Written by dannette

Dec. 5, 2017

Our Second Meeting

Sherrie’s POV

Well we are going to meet Randy again. We’ve all been chatting for a while reliving our last meeting and I must admit it’s all I can think of. I guess I’m nervous but more than that I am so excited. I find myself walking around wet all the time thinking of the things that we will do. The guys don’t seem as nervous this time however.

Dan and I made reservations at the same hotel and opted for two beds this time. Hoping the room would be a little bigger so we could film a little easier.

I took a long bath with tantalizing aromas in the water and made sure I was cleanly shaven leaving only a little strip of blond hair above my lips. I always thought shaving your pussy was so erotic and make sure to take my time doing so. I pick out an outfit I was sure would please my sexy men. A tight black bra with gold inlay woven through the skimpy fabric. I love the feel of the tightness crushing my breasts and then put on the thing string G-string enjoying the feel of the fabric embedding itself between my lips.

I come out of the bathroom and present myself and love seeing the appreciation in Dan’s eyes. He kisses me softly and hands me a blindfold. He takes me in his arms and tells me how much he loves me. He then leaves to meet Randy. I know he is anxious and excited because he goes too early.

I place myself on the bed and put on the blindfold and patiently wait, losing myself in thoughts of what is to come. I decide to turn my back to the door and when I do I hear the door open and Dan announces that he is back. My heart is beating out of my chest. I am so excited for what is about to happen.

Dan comes to me first and takes my hand and leads me off the bed. He leans in and kisses me deeply leaving me breathless. I hear Randy approach from behind. He puts his hands gently on my hips and moves closer and I feel his hard cock against my hip as he kisses me on my neck. I can’t hold back the moan as Dan leans in and kisses the other side of my neck moving slowly down to my shoulder.

Both men move closer and I am the meat in the most amazing sandwich. I feel both hard cocks pushing into me trying to escape their confinement. Feeling their excitement fills me with a desire that embarrasses me. This would shock so many people if they knew. I feel hands touching and caressing every part of me and do not know whose hands are who’s which adds to my excitement.

Once again someone is kissing me passionately and then takes me by the shoulders and turns me towards him. I quickly figure out it is Randy. He grabs my hips in a rough embrace and pulls me into his lean body. He starts to kiss my neck as I run my hands all over his body trying not to miss a spot. I find his belt and unbuckle it and unzip his pants trying desperately to reach his hard cock. I reach back and find Dan’s familiar bulge straining to be set free.

Now I feel Dan and Randy start to remove my bra. What teamwork. They both move to a breast and nibble and suck and Randy gently biting my nipple remembering the way I like it. I can’t keep the moans from escaping my lips.

I feel my panties being removed with a sense of urgency that makes my heart skip a beat. I know they want me. I can’t stand the blindfold anymore and rip it off also and throw it across the room. I want to see everything. Randy reaches between my legs and inserts his fingers into my wetness. I reach over and grab Dan by the arm and pull him closer to me and he starts nibbling my neck. Randy moves his face to my breasts and suckles my nipple and biting it. He remembers how much I love my nipples bitten. I think good boy and smile at him. He brings his face closer and kisses me deeply shoving his warm tongue into my mouth.

I push them both away and tell Dan to wait. I move to Randy anxious to feel all of him again. I rub his chest and work my way down to his hard cock which is standing at attention like a good soldier waiting to do battle. I unbutton his shirt admiring his hairy chest and move to undo his belt buckle and unzip his pants. I grab his bare cock and discover He is trembling, I hope with excitement. I drop to my knees and drop his pants to his ankles as he steps out of them. I can’t resist any longer and start sucking his cock through his underwear. He is moaning and grabs the back of my head and forces my face harder on his member. I look over and see Dan is filming us and I aim to put on quite the show. I pull the underwear down and now I take Randy’s cock into my mouth swallowing every inch of him. He reaches back and gathers my long blonde hair into his fist and rides my face and tongue like an experienced cowboy.

