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Nice Unexpected View

"Unexpected voyeurism"

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I was out walking through a wooded area a couple Saturdays (April 24) ago and decided to head back to my car as I was getting thirsty and hungry and I hadn't been planning on staying out long. While walking through the very small parking lot of the area (roadside parking for a historical plaque) I noticed a lady sitting in her vehicle. I took my time having a bite to eat and a drink, casually watching the lady who was sitting in the passenger seat of her vehicle about 20 meters away. It looked like she was face timing someone. I then noticed that she had something in her other hand. It was G-string and she was twirling it around. I'm not sure whether that was designed to grab my attention, but it certainly did. She then puts the panties down and starts moving her arm rhythmically. I can see her pointing her phone between her face and her crotch. Someone lucky was getting a very nice show. Occasionally I would see her look around and make eye contact before leaning back into her seat to continue pleasuring herself. I didn't explicitly see anything but it was very much a turn on. This continued on for about ten minutes before another car drove into the lot to look at the historical plaque. The arm movements stop and she slowly raises a rubber dildo into sight and puts it away. I then see her make the motion of pulling up her pants. As the car that pulled in wasn't leaving anytime soon, she got out from the passenger side, into the driver's side and drove off. I stayed in my car and never approached her because I never got a clear signal like an open window or door or a beckoning finger. I didn't want to disturb her or ruin the show. I'm posting this story on the off chance that the exhibitionist may be a member of this site. I just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Feel free to reach out, I would love the opportunity for a closer view. Steve
Written by kingstonsteve

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