Nov 15, 2016

I did dream about you again last night and it was incredible.

We were meeting finally for the first time. Some days had passed since

we made plans to be together so that we both had plenty of time to

prepare as our desires and anticipations quickly grew. I had placed

many candles and some mirrors all around the bed room. I put soft silk

sheets and plenty of extra pillows on our bed. There on the side table

a bottle of chilled Champagne and two crystal glasses awaited our

arrival. Our place for passion was set.

It was late in the afternoon, just before dusk when your train

arrived. I paced up and down the arrival platform worried and anxious

watching for you in the crowds that disembarked from the train. I

searched for your face but to no avail. The crowd was thinning and my

heart began to crash disappointed that you must have changed your mind

but still hopeful. It was an awful feeling but then I saw you standing

in the door of the car looking all around the platform for me too. My

heart jumped for joy. You turned your gaze and met mine. Our eyes

locked together. Your worried face broke into a delighted smile and

you quickly moved toward me as I too hastily moved to you. We met in

an embrace as I pressed my face hard against your neck, into your soft

flowing hair and inhaled your fragrance and felt you breath on my

neck. We hugged, squeezed and laughed together as if we were

experiencing joy for the first time on our lives. A few moments passed

as our initial excitement eased. We then leaned back just enough to

look into each other’s eyes, feel each other’s breath and then came

closer. Our lips gently touched, moving slightly from side to side

exploring the sensuousness of one another. The hesitant almost kiss

became a full on passionate kiss. Our hand, each of us came up behind

our heads and helped hold us even closer. I felt you tongue slip

gently to ever so gently touch mine sending an eclectic awakening

throughout my entire body. I knew the same was happening to you too.

Our kiss became hot and passionate and lasted for what seemed like

seconds but was in reality a long time. The crowd had left the

platform and we stood in our heated embrace delighted, thrilled and

complete. You whispered in my ear, "come love, let's go".

We walked to my car hand in hand. I was shaking with excitement just a

bit as I held the door open for you and you settled in the car. You

looked so perfect, so beautiful. Our eyes and smiles expressed our

desires and happiness.

We arrived at my home and quickly walked around the place giddily

chatting anxious to find the bedroom. I opened the door to the dimly

lit candle flickering warm room and you stood in amazement for just a

second, then turned to me your eyes soft, your mouth slightly open.

Our lips met again, our kiss quickly became hot and passionate. I felt

your hands running up and down my back as mine help you close and

moved down to hold you firm bum pressing you close to me. I was

already becoming hard and you could feel that too. Your hand moved to

my zipper, opened it and I felt you cool grip holding and encouraging

my erection. We continued kissing and I slowly began to open you

blouse. My cool fingers tickled your belly and moved up your back to

unleash your bra. Your breasts fell out, nipples already pert and

firm. I leaned down to kiss and suck your breasts as you opened my

trousers letting them fall to the floor. My hand had moved to your

pussy, hot and wet as I removed your dress. You then lowered to your

knees and kissed, licked and teased my erection as I cupped your

breasts and teased your nipples with both hands. My knees grew weak

and I had to move to the bed lying on my back. You, now completely

naked climbed on top of me and we kissed each other’s bodies

everywhere. You then perched yourself slightly above my hard cock as I

looked up at your beautiful full breasts and into your soft eyes. I

felt the heat as your full wet pussy slid over the top of my penis and

gently pushed down to fully surround me as you moved up and down just

enough. I looked around the room and saw your beautiful body in the

surrounding mirrors and felt your hot gripping pussy moving and

slipping along my firm hard on. I licked my fingers and raised them to

your breasts to gently fondle them and tease your pert hard nipples. I

felt your pussy suddenly become even hotter, swollen and wetter. I

knew that at any moment I was about to explode into you. At that

moment I felt that gush of cum squirt form you soaking my balls and

running along my bum. I could hold on no longer and exploded squirting

hard and deep and long into you. We both continued to pulse, to move

together less and less as we emptied ourselves into one another. Both

of us now completely drained folded into each other’s arms our naked

bodies joyful to finally be together.