Written by BiBarbara

Aug. 20, 2018

.....next installment

...I kiss your lips...neck...breasts..nipples...navel..and as you place your hands onto my head and press me to my knees, I I reach and release your skirt..it falls to the floor..

..you press my yearning lips to you and I taste your warm, wet pussy...you gasp slightly

..I can feel your clit starting to swell with excitement as I reach around and grasp your bum...kneading your cheeks with my hands as you press my head to you..

..we fall backwards onto the bed your legs firmly wrapped around me...my tongue darting in and out of you...

.. you shift your weight..you are now on top grinding your hips to my aching lips....I reach for and grasp your soft breasts, squeezing your rock hard nipples between my fingers I hear you moan gently.

..I can feel the muscles in your thighs tighten slightly as the first tingles of pleasure shoot through you,,you arch your back and toss back your head as you pump harder...faster....

..I can hear your breathing coming in short gasps....sweat rolls down the small of your back..

..your body goes rigid as you press your soaking pussy to my eager lips...I drink deeply from you...then..slowly , ever so slowly, you lower yourself down my body, leaving a moist trail as you go..

.. we kiss deeply...passionately as I finger your swollen clit and fondle your soft breasts....you cum and cum with a passion and intensity seldom felt before

..exhausted, we fall into each others arms and await our next tryst...

please tell me how you like or dislike it..thanks