Dan breaks the spell and gives Randy the camera and I proceed to undress my husband and admire his long cock. I repeat all the moves on him that I did on Randy not wanting him to feel left out. I can tell he is getting close because his cock gets longer and thicker so I slow down and he then tells me to stop. He is not ready to cum yet. Dan asks me to lay back on the bed. We are all naked now.

I lie down and they both pick a side and a breast and start fondling and sucking and biting. I can’t believe how much I love this. I swear my nipples are attached directly to my clit. With every bite I feel like I am going to cum. It is amazing.

Randy reaches down between my thighs and gently spreads my legs and starts to explore every patch of skin until he reaches his goal. He lets out a deep sigh as he finds the soft wetness. I moan in ecstasy and yell Oh God, Oh God. Dan is not going to be left out and I feel his hands on my clit and they are both rubbing my clit one finger on each side and working in unison. They take me to the top and then I willingly fall over the side in total abandon. My orgasm is one of the strongest I have ever had. I know I am screaming but I couldn’t tell you what I said. I am lost. I am totally theirs.

Randy’s mouth moves to my convulsing pussy and teases me. I raise my hips and force him closer and spread as wide as I can and he dives in like a man that has been starving. I move my hips to match his movements and we are a machine. Working perfectly together. I remember now how talented he is at pleasing a woman. After I cum I need to be fucked and he remembers this. He pulls on a condom and rubs his cock up and down my wet slit driving me crazy. He slowly works his cock into my tight pussy as not to hurt me. I pull Dan closer and take his cock deep in my throat. As Randy increases his pace I match it on Dan’s cock. Both men are moaning and Randy grabs my hips and slams deep into me. Dan and Randy are cumin. Dan pulls out of my mouth and shoots his load all over my breasts.

Randy pulls out and pulls off the condom and presents his still hard cock to me and I take him deep and lick up every drop of his delicious cum. Dan has a towel and starts rubbing his cum from my chest.

I know they think it is over but I am not finished. I tell them to sit side by side on the bed. My favorite Christina song comes on and I can’t help it but I start to sway to the music. I amaze myself at how horney I still am. I reach between my legs and run my finger through the wetness. My clit is so sensitive and as I give it a bit of attention I see the guys have recuperated nicely. I order Randy to put on a condom and he wastes no time obeying. I tell them they may not touch me. I can only touch them. I put my back toward Randy and back onto his cock and slowly let it enter me. I can tell he is having trouble with the no touching rule. This makes me smile. I ride him hard and fast and when I see he is about to cum I jump off of him and I move onto Dan’s hard Cock. Only I face him instead. I take him in me and I bring him to the edge and then I leave him and go back to Randy. They are no longer following the no touch rule and I don’t care. I Take Dan in my mouth deep throating him and tightening up on Randy until he moans as if in pain. I quicken my pace and I feel my own orgasm building I scream Oh Fuck Yes and it sends them both over the edge and we all climax together. Dan cums deep in my throat and I swallow every tasty drop and Randy pulls out and cums all over me while losing the condom on the floor. I suck him clean and relish the taste of two men’s cum in my mouth. We all collapse on the bed totally satisfied with our second encounter.

I don’t think I’ll have any problems talking them into a third encounter. Do you???

Our second meeting Dan's POV

We all agreed to meet again. This time we hoped to be more comfortable with each other. Knowing what to expect getting all of the first time jitters out of the way.

Sherrie and I get a room at the same hotel. This time we ask for the two double beds and not the king size. Hoping for the room to be a little bigger to get a better camera angle. Our first attempt at filming was ok but we missed a lot of the action.

Sherrie gets herself ready again wearing a very sexy lingerie outfit. We also agree that she will wear a blindfold for the opening part of our second meeting. She tells me to go to the lobby to meet Randy while she prepares herself.

