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Roped in

"Moths to a flame"

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So M and I are not into serious BDSM and its complex culture, but like many sexy people, we enjoy dabbling with restraints, whips, floggers, clamps, and the like. If you really want to catch someone’s eye, though, you have to bring out the ropes.

I can’t recall how we started down the rope path, but I do know that once we bought one we were both super eager to try it out. Whether you want to fix your stove or artistically tie up your partner, YouTube has a video for you. Sure enough, after a cursory search, I found a quick video for tying a lovely pentagram design around M’s sexy tits.

Magic. Seriously, it was like magic. I got rock hard just getting the rope, got harder tying her up, and nearly exploded when I saw the results. Thankfully, though, I didn’t and we had hot, hard sex made all the more fun by the way it held her tits and made them bounce delightfully as I pounded her. Try it, you’ll thank me.

Being a tad naive about rope play, I had no idea what kind of impact it would have at the club. Silly me. No matter your feelings about BDSM or your gender, seeing someone artfully tied up will make you either hard or wet. Mix in the atmosphere of a club, a few drinks, and playful people, and--oh my--things get a little wild.

M has a simple, but strict, dress code for herself when going to a club or a party: maximum skin, no panties (with a minor allowance for crotchless!). She has a bevy of teeny dresses she bought at stores that cater to the 20-something skinny set. They look so much sexier on a confident older woman with a bit of curve who fills them out nicely. She pairs these with thigh highs, or one of her many fucktubes, our personal name for those stretchy mesh outfits one buys at sex shops.

On the evening of the maiden voyage of the pentagram tits tie at the club, she had on a particularly tiny black dress, sheer black thigh highs, a pair of her fuck-me heels, and a simple black collar. We can’t recall whose idea it was, but at some point we broke out a silky red rope and tied her tits in the pentagram design. As with lingerie, it’s that combination of showing and hiding that made this so sexy. The dress has tiny straps and sits at the top of her tits, so about half of the rope was showing as it snaked around her neck and under that collar. The rest of it was inside the dress. The tease is intense and we should have expected what happened, perhaps.

A couple of hours later we are dancing at the club when we spot an attractive sexy couple dancing near us. I saw instantly that the woman was absolutely enthralled with the rope, like laser-beam-staring enthralled. She danced closer to M. Where would this go? Before long, I saw the two of them chatting and gesturing at the rope.

It was a warm evening, so when we stepped off the dance floor to catch our breath and cool down, the other couple followed us. We learned that they were both straight and only play only with each other and just come to the club to be watched while fucking. I was a bit disappointed to hear that. Little did I know the power of rope play, though.

The conversation turned back to that silky red rope.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” asked G, the other woman.

“No, it actually feels good ... plus it just makes my pussy so wet,” M responded. She really is this direct, which often shocks (and arouses) people. She threw a sideways glance at me to see if I had caught that comment. Ha. She only needed to look at my crotch to know I heard.

“Can I touch it?”

“Sure, it doesn’t bite, although I might.”

Really, who could resist that invitation? G shyly reached out and ran a finger along M’s collarbone and neck, feeling the rope while starting intently at her tits. While she did that, we continued to chat and I sort of turned away from the two women to talk with R, G’s partner. A few minutes later and over my shoulder I heard M ask G if she’d like to see the rest of the design. I flicked my head around just in time to see G demurely nod her head. Her lips were open and she still had her eyes on M’s tits. M deftly flicked off the tiny straps and dropped her dress to reveal her tied tits. I thought G’s head was about to explode, but had the presence of mind to notice that R was suddenly interested as well.

Just then, a song we really like came on so we beelined back to the dance floor, G and R close behind. M certainly didn’t bother to pull her dress back up and I noticed that G made sure to dance close to her, facing her, so that she could remain transfixed on her tits. I began to see where this might go.

This time it was M’s turn to ask a question.

“Would you like to touch them?”

In a flash, G’s eager hands were on her tits, rubbing them with her palms. As she grew more comfortable, she started pinching M’s nipples, which responded by turning into the perfectly erect eraser nipples I know so well. That makes them so irresistible, so without asking any more silly questions, I saw G lean in and start flicking her tongue against one of her nipples. This is the woman who a few minutes earlier had said she was entirely straight. Not even bi-curious. I’ve seen M have this effect before, so this part wasn’t a shock. Within a few more breaths, G was full-on sucking and nibbling on one nipple while working the other with her suddenly not-so-shy hand. It was so hot to see.

A moment later, I noticed that M stopped dancing, or at least that her legs had stopped moving. I wondered why so I shifted my gaze and that’s when I saw where G’s other hand had gone. All inhibitions now gone, she had fully cupped M’s vulva and was working her hand back and forth. I saw M drop her hips and spread her legs a bit and could just imagine how G was learning quickly that M has both a lusciously outie pussy and one that gets dripping wet with little effort. I thought I could have some fun with this, so I leaned over and whispered in G’s ear.

“If you rub a little more firmly and maybe slip a finger in her pussy, she’ll cum all over your hand.”

