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The one

"the best was yet to cum"
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Published 7 months ago
It had been a few years since clay had moved away and since he left town i had not met another guy that I had wanted to date on a regular basis, so for the last few years it was a lot of one night stands with both male and females, Sharon had gone and gotten herself married and was living the life of wife and mother.So on many a Saturday night I found myself cruising the local gay and straight bars. So there I was again standing alone at a gay bar on a hot June night while the music pierced my ear drums.The bar was packed and all the boys were dressed for cruising.Tight shorts with cock bulges hanging out along with there tank tops showing off there most recent work outs at the gym.Across the dance floor stood this smaller framed guy probably about five seven,dark hair clean shaven smooth white guy who probably weighed no more then 150 lbs.As I drank my beer I couldnt help but stare this guy down,It was not long before the attention was returned and as he took a sip of his drink he nodded at me with a sly little smile. But in an instant he he was gone totally out of my sight and no where to be seen, Dam it I thought he was the one guy in the whole bar I wanted to meet that night. As I stood there finishing up my beer wondering if I should call it a night and leave a finger tapped me on my shoulder and as I turned around there he stood looking more handsome up close then from a far .Hi I,m Travis and I saw that you were drinking carlsberg so i got you another. Soon we found ourselves dancing the night away and as the bar announce last call I ordered us one more round. As we finished our drinks I asked Travis if he would like to grab a bite to eat at the triple L diner an all night restaurant where all the gays flocked to after the bars closed up. He said he would love too so off we went ,As we ate our burgers My attraction to him was becoming more and more stronger, I couldnt figure out what it was about him that had me so turned on. As we finished up our coffee I asked him if he would like to have dinner the following weekend with me and he happily accepted. Before we parted that night I leaned in to give him a kiss goodnight as i took his waist to draw him in closer to me our lips met. I was so excited to put his lips to mine it made me a little breathless,What was with this intoxication I felt for this man ,What was it about him that made my desires for him so intense, as the week passed by my excitement over seeing Travis that weekend kept building and before too long there we sat across from each other on our 1rst real date. After dinner I invited him back to my apartment for a few drinks where we relaxed and got to know each other better, As Travis talked about his life I couldnt help but caress his hair and gazing into his blue eye and before long I found my lips kissing his neck as my hand wrapped around his shoulders,As my mouth neared his ears I whispered to him and asked would you like to join me in my bedroom. With a very sexy smile he replied yes and with that i took his hand and led the way as my heart raced with tremors. As we stood in front of the bed with just the moonlight shining through the window casting shadows on us my arms wrapped around him as his around me,Our lips met for that 1rst intense kiss and as our mouths opened I could taste the beer off his tongue,I could feel his breaths getting heavier as my hands softly touched his cheek,I could feel his cock growing as he pushed himself closer to me as I am sure he could feel mine, Slowly we both started to undo each others shirt buttons exposing our chests to each other,Both of us had smooth well built upper torsos and as my mouth started to explore his nipples he arched his head back and moaned,I could hear him whisper oh yes I love that and with that I lay him on my bed as i made love to each breast taking my time licking sucking nibbling on each wet nipple,Soon My mouth met his again as we rolled around exploring each other as our mouths stayed locked together in passionate kisses. Our hands now had found our way to each others belts and as we undid our buckles my cock was aching to be let out. Travis ,s hands were now undoing my jean buttons and unzipping my release so i decided to do the same for him.As we struggled to get each other out of our pants i got up and slid mine off and then proceeded to do Travis,s nd as I slid them off of him only to reveal a pair of pink underpants with a big wet spot of pre cum .This excited me as I leaned in and put my face to his crotch and sucked his juice from the underwear. This seemed to turn him on as he pulled me up close to him again and in the passion of kissing and feeling each others bodys we stripped out of our underwear revealing all our nakedness. As my hand went down to feel his cock I could tell he was not that well endowed and was cut which I prefer and as he took my cock in his hand he uttered holy fuck its huge and giggled,As he stroked me up and down I continued rubbing his cock too,,our kisses were now intense as he moaned and his arms wrapped around me tight my cock pushing up against his,Soon his mouth was working its way down my chest as he pushed me on my back his lips now kissing my tits while his hand still jerked my cock. His face now was staring at my hard erect cock and his lips were kissing the head of it,as if it were the only cock in the world. Soon his mouth was taking the head of my boner in his mouth