Jan. 31, 2017

Imagine, there you are naked and stretched out comfortably on cool

silk sheets feeling kind of sexy. The room is quietly lit, mostly dark

and mysterious in a storybook way. You shift position spreading your

legs just a bit wider in anticipation and you notice how your nipples

slipped chillingly across the silk sheet causing them to become very

sensitive also with anticipation. You know you are about to receive a

full, everything sensual massage. You know that all you have to do is

lie there and accept all the pleasures because this experience is all

for you. But why is it taking so long to happen? Where is he? You

notice that your bum and shoulders are becoming chilly. You feel even

more naked ...

You hear the curtain open and tense up as cool oil is dripped onto

your feet, warm hands with knowing fingers spreading the oil gently

down the sensitive souls deeply into each toe. Each toe massaged and

spread, warmed, awake. The hot hands slide up to both your ankles

relaying and teasing to slowly move up your leg awakening even more

your body. You are aware of a slight heat in your pussy but quickly

fall back into the hot hands now caressing and massaging your inner

thighs and bum. The oils is so slippery and warming. My hot knowing

fingers slip to both sides of your pussy but touching nothing more as

my thumbs slide gently but deeply up your bum cheeks. I feel your

pelvis press upwards into my hands and I feel you and know you and I

become aroused. Of course I am naked too. I feel heat flowing into my

penis as it slips ever so slightly between you bum cheeks as I

re-position to massage the stress out of your shoulders. I cant help

it though as my hard on wants you and finds your warm wet slippery

pussy. I cant help but to press and feel you wet heat but go no

further, not yet but instead to tease just a bit.

I am now sliding my hands across your ribs in a ticklish sort of way

to find your armpits and quickly slip my fingers across the sides of

your breasts and back to your armpits. I can feel you bum rise again.

My balls feel so good tucked into your warm thighs and my cock loves

to be between you bum cheeks slipping this way and that just a bit.

Both of us have begun to feel each other’s rhythms and we both know it

and like it. Our bodies both fully awake with expectation,

anticipation and deep wanting as my searching fingers and hands move upwards to your outreached

arms massaging every inch to find your hands and fingers. Each finger

is relaxed and ready and accepting as I deeply press and move and

massage. I hear you moan and feel your pelvis press upwards again and

my hard on and balls slip deeper into your now fully out stretched

legs. I run a single smart finger teasing your erect clitoris up and just a bit of gentle push into you, wet, full and soft.

It is time to turn over for your full frontal body massage. Almost

weakly, raggishly you let me help to turn you over onto your back. I see your breasts come into the light. I am possessed by your beauty.

Right away you spread your legs wider. I kiss and quickly lick both of

your nipples now standing proudly and rubbery pert. I gently run my

fingers over your belly and again your pelvis rises wantingly. Your tiled head, short breaths, beautiful body, pert nipples, smooth belly and pressing pussy touching me, inviting me in… My ciock is both hard but really sensitive, the top soft to the touch. You reach up and with your thumb to slowly rub the top of my cock and cradle my balls.

An erotic frontal massage begins.

Would you like to hear how it goes?