Written by Anonymous

First Time
Jul. 31, 2019

It all began one fine summer evening. I came across a craigslist post for a dogging adventure at the Hamilton princess point.

The hunt began at 9pm with me encountering the post. Excitedly drove parked at the lot waiting for the adventure to unfold.

My motivination to write something intriguing started with the ample amounts of posts available at my disposal. Might I share my experience.

Upon arrival the lot was partially empty with a few cars scattered about. With time I grew nervous and tense, it would be my first experience. Sniffing the midnight snacks, as it was an open invite; the parking lot soon got flooded with cars and bikers. Some impatient, while others unaware of the intention and events that could eventually unfold. A single dodge mini van was seen frequently appearing and disappearing. It would park for a moments and then drive off only to reappear after half an hour. With time slowly passing by frustration grew and cars started to flee, until it was 3:30 in the morning and the lot was almost empty. I was half awake and half disheartened. I had the intention to just spectate and enjoy criously from a distance. Amidst my slumber I was woken up some gentle voices in the distance. Sitting in my car, I turned my head around. as I has facing the other way, I saw shiny soilotte glimpse of people. Couldn’t make out what it was and cruising as hell, I got out of the car and started waking towards them.

Too my surprise it was same dodge caravan that had frequented the lot. Their genius in patience was to select the more determined people and avoid unnessesary attention.

They had quietly waited it out till the lot was empty and a handful of cars were left.

As I stepped closer nervous and shy. I could start to make clear picture and the voices became clear as they turned into the most pleaserefull moarning ever.

The lady was tan beauty and had bent over as the guy was pounding her from behind while her man was in front getting a blow and holding her hands tight. As I got closer the pounding from behind got fast and the guy eventually cumed. Exploding into the best sound of pleasure. He turned around thanked and drive off.

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