I kiss her passionately and tell her how much I love her and how much she excites me. I then make my way down to the lobby. I am early so I sit and await Randy’s arrival. Randy arrives right on time and we greet each other with a firm handshake. I tell Randy that again we expect slow and gentle with the outmost respect. He agrees and we proceed upstairs to Sherrie.

I open the door and announce our arrival. Hi Hun Randy and I are here. Sherrie tells us to come in she’s been waiting for us. She is kneeling in the middle of the bed her blindfold on with her back to us.

I approach first and ask her to stand next to the bed. I take her hand to guide her. I lean forward and give her a passionate kiss my tongue eagerly entering her open lips. I motion to Randy to approach from behind. He does putting his hands on her hips and kissing the nape of her neck. This brings an immediate moan from her lips. I lean to the other side of her neck and also kiss her neck up and down the length of it.

Randy and I move closer squeezing her body between us. Our cocks growing harder by the second as we rub our hips into her. Her moans now growing more intense as our hands begin to explore her soft curves. Randy’s hands moving upward to cup her breasts while mine move to her firm beautiful buttocks.

Randy and I are still kissing her neck and I move in and kiss her open lips once more before turning her around to face Randy. His hands immediately switch to her round glorious ass squeezing each cheek tightly and firmly. His lips move to her neck as she leans back to give him access. Her hand reaches back and she rubs my hard cock through my jeans. Her other hand searching for Randy’s hard shaft. My hands move up to her beasts squeezing them and cupping them.

Randy and I begin slowly to remove her top. Gently sliding it off her shoulders exposing her soft and firm cleavage. Randy’s lips and tongue begin to lick and kiss the top of Sherrie’s bra. Her nipples growing hard as she becomes more and more excited.

I undo her bra from behind and slowly allow the straps to slide down exposing her now erect nipples. Randy’s lips pounce on her breasts kissing and sucking on them. Sherrie leans her head back exposing her neck which I kiss and lick to her earlobe.

Her moans now flooding the room and I know she is ours. We want her so bad we need her naked. I kneel and remove her panties. She does not object. Randy’s hands are quick to react as he reaches between her thighs and feels for her wetness. OH MY!! He says you are so wet sexy vixen. His fingers begin to explore her slit as he rubs her clit. With each touch a moan and electric shock pulses through Sherrie’s body. Her hand reaches back bringing my lips back to her neck as Randy continues to suck and gently bite her hard warm nipples.

Sherrie then pushes Randy and I away. She tells me to wait and she approaches Randy. Her hands slowly rubbing his chest then crotch area. She begins by unbuttoning his shirt very slowly. Kissing his neck and down his chest. She removes his shirt then begins to slowly unbuckle his belt. Her hand then unsnaps the top of Randy’s pants and they slide inside.

She feels his hard throbbing cock pulsing in her hand. Randy now moans. She drops to her knees and undoes the zipper slowly pulling down his pants. Randy assists by stepping out of them and Sherrie rubs his erect penis through his underwear. She licks and suckles him through his underwear and then pulls them down exposing Randy’s member directly in front of her face. I have the camera pointed at them. Sherrie knows this and proceeds to lick the tip of Randy’s cock.

MMMMM she says as she slowly takes his cock in her mouth. Randy also moans as he feel her warm lips and mouth engulf him. Sherrie takes her time enjoying sucking and licking another man’s cock while I watch. She knows this excites me.

This goes on for a little bit and then she turns her attention to me. I hand the camera to Randy and begins to film Sherrie repeating what she just did to him.

She undresses me slowly and seductively and when her lips finally reach my hard throbbing cock I can hardly take it. I do not want to cum yet and I ask her to take it slow.

We are all naked and I ask Sherrie to lay on the bed. She complies and Randy and I now approach her on either side.

