Written by Anonymous

Oct. 16, 2019

We selected the restaurant with intention. Quiet, Dim lighting, and a warm fireplace that kiss the sink of these my beautiful Envie and our soon to be playmate.

Envie and I arrived early to get the best table selection, close to the fireplace knowing we both like it hot. And of course if there were any extra layers to be removed , the warmth of the flames would assist in the undressing.

We started the evening with a couple of glasses of red wine, light appetizers in anticipation of our guest arrival. Her pictures on the site were stunning, tall short haired platinum blonde with legs that never ended. We both recognized her the second she walked in. Being in the lifestyle we were used to generous hugs when we first meet people , but this one was no ordinary hug. Trixy had an instant connection with both of us and we could, see and feel her excitement through her braless top. Her perky breast begging for the attention they deserved . Envie , being the trouble making Sub she is , intentionally lined up her perfect hard nipple breasts with Trixies nipples for a hug that seem to last forever. The sexual tension was immediate and you could see the other men with their vanilla wives drooling with envy. This was going to be a fantastic night!

Enive and Trixy sat together on the opposite side of the table from me. Our conversation in getting to know each other was explicit and you could see the other tables in the room staring, listening to every sexy word. The odd whisper between Envie and Trixy told me they were connecting on a level which was sure to lead to trouble . Soon I felt a foot on my leg, slowly it moved up and deposited a barely there pair of black lace panties, I reached down took them in my hand for find them wet with desire. The excitement of not knowing who’s they were sent my mind into a fantasy tailspin. I had to peak! Envie know exactly how to turn me on !

One Beautiful blonde was sitting across the table from me with no underwear. With one hand on her glass the other under the table , I could see that look of contentment on both of their faces . They tried to keep the conversation going to the best of their abilities. I could tell what was going on… soon the hand that was under the table made it back into the public. The glossy wet finger slowly and deliberately transferred the moisture it once had on to her lips ,and then into her mouth for a good taste of what was to cum.

I sat in amazement as I watched these two talk and play and play and talk. Soon I had another foot moving up my leg with another set of panties, pressed hard against my throbbing cock wetter than the first and just as scandalous in size. Now both ladies had one hand under the table and the other holding the decoy wine glass. I could only imagine the joyous wet fun that was happening right in front of me and the entire restaurant.

I fantasied, sneaking under the table to have my dessert. Moving myself intentional from her ankle , kissing my way to her thighs with my tougne. Feeling the heat and smelling the sweet aroma of this beautiful woman I was about to consume. Nibbling my way …. Excuse me Sir , Envie interrupted, I need to go to the washroom. And In usual form Trixy did as well . My mind when immediately to visions of these two beauties in a stall having dessert without me.

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