are aware of, but starts off the next chain of events that are about to happen during this evening. He steps back to the edge of the bed once more and introduces the stranger, with explicit instructions to ensure that you are pleased. Again and again and again throughout the evening. The stranger steps out from the dim corner of the room and carefully walks up behind you to comfort you by lightly placing his hands on your shoulders, to caress your body down from your shoulders towards your arms to bring you in a relaxed state. The stranger then slowly places his fingers on the bottom of your blouse and slowly starts unbuttoning starting from the bottom, upwards. As you stare at your husband and he states at you with intrigue. Your blouse, eventually is completely unbuttoned, where the stranger carefully and sensually slides it off your succulent shoulders, revealing your beautiful body for us to admire. A blindfold is then carefully tied around your face to block out what actions will happen next, making each new movement, be more heightened and more rewarded. You take a deep breathe, heaving your chest out in acceptance, where seconds later, you find your bra being removed, exposing your breasts for your husband to further admire, while the stranger sensually caresses, turning you on further, from what your fantasy had been from months prior. The stranger then slowly walks you over to the edge of the bed, while from behind, reaches around to undo your skirt and slide it down over your beautiful hips, down to the floor, while carefully folding it and positioning it to the side of your night stand. While not skipping a beat, the stranger, while still on his knees from behind you after pulling the skirt off, slowly slides your panties down to your ankles, while lifting each foot out of them. Leaving you completely naked for your husband to adore and further admire your beauty. Being blindfolded, you don’t know what or where you will be touched, nibbled, or licked next, but the stranger has a plan to ensure you experience such pleasures like never before. While on his knees behind you, he slides his hands carefully over your sexy legs, caressing every inch as his fingers lightly press to capture every part of your calves, thighs and eventually reaching up into your inner thighs, where your husband hears you gasping in pure delight, of the unknown. The stranger then slides his hands to spread your sexy bottom cheeks, to carefully caress and nibble, pulling them apart so he can slowly start licking up inside your backside to your front. Leaving you to feel weak at the knees that you bend over to lay forward on the edge of the bed with your bottom facing out for further caressing and licking by the stranger. Your husband speaks to you in a quiet tone letting you know how much he is being turned on and how much your exciting him, and in turn you are equally turned on for the turn of events actually coming into play for a fantasy you both discussed. After starting to feel more at ease and comfortable knowing the stranger is there to ensure your complete comfort and pleasure, you reach back with your hands to spread your sexy bottom cheeks apart, allowing the stranger further access to your sexy body, to being the oral fixation you desire. Which will be to provide you countless orgasms in the upcoming hours....

Tags: adventure, arousal, bed, bedroom, birthday

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