We ensure we allow for the camera angle and proceed to both suck on a nipple. I am on the left one and I know Sherrie likes gentle bites. I begin to slowly bite on it and look over to see Randy sucking on her right nipple and flicking his tongue around which seems to excite Sherrie tremendously. Randy’s hands reach down between Sherrie’s awaiting thighs. Her legs open to give him complete access. His fingers sliding up and down her wet slit. Her hips moving upwards convulsing to his touch. Her moans louder now. Even an Oh God! Oh God! Is heard.

My hand also joins the party. Randy and I part her pussy lips and we begin to rub her clit together. Him on one side and me on the other side. Our fingers pushing in unison to squeeze her clit between them. This results in an OH Fuck yes!!! And then an orgasm.

Randy’s mouth then leaves her nipple and he moves down towards her beautiful pussy. He reaches it and slows down smelling and licking around the edges at first. Sherrie’s hips rise and she opens her legs even wider. Randy takes this queue and dives in licking up and down her pussy with fervor. Sherrie begins to move her hips and moan out loud once again.

I move off the bed presenting my cock to her lips. She eagerly takes me in her mouth and sucks on it with passion and excitement. I tell Randy to put a condom on and he complies. He returns with Sherrie legs wide open and her willing pussy awaiting.

He rubs the tip of his cock up and down her slit. She moves her hips towards him clearly wanting his cock inside her. Randy pushes forward and he begins to penetrate her. Sherrie moans and her hands reach down to guide him inside her. He slowly pushes forward now entering her for the first time. I know what he is feeling her warm pussy surrounding his hard cock. Squeezing it and milking him. Randy’s eyes close as he begins to fuck my wife. Her legs and arms wrap around him as she brings him closer and deeper within her.

My cock still in her mouth she now is moaning and losing control. She looks so sexy with two cocks inside of her. She matches her sucking motion with Randy’s thrust so that both of us are inside of her at the same time. Randy’s pace picks up and he begins to stiffen Sherrie picks up on this and she begins to raise her hips to meet him. This puts Randy over the top and he explodes within her. Sherrie follows suit and screams with Randy’s cock gushing his hot semen into his condom.

This is all too much for me and I announce that I am cumin. Sherrie pulls me out just in time and I shoot my load all over her heaving tits. Randy pulls out and proceeds to pull his cock out of its cover. He presents his cock to Sherrie and without hesitation she engulfs him again.

I am ready this time with a towel and I clean her chest as she continues to suck on Randy’s hard throbbing cock. Sherrie has a trick up her sleeve this time.

She tells us to sit side by side on the bed. She stands in front of us rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. The music of Christina is playing and Sherrie is swaying her beautiful hips. She approaches me and gently kisses me. She moves over to Randy and does the same to him.

She turns and bends over reaching between her legs and allowing her finger to trace along her moist wet slit. She moans as she does this. She tells us we cannot touch her unless told to. She backs into Randy rubbing her backside on his stiffening cock. Randy moans having difficulty in the no touch rule.

She then moves over to me and does the same to me rubbing my hard cock along her slit. She then turns again and mounts me facing me this time. Her legs straddling my mid-section. Rubbing her pussy on my cock spreading her pussy lips and juices along my shaft.

She moves over to Randy repeating once again what she did to me. Randy groans and Sherrie tells him to put on a condom. He obliges. She then repeats the straddling motion and allows Randy’s cock to enter her awaiting pussy. She hugs him and kisses him with his cock totally embedded within her. She begins an up and down motion fucking Randy as he has never been fucked before. She is also moaning now and asks me to stand on the bed next to her. I do as told and she takes my cock in her mouth. Fucking Randy and sucking me with her body going up and down.

After a while Randy and I switch places and Sherrie quickens her pace on both of us. Randy and I begin to get harder a sign that we are getting ready to explode. Sherrie does not stop but quickens her pace once again. I hear her moan and then once again she lets an OH FUCK yes scream escaping from her lips with Randy’s cock still buried deep in her throat. This sets me off and I begin to explode within her. Randy also stiffens and without warning shoots his load on Sherrie’s breast and face.

We all collapse exhausted and satisfied with our second meet.