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Dogging Stories


Nice Unexpected View

Unexpected voyeurism

I was out walking through a wooded area a couple Saturdays (April 24) ago and decided to head back to my car as I was getting thirsty and hungry and I hadn't been planning on staying out long. While walking through the very small parking lot of the area (...


Drive in movies part 2

That they did to me at the movies

So we went got food and came back they both started to play with my nipples pushing my bra up and the next thing I had the magic wand on my pussy full blast some then finger my ass I was stroking both of there cocks I started to orgasm and I sprays the se...


I went to the drive in movies with my bf and his friend I was told to wear the out fit he got for me was a plaid and crotch less underwear made me so wet and we went to the mall and the liquor store and to a fast food restaurant and omg the skirt was shor...


The lure

An attempt to spark the perfect outdoor adventure

It all began one fine summer evening. I came across a craigslist post for a dogging adventure at the Hamilton princess point. The hunt began at 9pm with me encountering the post. Excitedly drove parked at the lot waiting for the adventure to unfold. My mo...