as he flicked the head with his tongue rolling it around in his mouth,I spread my legs as to invite Travis in,dont be shy i said go for it.And that he did,His lips slowly going down my pole till his face was buried in my crotch. He choked a bit as he devoured 9 inches of rock hard thick meat.Moaning all the time as he went up and down my shaft sucking and jerking me the whole time. He definetly knew his way around a cock as a few times I had to slow him down as i was close to exploding deep in his mouth, As he continued sucking me off I took his leg as to motion him toward me and told him to straddle my chest exposing me to one of the nicest asses I have ever seen on a man or women for that matter,It was a beefy round completely smooth round bubble but with a totally hairless hole.Travis was on top of me sucking my dick and now had his ass in my face,My hands explored every inch of it and soon my tongue was tasting his perfect pink hole. ooooohhh he moaned as my mouth covered his hole ,Even more moans came as my tongue swirled around his ass in circular motions causing him to rock back and forth on my face, I jerked his cock and he continued devouring my cock still feasting on his ass.As the taste from him became over whelming I couldnt hold back any more and with warning I said Im gonna shoot which only made him suck with more vigor and soon I rewarded Travis with a huge 4 day load of warm sweet cum and without missing a beat he swallowed every drop and as I fed him my tongue was going deeper and deeper into his ass.Then as he finished up draining my load and as I jerked his cock Travis moans increased as he shot all over my stomach . As he released his warm cream all over me our bodies relaxed and he fell onto me licking my cock as to make sure he didnt miss any..We lay there in silence for quite a while exhausted from the intense orgasms we had just experienced. After a while he turned himself around and was face to face with me as we kissed and fell a sleep in each others arms. Around 3 am I awoke as Travis was going down on me again,I was surprised to see I was fully erect and ready for action, I got up off the bed and lowered his head over the edge where i started fucking his mouth. He was as hungry as he was earlier sucking with such intensity as I leaned over his body to raise his legs in the air to reveal that perfect ass again. I wet my finger and then slowly started my entry into Travis,,MMMMM he moaned as I inserted my middle finger deep in his hole and feeling a bit of relief that he was giving me the signals that he was a very horny hungry bottom guy. I continued to work his boy cunt fucking him with two then three fingers and with each entry he moaned and sucked harder. I then pulled my dick from his mouth and motioned his body to get up and then led him to the other side of the bed to where the night stand was and the lube inside,, I asked him to get in doggy position on the bed so as he leaned forward and crouched before me I got down for a final taste of his beautiful ass, once I had finished lubing his hole with my spit I proceeded to open him up with some k,y.I slowly worked him over again teasing him with one finger then another and soon all four fingers were deep in his tight asshole. fuck he was tight I kept thinking,,My cock ached just thinking about being inside his tightness.Travis was moaning and his ass was begging for more so I lubed my cock up and ever so gently inserted the head of my cock into his ass. his ass lips tightened and grabbed hold of my cock as to beg for more.As i went a little deeper into him he bounced forward and off my cock .Oh fuck he cried that fuckin hurt.I told him we didnt have to fuck if it hurt him too much but he insisted we try again but this time I lay on my back as he straddled me and took my cock at his own pace. As he lowered himself on my throbbing meat my every instint was to thrust forward into him but I restrained myself as he sat down and took my cock as he was able. Once his ass was touching my groin and I was deep inside him he started to rock back and forth and soon he was riding high fucking my cock like a champ..As he rode me I stroked his dick but he immediately pushed my hand away saying no I will cum to fast. As we fucked and he kept saying of god you feel amazing ive never had suck a thick cock in me,,It was then I flipped him over onto his back and with his legs into the air in total missionary position I took his ass,I plunged my cock deep inside of him, He begged for me to fuck him.He moaned as I did what he asked I shut him up by putting my mouth over his and kissed him passionately as my cock was being driven into him.He then took his legs and held them up higher giving me permission to go as deep and as hard as I could, As my cock slammed his ass cheeks I took my hand and placed it on his cock and as I continued pounding away at him I stroked him to orgasm,,A loud moan and cry erupted from him as he erupted all over his chest.That was it seeing him cum made me explode my own gusher into him,I fucked him and fucked him till there wasnt a spot of cum left in me.. As I pulled my cock from his ass I went over his chest with my lips and tasted his load..We ended the night in each others arms falling fast a sleep from total satisfaction...Travis turned out to be the one and to this day we have an amazing sex life with each other and on occasion have a threesome foursome group and i have to say my gay boy friend loves to see me fuck a pretty pussy,,,how lucky can one bi guy be..

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