Written by Anonymous

Feb 25, 2019

We've been talking for awhile now, but today is finally the day you are coming to visit!

When we first started bonding over our love of public play, I never dreamed I'd have something so accessible and perfect as a setting. Then, I started working at a new place and learned about the stock room.

It's upstairs, above me. Lockable and discrete, yet still has some qualities that keep it exciting. You're almost here now, and I can't wait to see just how exciting it is.

You come inside, up the stairs and find the room. You walk in and text me that you're here. I quickly head up the stairs, check around for other employees and walk in, locking the door behind me to keep unwanted visitors out.

The shop below rings out in a cacophony of tools and shouting. Drills, impact guns, hammers, all doing their work. Now it's time to do mine.

I put the step ladder in front of you and instruct you to bend over it, presenting your beautiful ass to me. Still hidden by jeans, I take a moment to enjoy the site of it. Clothed and waiting to be not so. It's screaming out at me through the denim. I begin running my hands up and down your legs, letting fingers and thumbs brush against your clothed pussy.

I reach around and open your pants, sliding them down over the back of your wonderful ass. I tell you how much I enjoy looking at it as I spread your cheeks for a good view. A nice smack precedes my mouth kissing and exploring your bent over rear end overtop of your panties. They're already wet...

I step back again and take a nice, long, wonderful look at what's making my cock rock hard in front of me. The shape of how your legs meet your back has my mouth watering. I reach in again and pull your panties to the side, exposing your sopping wet pussy to the air.

My hands run up and down the inside of your cheeks, caressing your swollen pussy lips as they rise. Spreading them apart and teasing the inside your little wet hole. I bend down behind you and let my tongue explore the inside of your legs, flicking in and out of you on the way up and stopping on your little asshole.

Your hips start bucking back against my face as I let my tongue do its job. Your wetness begins running down my face and you're having a hard time holding on to that ladder. Starting to wonder if all the workers below are hearing the moans that are escaping your lips. You reach around behind you and pull my head deeper into you, grinding your clit against me. You're about to cum you tell me, so I turn my tongue into a robot, gliding and flicking your clit exquisitely until your body begins convulsing against me. I suck your clit into my mouth and pull it/work it with my tongue while your orgasm takes hold. I had to hold you up against the ladder to finish!

You thanked me, pulled up your pants and left the room, back out into your daily life. This was just visit number one...next time more than my tongue will find its way into your life. Come back soon!

Tags: oral, public, servant