Written by Willie

Oct. 15, 2018

Caught , the Wife walked right up on me .

I was so fixated on the guy on my screen on his knees, with three girls laughing, and humiliating him as he sucked ,and licked a really big thick cut cock.

"Is that what you want? You like that?

I'd always been very straight and masculine except as a teen which I'd told her about my friend and I performing oral for two girls amusement to keep them quiet

We watched a couple forced bi vids ( my faves) one compilation of guys naked on thier knees with women forcing them to suck and another where two boys in a school shower have to perform for teacher and the girls who giggle and laugh while the boys humiliate themselves sucking

A couple nights later at supper my wife said " I've a couple and other two guys coming at 7 " You're going to suck some cocks for me tonight"

Panic and fear was she serious? I laughed not believing her, although she laughed and

hit my ass with a riding crop

5 to 7 and the doorbell rings " They're here" she said

Three guys in thier mid 20s and a girl who was 21 a really cute tom boy type came in the room . they were all a little pissed

"You strip" said my wife "Yeah strip " said the young woman laughing .

"On your knees" said my wife after I stripped.

Holding the biggest hard cock ive ever seen in real life she says "open your mouth" and starts smacking my face with the cock.

"Stick out your toung" "lick the shaft" "lick the head" "look at me, you look in my eyes while you suck"

"OMG" said the girl giggling he's vibrating and whimpering "make him suck it"

"Lets see how much you can take" "swallow his cock get your nose in to his pubes"

"Good boy"said the wife as I managed to almost do it.

I've never seen guys suck before irl just in videos . "look at her" said the wife

One of the other guys had been wtching masturbating and was about to cum the kid said "come on his face" "in his mouth "said the wife

He shoved his 6 inches in my mouth and shot while the girls said how dirty I was and my wife pointed out how hard my 6 inches were from sucking cock but i said no i only like it when girls watch and the wife said" on your back on the bed"

I was so embarrassed, and now two guys are taking turns shoving thier cocks in my throat.

"I want to see him get fucked I want to see him take that big cock up his ass" said the kid

"No way" I said

"How about a dildo then" " Would you like if Sandy and i shove my dildo up your ass?"

It's not really a question and I can't answer as they both have a hard cock in hand and are alternating putting them in my mouth.

Its much more embarrassing having the girls holding the cocks.

Sandy heard tease and embarrass him and took a real interest in embarrassing me.

My now wife back with a rubber cock that must 8 inches anyway and pulls my feet over my head and holds them apart

She tossed the lube to the kid and said. Theres a vibrator in the nightstand.

"I'm gonna cum" said the guy with the smaller cock as he started jacking .

"Cum in his mouth , cum in his mouth" shouted the kid

"You open wide let the nice guy cum in your mouth" said the wife.

"Oh my god thats so hot ." "Clean it off now thats right clean it off"" God he's such a slut " she said tugging at her shorts adjusting a wet bunch.