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We are an easy going couple looking for people to have a few drinks, have a few laughs and have some fun if the mood is right. Interested in meeting a couple with common interests, a couple that we can have as much fun out of the bedroom as we do in. We are very open to new experiences and how far we take it will depend on how well we connect. Same room is preferred. Give us a shout and let's talk.

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Barrie, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada

New and curious to this life style. Pillow talk lead us to go out and find a woman who is experienced and can show the Mrs. What's it's like, she's been curious for awhile now and we're ready. We love the outdoors, we can't travel much atm but summer is around the corner. We're actually further north than Prince Albert. Add us on kick age985 as we can't message :(

Prince Albert, Buckland No. 491, Division No. 15, Saskatchewan, Canada
Bridgewater, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada

New couple to the lifestyle looking for fun and new experiences with other couples 

Edmonton, Division No. 11, Alberta, Canada

A young casual couple looking to explore and have some fun with others.

Vancouver, Greater Vancouver A, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We are a happy couple in an open relationship. We would like to meet couples for friendship and play. We like to play together or we can play alone. We are a full swap couple. We are open minded and are willing to try almost anything once. We prefer to meet first to make sure the chemistry works for everyone. We are non smokers, so we prefer non smokers or courteous smokers, please. 

We are also looking for play partners for each of us on our own. 

The lady likes a guy with no facial hair and her age limit for man a guy is 55yrs old. 


Cambridge, ON, Canada

We are very new to the lifestyle. 

We have had one swap experience with a couple so far, we both enjoyed it and are hoping for more.

Looking for couples to get to know socially at first hopefully leading to mutual fun. 

Sorry to those of you looking for a quick hook up but we insist on a no play social drink initially to see how we all get along. 

We are not ken and barbie, we are a curvy couple but we like to have fun. We believe sexy is an attitude not an appearance.  :-)

Not currently looking for single males.

Profile has R as smoker but he is now a vaporizer user instead. 

Leduc County, Division No. 11, Alberta, Canada

we are looking for like minded ppl to hang out with and have some fun with 

Chilliwack, Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada

HI!  We are just getting into the lifestyle and are looking for another like minded couple around our age to have some fun with. We have had a great time at some of the LS clubs in the area, but have just ventured into the online world to be able to vet and get to know potential playmates before jumping into bed together! Safety and cleanliness are priorities for us. We will expect some confirmation of sti free status. 

We are an open minded, well educated and easy going couple. We are both artists and love pushing boundaries - clean, fit, healthy and trustworthy, looking for a the same in another couple 

We can provide face pictures or video chat if reciprocated and trust is warranted. 

The 'He' of our couple is tall and incredibly handsome with a smile that makes you weak in the knees. He is hardworking in normal life and in the bedroom, and is always exciting and sensitive and leaves you wanting nothing.

She is naughty and playful; a uniquely beautiful blonde with a super hot fit body. She will keep you on your toes in the  best ways possible!

We are new to the this online thing - please message if you think we would get along! No single men or ladies right now please

Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada


I have over these past few months discovered that I am a rarer type of female swinger. I am a sapio-sexual, "Dom/Voyeur," if you will, and this is upfront info so as to not waste anyone's time. You and your partner will be screened accordingly. First for your awareness of what this means and acknowledgement of it. Second not only for your physical components but moreso for how you present yourselves intellectually in the world and to others.

Now onto to the gentler and softer approach .. .

We are an eclectic and quite discerning sex positivist, and non-judgmental couple. We also are deliberately cultivating a young at heart/mind and body approach to life and want to first build a friendship with a like-minded couple. We use the following guidelines to narrow who we choose to communicate with in order to first build that friendship:

1. One is distance - if you are not local or not within a drive of a few hours, then chances are we will not try and pursue a relationship/friendship with you and your partner. 