G looked at me, a little shocked, but I could see that she quickly decided just to go with it. Her hand moved faster and M began to sway and roll her head back. I knew what was coming. As soon as I saw her chest heave and her hips quiver, I looked down and watched as a few drops squirted onto the floor. I probably should have warned G that that is a position that often leads to a little squirt, but the surprise is the best part. G seemed to agree since she stepped closer and used her thigh to grind her hand in even harder. When M stopped cumming, G stepped back and put her wet fingers in M’s mouth. It was time to take this show elsewhere.

Before I could even ask them what came next, I saw both G and R take one of M’s hands and head for the play space. I hustled to catch up since I knew I was going to get a sexy show.

Within seconds, R had stripped down and G pounced on his cock. That cock was massive, which made me hope that at some point it ended up in M since she loves size. M settled in behind G, who was on her hands and knees sucking him, and began to rub her pussy. I saw G arch her back and spread her legs a bit more, a very clear invitation to take it further. M got on her back and slid her head under her pussy, reaching up and pulling G’s ass down so that her pussy pressed into her mouth. I knew that G was experiencing a very talented tongue. Not wanting just to watch, I spread M’s legs and slurped at and fingered her very wet pussy.

R must have noticed that G was a little distracted, so he came around the side to watch a bit. I thought, watch out, because I knew if that cock got anywhere near M that she would not be able to resist. Sure enough, one of her hands came up and grabbed him firmly. How she saw it remains a mystery to me. Cock radar? Once she had felt it, there was no holding back. She slid out from under G and just attacked his cock. I saw his eyes roll back as she buried it deep in her mouth. She has this effect on many men. She started rhythmically and aggressively sucking him, shocking him with how much of his cock she could take in. As the observer, I decided to do a bit of choreography.

“Want to see if she can take the whole length in?”

He didn’t so much answer as much as just grunt approval, so I grabbed M’s hips and rolled her onto her back, sliding her head to the edge of the platform so that it was slightly tilted back. R took the cue and found her mouth and began slowly mouth fucking her. I could see her throat bulge as his dick slid down it. Once he seemed to grasp that, no, she doesn’t have a gag reflex, and that yes, she really can deep throat to the balls, he found the confidence to slide his full cock into her mouth. I knew they were both enjoying that moment.

G was watching all of this intently. I turned to her and asked her if she had ever licked a woman’s pussy. She shook her head no, but in a way that made it clear this was the day where she broke that particular boundary. I took her hand and guided her between M’s legs and gently pushed her head toward M’s wet pussy. Just as she had attacked her tits on the dance floor, it was a nanosecond before she had buried her face and fingers in that pussy. I slid my hand down her lovely ass and began fingering her pussy as a reward for her hard work.

After a couple of minutes, R realized that he either needed to blow a huge load down M’s throat or fuck someone. Choosing the latter, he pulled out of M’s mouth and came around behind G, sliding his cock in her doggie. He started slowly, but soon he was pounding her hard, not least because he was learning how fun it is to fuck a woman’s face into a pussy she’s licking. Like a kid with a new toy, he really got into his work. It was so hot to watch is cock slide in and out of G’s pussy. I neglected to mention that G is very petite and R a bit of a large guy, so the size difference added to the sexiness. There’s something about a huge cock railing a tiny woman that is just so, so hot.

I started to worry, though, that he was going to blow his load into that tight pussy, so I decided to step in again.

“Would you two like to reward M for making this happen and for sucking your cock so well?”

Again, he just nodded. I grabbed G--being petite, she was easy to position--and pulled her out from between G and M. Without any warning, R lurched forward and just rammed his cock deep into M’s pussy. I heard her scream with delight and start bucking like I had rarely seen, so knew my suggestion had been well received. G looked a little lost, so I leaned over and asked her if she trusted me. She nodded, so I pulled her toward M’s head and had her sit over her face, facing R. M’s tongue quickly found her pussy lips and began licking and nibbling at her clit. I had a good idea where this would lead.

Sure enough, within a couple of minutes, M started to have another orgasm, a powerful one since she had a huge cock railing her. I knew what came next. R was helpless to resist the bucking and writhing of her pussy and hips. I saw his eyes close and back arch as he just exploded inside her. Cum started oozing out of her pussy as he continued to fuck her hard. Having a bucking woman under her and a partner filling her with cum was just too much for G to resist, so as M’s tongue continued to lick her furiously, she joined the orgasm chorus and just shrieked with delight. Good thing she likes being watched since that noise got all eyes on her. It was amazing to watch and left my cock throbbing for release. By this point, I wanted to see if we could shred the rest of their “we only play with each other” viewpoint, so I looked at R and said,

“Well, you just filled my partner with your cum, so are you OK if I leave some in G?”

He just laughed and smiled through his post-orgasmic fog. Before I could even ask G if she wanted to play with me, she hopped off M’s face, grabbed my cock, and started sucking. I was so revved up by this point that I made it easy on her, quickly filling her mouth with a massive load of cum. Like putting the cherry on top of the sundae, what did she do? Of course, she slid my cock out of her mouth and deeply kissed M on the lips, sharing that cum. It was so hot and as if she knew that M is an incorrigible cumslut.

We need to do that rope trick again sometime.

Written by JenPlays

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