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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Unexpected Wedding Surprise Pt 1 - The Spark

Started as a game turned into a bi mmf for a lucky bride

It all started as a random dating app match where a bachelorette party wanted random guys to send erotic pictures to spice up their night. Seeing no harm a picture was sent of quite an engorged and throbbing cock which sparked up a conversation. After...

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Tastes so sweet

First mmf experience

I remember our first meet at the cocktail bar, friendly banter, light conversation, stiff drinks. I remember the proposal and the unanswered confirmation you were willing and already wet with excitement. You held both our hands as we made our wa...

topper62 1 month ago

fact? fiction?fantasy?2

never give up hope

it had been over two months since my encounter with my now special friend..we had set up a meeting before going our seperate ways after our fishing trip..but for some reason he never showed up..Hey..shit happens that we cant we are both m...

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summerof069 1 month ago

It’s never too late….

…to make up for lost experiences.

D grew up in a very conservative family, the oldest of two girls. Dating in high school was unthinkable, and it was only in the freedom of a university campus, in a grad school away from home did she finally take those first steps, a decade delayed. D f...

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Hornycouple88 1 month ago

Round 2…. And 3?: Part 1

True story of the second time, my wife agrees to fuck her old coworker and gets a little more.

Shorty after the last story on here where my then gf was fucked all night by her ex in the hotel, my wife got a text from an old coworker of hers complaining about not getting any sex from his girlfriend. Now I know, that when a guy complains to anothe...

Andrea 1 month ago

I had a few comments on my last story,true story ,our second threesome with Mr R. From our last story ,my hot hornyyyyyyyy wife had an orgasm and Mr R filled her with lots and lots of cummmmmm The two of them were sitting on the bench now having a drink a...

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hotcouplelondon 2 months ago

Hot times at the cemetery

Photo shoot turns into hot sex session

The other day I messaged a couple I got together with 3 times in the last couple months to see what they were up to. J responded and said her boyfriend was out of town but she is ok with getting together without him. We talked about doing a photo shoot...

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summerof069 2 months ago

Morning Glory

A walk in the woods leads to a new life

My wife and I got up early for a sunrise hike on a trail near where we lived. It was July so we’d beat the summer heat by starting early. She surprised me by wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse which was unusual as there might be bugs out that e...

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Hornycouple88 2 months ago

A New Lifestyle

True story of how my wife got anal from her ex during first time trying cuckold lifestyle.

Not sure what happened to my brain through the breakup with my first ex, but knowing that shortly after our breakup that she was already with another guy seriously pissed me off. Furthermore, hearing them fuck through his dorm room door of the universi...

happy2bbare 2 months ago

Summer Fun with a Sexy Friend

chapter 4 of the 'Summer Fun' story…

It was almost a week before we were both online at the same time and after our hello's and a few virtual kisses we started talking about the night we'd spent at the hotel and I asked you what part you enjoyed the most. There was a bit of a delay before...

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trav3ler 3 months ago

Public exhibition

exposing her bare chest to the world below

English is not my first language. Apologies if there is spelling or grammatical mistakes. I have been chatting with this recently divorced school teacher from Windsor Ontario for the last few months, finally we arranged a meet in windsor in a bar afte...

summerof069 3 months ago

A Bull is born….a cuck too.

Sharing is caring…😉

L was a cute blonde, petite and thin and had been my girlfriend for about 2 years when life/careers took us apart after graduating university. We stayed in touch, great friends and was truly happy to hear when she had announced her engagement. A few mon...

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hotcouplelondon 3 months ago

Amazing MFM fun

like a scene from porn but real

Last week I met up with a couple for the second time. I met them online and we met at a hotel. The second time was much better than the first. Here is what happened : I texted to say I was at the hotel. Jessica was in her car having a smoke and asked me t...

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