Written by P

Jan. 27, 2018

My BF have been in the lifestyle for a while, and typically it's a rule that it's always together. He has a lot of things on the go and at times he can be gone for a few days or a weekend, and at times I sort of break that rule....

One weekend I really decided to break that rule and try my first interracial. We come from a small town and growing up there wasn't many black guys. So on a weekend he was out of town I wanted to try it. I went out of town and rented a motel room, packed some a sexy outfit and once settled in at the motel I headed out to a bar.

I soon spotted a couple black guys who I was interested in, and my flirting was fairly obvious. After a bit I went over to their table and asked if I could join as I was from out of town and there alone. Thing is they also had a white friend with them. We chatted for a bit and flirted and soon the talk turned sexual. I told them I had been with groups of men and loved it, one asked if I had ever been with a black guy, so of course I said I never had been but wanted to try it. The flirting got intense from there, the table was in a back corner so sort of out of sight. It started with just a quick hand rub on my knee under the table and progressed to hands running up my thigh or my hand on a crotch.

I couldn't take anymore....my panties were soaked....I finally asked them to come back to my motel room with me so we all left. Back at the motel it didn't take long before we were all naked, don't get me wrong because my BF is very well endowed, but OH MY GOD the one black guy had the longest cock I'd ever seen......the other was nice and thick and the white guy was pretty good himself lol.

We spent the night fucking and my first BBC DP was fantastic. After that night I kept in contact with the one guy online the one with the long cock. We chatted and flirted online for a bit, and he told me about a friend he told what happened and said his friend thought it was just a story and he had never been with a white woman. Which brings me to my first IR with my BF.

My BF and I had kind of talked about it but I never really said it was something I would do. Finally I said let's give it a try. I contacted this guy and arranged so we just "happened" to meet them at the bar and told him to bring his other friend. My BF and I got a motel room and got ready to go out for the night. We went out to the bar and there they were, the 2 black guys from before and his other friend. We played it as cool as we could and flirted a bit until I told BF I liked the guys. We sat and had a couple drinks with them until BF asked them to come back to the motel with us.

Naturally things got heated and I had to try to be surprised by how long the one guys cock was, it wasn't all that hard when the guy I hadn't been with yet pulled his cock out and it was just as long.....I couldn't wait to be spit-roasted and DP'd by the both of them. They all fucked me every way possible and at times my BF would just watch as all 3 of the black guys fucked me. It went on all night until we got a call from the motel management about checkout time.

The guys asked us back to their place as they were all still horny as hell so I asked if we could go, BF said we could if that's what I wanted so off we went. We had one of the guys driving with us to show us where to go, but we had to make a stop. I always have guys use a condom and we were running really low as they fucked me so much. We stopped to get more condoms and BF went in to buy them, he wasn't too happy when he got back to the car and seen my lips wrapped around the guys cock sucking him off, but we headed out.

When we got to their place I needed a shower and some sleep so they let us have a bedroom so I could sleep. After a few hours sleep we started all over again. I needed those 2 long black cocks trying to go balls deep in my pussy and ass.

I don't know how long it was going on for but at one point as I was being stuffed with BBC, mouth, pussy and ass, a couple of their friends walked through the door to see me like that.

They were surprised to see me like that and didn't know WTF to do. I looked at my BF and said "oh good, more black cocks for me to taste" He looked at the guys and said you heard her....you can either fuck her or leave. I was kind of surprised but he has let 5 of his white friends fuck me at once. I spent the rest of that night getting fucked by all 5 of the black guys and BF.

I can say the stories I heard are true, black guys are very eager to fuck white women as I was sure as hell well fucked. I slept for a day when we got home and was sore for a couple days. We have every intention of meeting again, maybe some of his white friends and some of our new black friends.