Written by Lovethick

May 3, 2015

Late summer evening and after looking at ad's on craigslist to find a willing top guy I ran across an ad that showed a picture of a guys cock next to a bottle of water. His cock was as long and almost as thick as the bottle. He was looking for a bi guy to meet up with. I sent him a message with my stats telling him I was a bottom and looking to fool around. He messaged me back with interest and wanting some pictures so I sent him a cock pic as well ass an ass pic and a pic of me dressed in black fishnet nylons and black camisole. He messaged back he loved the image of me with women garments on and I told him I could meet him out a road freequented by guys cruzing and I'd have these items on. He agreed to a place we exchanged what vehicle to look for ... I got ready and headed out to the area along the river, it was dead as it was around 11pm. Finally I saw a vehicle approaching and it pulled into where I was parked. It was his vehicle ... I had my track pants and tee shirt off and my ass was soaked with lube. He walked up to the drives window and said hey glad you came, his hand was down his pants and I could tell he was stroking himself. I opened the door of my suv and when he saw the nylons and camisole he moaned n i c e ... I took his cock into my hand and slowly stroked the big thick cock betweens his nicely hairy legs and stroked it. I quickly got my lube out and lubed his cock up good then slid my ass outwards in the seat so he could slide into me while standing outside the truck and me in the seat. My ass took his cock balls deep and omg his girth made me so full its was amazing and I just couldn't believe a cock that thick would not only go in balls deep but it would go in so easily. He pumped slowly at first but picked up as the minutes ticked by. I was in deep horny breathing from the minite he went balls deep but his breathing went deep then to a low moan to harder deeper moaning then ... he buried it balls deep ... as deep as it could go and and started grunting, his hips popping inward like he wanted it deeper as his cum started to burst out of his fat cock stream after stream for a good 9-10 streams ... he finally started to pump again slowly ... he was breathless as he said that was one huge load I just left in you ... his hips still moving in and out as his still rock hard cock wallowed in its own sperm. His hands started rubbing my nylons as his hips started moving in and out a little harder I soon realized this stud was going to give me another load and he did. Half hour after this thick cock slid in me it was finally slipping out, softening and empty. He pulled up his pants said that was awesome and he departed. He was right it was awesome and it was so horny ... my ass fucked read good that night, and I loved it.