Written by Leah B

Jul. 11, 2017

She walked in the room everybody stopped and stared and she stood in the doorway her dress was tight her hair was straight her make up was perfect. She walked up to the bar and she sat down wondering if he was going to show up or not. She sat there alone drinking her drink waiting patiently, just then she heard her name, "Amanda is that you?" she looks up and there is this tall dark handsome man. Her heart skipped a beat seeing him as what she had pictured he would look like. He sat down beside her and ordered a drink, they chatted for a bit then he leaned over and whispered in her ear "would you like to come to my room?" She was so nervous but yet so excited, she had been waiting for this day for awhile. She nodded her head in agreement. He could tell she was nervous so he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the neck, with his hand cupped around her back pulling her in close he says softly "don't be scared, I'll be gentle"

They then proceed out the door and across the street, and into the elevator. He stands in front of her pressing his body into hers and gives her a nice passionate kiss to calm her nerves. He could feels her body tremble and her lips quiver, but she never pulled away. The kiss was so deep and sexual, he was such a good kisser. The elevator jerked and the door dinged, "shall we?" He asked, and to the room they proceeded. Hand in hand down the long hallway they walked, till he turned and stopped at the room #309. He opens it up and the go inside. He tells her to take her time, get comfortable. She goes and sits on the bed looking around and waiting for his next move. He comes over and sits beside her, placing his hand on her thigh and brushing her hair back over her shoulder. He stares deep into her eyes and he can see she is ready. He leans in and kisses her again, it's feel so good, she is such a great kisser. He slowly slides his hand up her thigh and under her dress, well what's this. He discovers she has no panties on, he can feel how wet and warm it is. His cock starts to grow inside his pants, as he slides his fingers up inside of her and he gives out a small moan. He moves from her lips down her neck and onto her chest. Reaching behind and unzipping her dress he slides it off her shoulders pushing down exposing her breasts. Her oh so perfectly perky breasts!!! With her dress at her waist he proceeds to kiss his way down. Stopping at the nipples, teasing it, nibbling on it ever so slightly. He squeezes her breast and sucks the nipple deep into his mouth, gliding his tongue around her nipple he looks up at her and her eyes are shut and she moans some more. His hand is getting so wet, with each mini orgasm she has. He lays her down, grabs her dress and pulls it the rest of the way off kissing down her stomach and onto her right thigh. He can smell the sweet nectar oozing from between her legs. He kneels down in front of her as she lays on the bed, sliding his hands up and down her thighs and reaching in behind to squeeze her ass. He kisses his way from one thigh to the other teasing her by blowing on her pussy each time he passes by. He can feel her knees lift so slightly, he knows she wants more. He runs his fingers up the inside of her thigh and spreads them apart making room for him so move in. He can't hold back anymore so he goes for it, burying his tongue deep down inside her. Her back arches and she moans, "please, yes don't stop" he runs his tongue up and down inside her lips sucking and teasing every inch of her pussy. He feels her thighs tighten, her back arch and all of a sudden the warmth oozes out at him. Mmmmm she tastes so good, he licks it all up not wasting a drop!!! He then stands up in front of her as she sits up on the bed, she looks up at him and he says "my turn" she proceeds to undo his pants and slide them down to his ankles revealing his engorged cock tucked inside his boxers. She slides then down kissing his hips and then his shaft. Stroking him, licking him, she places her mouth over the head and takes him deep. Sucking his juices right out of his cock she places both hands on this ass cheeks squeezing tightly as he thrusts his hips with every suck. It feels so good but he doesn't wanna go till he gets to inside her. He takes and flips her over bending her in front of him he slides her legs apart and pushes his hard cock deep inside her. She lets out a sexy moan as he slowly starts thrusting here, her juices dripping out and down her legs with each movement. His hands on her hips he starts pounding faster and faster, a little harder and deeper with each thrust. He can feel her pussy tighten around his cock, as she screams "don't stop, don't fucking stop" so he doesn't. Her ass cheeks are giggling and he is giving her everything he's got till she stiffens up and releases her final moan and gushes all over his cock. Oh the wetness, the warmth the sensation is so arousing. He flips her over climbing on top, lifting her knees up to her shoulder he slides in. It's his turn, he can't hold back anymore. He pounds and pounds and ponds, watching her breasts bounce and staring deep in her eyes she says "harder" he uses his last bit of energy to give her everything he's got left and then all of a sudden she feels his cum inside her. His thrust slow down, his eyes squeezed shut, he finished off. Sweat is beading down his forehead and chest, he opens his eyes and looks down at her. Staring at her beautiful naked body he finally stops moving, pulls out as he feels the gush come with him. The look in her eyes shows he didn't disappoint her one bit.