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Bisexual Male, 74
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Dec 13. Special hunger? I get a motel for 1-2 nites for us to “ share”. Hot passionate fun and sex— All considered — my gift to you and me for birthday—- let’s have fun— motel in Langley, bc ——-########Am a versatile man.  To know more— read my stories- especially my “ fantasy” stories—- will tell you much of what I now seek to share*************Wish to meet and share considerate for your pleasure and let's try . something daring??pics available. Love the intimacy of ANR and its pleasures.  With couples am very very versatile. Foreplay is soooo pleasurable and important for the relationship and its pleasures.      With a lady alone- what is a huge interest for me?? ANR-ABF-  totally adore boobies.      Bi ? Curious?       . New request! If there are 2 top bi men- friends- nice guys- both married— would love to meet— maybe share ,by bottoming for you both- not much experience but much hunger- I fantasize about 2 nice gentlemen- tops- “ laying me in bed” then both “ breeding” me til they are drained and happy- so- I’d feel that I was “ wanted” sexually- then feel like a sex slut after they both “ bred” me. New addition in 2023 - wife and I parted— still need discreet etc- BUT— ladies- or horny husbands— now hunger for all- guys— discreet-+ make me your “ breeding slut” - when your wife is bitchy - cum for and “ in” me……Bucket list for 2023- many replies- but no takers. Hope some nice horny top man reaches me— and behind closed doors- I become his private breeding “ slut”. ######### Really would love a “ Friend with benefits situation”****. IF. I met a nice “ older” passionate lady- exclusive! The hunt would be over— loyal and am exclusive when sharing intimacy


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