Feb. 6, 2017

It is now time to turn over for your full frontal body massage. Almost weakly, raggishly you let me help to turn you over onto your back. I see your breasts come into the light. I am possessed by your beauty.

Right away you spread your legs wider. I kiss and briefly lick and suck both of your nipples now standing proudly rubbery and pert. I love your tits and I gently run my fingers over your belly and again your pelvis rises wantingly. I then dribble more oil between your breasts and down to your crotch. You tilt head, short breaths, beautiful body, pert nipples, smooth belly and pressing pussy touching me, inviting me in… My cock is so hard and sensitive, the top soft to the touch. You reach up and with your thumb to slowly rub the top of my cock and cradle my balls as I tickle your pussy with my probing tongue, your legs embrace my head, capture me, pulling me closer as my hands spread the oil between your breasts, your belly and your anxious pussy. My fingers slip gently into you and find that special spot at the top of your vagina. I stroke it four times and your embracing legs open to release me. I know we both want and need desperately to fuck but I also know that we can build much greater sensual tension. I pull back and move up to your head and cradle it in my lap. The back of your head press hard against my erection. I can’t help but to press back just a bit. The top of my cock is wet with pre-cum. I must be careful and control cumming. Leaning over your naked smooth oiled body, I tuck a pillow under your bum elevating your pussy. You move your pressing pelvis hopefully into the air. A gentle breeze moves through the room stimulating our nakedness and making our skin super alert. Both of your legs fall open as far as they can exposing you completely. Sitting up straight, still pressing my erection against your head I pull both of your arms now fully extended. I love to see you tits and so want to suck them but instead I pull your hands stretching your tense fingers and massaging your hands. They begin to relax as you fall back into acceptance of an erotic experience. A bit more oil is dripped along your inner arms as my strong warm hands massage you fore arms, upper arms as your muscles relax. My hands move past your armpits ticklishly awakening your nakedness. I slide my hands upwards from the base of your breasts to the top of your nipples tugging ever so slightly. My fingers tease and gently pull your nipples and they become stiff standing to attention. Your breasts are so soft and perfect and I continue to massage them both for a long time. I see you like this with each cycle your pelvis press the empty air and I love your quiet moans and rapid breath each time I pull on your nipples. My slippery hands slide down your ribs warming you. From breasts to ribs and further to your lower back I urge your body into rapture. My searching fingers slip up across you belly and move as far as my extended arms allow to find your inner thighs and massage the outer sides of your pussy swollen wet lips. I need to reach further so I prop myself up on my knees, leaning over and run both of my hands grippingly back and forth over your pussy, around your bum touching and slightly rimming your anus. Suddenly I feel your lips kissing the top of my hard on. I want more. Your mouth slides half way up my cock as you tongue wraps around the top running back and froth around the sensitive rim. My hands move behind your buttocks to pull your wanting pussy to my mouth. I inhale the fragrance of your pussy. It deeply turns me on as I push my face deep into your crotch. My tongue slips in a circular motion all around your clitoris. I suck it and lick it grows stiff but soft in my mouth. Leaving one hand to fondle you bum and anus I move the other to explore your pussy. Slipping two fingers deeply into you I find that hard end of your vagina and feel your lips tighten around my cock and you pull my cock deeper into your mouth. You are now stroking my cock with one hand and massaging my balls with the other as you continue running your tongue and lips up and down my hardness. I continue to gently rub the upper most part of your vagina and suck and lick your clitoris. I move my inserted fingers to the top frontal area of your pussy rubbing gently from top to bottom. I feel your pelvis pressing harder into my face and feel your mouth moving faster up and down my cock. Both of our breath is now hastening. Your pussy lips have become so swollen and so soft. Your clitoris is so stiff and I lick and stroke quickly. I can feel it from deep inside you, I hear a low deep moan, I fell your pelvis moving more slowly now. Your sucking on my cock has almost become motionless. Your entire body has become tense as you press in short hasty movements tightly to my face. I do not slow down and continue to suck, lick and finger you then … suddenly I hear you cry out and taste a warm flood of cum erupt form deep inside of you. Your breath is deep and panting as I massage your spent pussy easing it into relaxed pleasure. I move my hands all over your pussy, all around your bum and pull my hard on away from your mouth. I want this to be all about you and give you a total complete orgasm so I move down and kneel between your fully spread legs. Your entire body has collapsed into full relaxed pleasure. But, I want you to feel much more. With my two fingers I slip them into your full wet pussy, find your upper g-zone and begin rapid constant stroking. I place my other hand on your pubic bone to hold you in place as my g-zone stroking becomes more intense and faster. Your entire body becomes a single motion, your breath is mixed with moans, you are pushing hard against my strong hands. Faster and faster the suddenly you release a gush of liquid which squirts right onto my crotch. I love the feel of your hot squirting cum dribbling all over my cock and balls. Your voice almost sounds like crying but it comes from a deep deep place of total full body orgasm. I try to ease you gently massaging your crotch and buttocks. I feel the contractions of your pussy pulsing. Now is the time and I cannot wait a moment longer. I bring my anxious hard on and touch my cock top to your wet swollen pussy lips. Both of your hands grip my buttocks and pull me deep into you. Your pussy contractions urge mu cock to release. It feels so good to feel your heat all around my wanting cock. I slip it back and forth, in and out as far as you will let me as your hands push me harder into you. There is a tingling in my bum and balls. My cock feels strong and complete being in you. Your pussy contractions are stronger. Here it comes and I explode squirting hot cum deep into you. I feel you suddenly hot as you too cum once again your gripping pussy fitting perfectly around my throbbing cock. We both continue mixing our cum together as our pushing pelvises slowly ease into perfect spent relaxed ecstasy. We hold each other close, our slippery bodies become as one. Our hot wet genitals feel perfect warmed together. Warm and deeply content we hold each other close and drift into dream like slumber.