Written by Jimmy Slaps

Mar. 28, 2020

This story took place years ago, and it was the year after graduating high school. My closest friends and I were all 19 and 20 at the time and just starting to realize what the real world looked like. As is common, we tended to cope with these changes by dabbling in as many kinds of inebriation as we could. If the reader is getting bored reading this right now they shouldn't worry, just a couple more lines of explanation and then many a penis will appear. Anyways these friends and I, five of us in total, grew up playing hockey together from peewee all the way to our last year of high school. I'm not sure if this is well known or not, but hockey guys basically rival the ancient Greeks in terms of naked bromances and general nude tomfoolery, although that didn't stop those same guys from sleeping with most of the girls at our school. One of the things we had all been missing the most is the amazing times we had travelling with our teams to tournaments and whatnot, a decade long era that ended with graduation.


Our buddy Ben (not his real name) bought a cheap, used soccer mom van, the kind with the big sliding door on the side (this comes into play later) and it didn't take long for us to plan a road trip to our favorite camp spot six hours away. It was mostly country roads the whole way and we had gone there many times and never ran into another person while camping.

Right before leaving, the four of us that weren't driving we got decently high. It was the middle of the summer and warm as hell, and knowing that we'd all probably end up getting naked at some point anyways, I came up with the idea that we should just leave our clothes behind and do the whole trip naked.

So the road trip became a bunch of high and naked dudes sitting shoulder to shoulder in the van even though there were plenty of empty seats in the back. It wasn't long before we all had rock hard boners, and by the end of the road trip we had all jerked off at least 2-3 times each. Of course the driver couldn't jerk off, so someone hopped up into the passenger seat and stroked both of their dicks until they both came, also cleaning up any jizz the driver shot around.

Now this is my favorite part: When it came time for the rest of us to cum one guy would open the sliding side door (while we're driving) and one guy would brace the masturbator's hips so they could stand in the open doorway and cum out into the open, trying to see who could get the farthest.

At one point, after I had already jacked off twice, we were all talking and stroking a bit again and we started to catch up to another car on the road. That's when I got an awesome idea, but I needed to get hard again fast so I stood up in the van so my cock was directly infront of my buddy's face and asked if he could jerk me off until I was close. We ended up timing it perfectly and as we passed that other car on the road my buddy swung the door open and I stood naked, having an orgasm and stroking my cock while jizz flew out of it and onto the road (was trying to reach the car). The best part was the person's reaction though. It looked like a farmer-type middle aged woman, and she looked shocked, but after a couple seconds and seeing me cum she kind of smirked and shook her head, but all the while keeping pace with our van and staring right at me.

This all resulted in my most impressive boner of all time: my dick was literally still dripping with cum but I just found this situation so hot that in a span of few seconds I was right back up and hard again. Then a few seconds later we closed the door and she slowed down and that was it! The rest of the camping trip itself was pretty insane and naughty as well, lots of wet dicks and smooth butts, but that is for another time!

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