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Fantasy Stories


Get on your knees

I suggest you listen.

"Get on you knees." You kneel in front of me and I put a blindfold over your eyes. "That's a good girl." "Open your whore mouth, Tongue out" You open your mouth wide and feel the tip of my hard dick hit your tongue with a thud. "In your throat now." You s...


My Sexual Fantasy

BF surprises his Gf with her first ever Massage

The room is lit with the perfect lighting, you are sitting down across from the bed on a cozy lazy boy recliner. I lay my tired body on top of the bed. He pours hot oil all over my back, making me gasp a bit in shock of the temperature. I look at you and...


First Encounter

It's all under the table

We selected the restaurant with intention. Quiet, Dim lighting, and a warm fireplace that kiss the sink of these my beautiful Envie and our soon to be playmate. Envie and I arrived early to get the best table selection, close to the fireplace knowing we b...