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Dogging in Newfoundland And Labrador

Main dogging sites and directions for Newfoundland And Labrador.

New harbour road


It’s a great place to hide in your car or bush for people to watch you or to get caught doing things that you want people to see you doing!

Manuel’s river


Manuel’s river at night has a couple good spots along the trails. And you can see or hear ppl coming a long way off. Fun spot for some casual sucking and fucking :p



Deep Cove Marina, there's a great spot past the breakwater, a little hollow to park in near the beach.. lots of encounters over the years..

Near glenwood


Old park 5 km before or after bridge in glenwood depends on your direction your driving after 10pm

Top of Fowler’s rd


Few decent spots to park at night on top of Fowler’s road now, secluded, no reason for anyone else to be around or pull up unless they were coming to meet up.


On our last trip to NL, signal hill parking lot, in the light house across the harbor from signal hill...the door was open, cape spear,

St. John's

Bowering park parking lot.

Corner Brook

Parking lot of the old north shore drive in theatre, just past Hughes Brook.

grand falls

courdiroy park near cormer and duggan st. every night until the first three ladies

st johns

Just past the Irving station on your way out of town on your right there is a large area you can drive to away from the road.