                               a) However, we may still 'meet' you and your partner but at a club or event setting in another city or locale on a one time basis. Regardless, we are equally as discerning and selective in either choice and plan on advance screening, including, the 'play date,' arrangement. There is one exception to this guideline, as seen in number 2 below:

                                        I) former = the play date encounter does require screening and 2) latter = the random/chance encounter does not so much require screening when the anonymity of a random/chance encounter enters the picture/arena and the atmosphere vibe is heightened, dramatic, staged and/or ritualistic as in pagan annual celebrations (Yes, I did actually just say that !!!) 

2. Second our type of gender/sexual relationships that we are, "Seeking," definitely needs to match up as closely as possible. I am not interested in any 'full," female on female contact. He is not interested in 'full' male on male contact.

3. Third we prefer to spend some time getting to know others first. We are not into collecting friends. We are not interested in being converted to the "swinging, lifestyle," rather It is an option for us.

4. Fourth we are not into anything out-of-the-gate and/or what is called, "sport f_cking." We much prefer quality over quantity. 

We envision our SWINGER Levels as follows:


1.     Our first 'full blown,' engagement would result in a single, "soft swap," for him - while I (her) watch (The term "soft swinging" refers to trading partners just for the purposes of heavy petting and then switching back to one's primary partner for any actual sex.) 

2.      Level Two - is another scenario in which we would want to have sex with another couple in the room, but we stay paired with our own partners. 

3.      Level Three - is watching my man make love to another woman. 

*Hint*  If we send a wink your way we are saying we like what we have seen so far and would like to explore the possibilities ? If you have a positive response to our wink, please drop us a line and let us know. We would welcome an opportunity to meet for a coffee or drinks, no pressure or stress, we see it as a great place to start new relation/friendships... Thanks in advance  

Post Script: (for the more curious)

In his words…

I have some unfulfilled sexual fantasies that include M/F/M and F/M/F scenarios. We both have an interest in still photography and occasionally involve our cameras in our personal play. Individuals or couples that have an interest in sharing this kink with us would be welcome. We have recently begun to explore the erotic photography genre and expect to be updating our profile often with our own photos as we improve and perfect our style.

I think it’s fair to say I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, perhaps even a performer. I get a sexual boost when I know my partner/interest is enjoying my attention, I get a bigger boost when I know others are noticing that too... My comfort level currently doesn't go beyond same room play, I'll admit that it excites me to see my partner/interest pleased and pleasured, and I'm not wanting to give that excitement up. 

My partner is always adventurous, adaptable and orgasmic. I would describe her as sexually cerebral, looking to push and pull the boundaries between body and mind in pursuit of heightened sexual experience and mutual satisfaction. In a word… Responsive, a thoroughbred even!

In her words…

Where my man is more receptive to a fuller range of experiences my interests are rather specific, they are mostly solo or limited to one-on-one interests with My Man, and they primarily include: 

Power shifting/alternating/sharing switching dom and sub roles
Role play/Performance/Drama
Photography of myself, my partner and others
Filming others

I fully appreciate the human body as a work of art and do not find imperfections unattractive. I primarily like to watch, possibly film or shoot stills, and even offer, “directorial suggestions,” with upfront permission of course.  Unless a special person or situation reveals itself, I will not be doing any direct, out of the gate swapping. This is because I have strong sapio-sexual leanings ------ I need to find a connection with another person’s mind first.

FOR THOSE WHO NEED THE SHORT TRANSLATED VERSION OF WHAT I MEAN IT IS THIS (as it is also stated at the very beginning of this profile and repeated here: 


My man is a gentleman Dom, extraordinaire, who enjoys power sharing. He is a very gentle, full sensory, disciplined and respectful sex partner with loads of horsepower, thrust capacity. He uses his firm yet soft hands, "just so." His trained tongue has many flavours and tempos of tango dance. I am very impressed with his mastery of his body, stamina, sensuality, willingness to try new things and improvisational creativity. 

We have known each other for six months and are happy to have found each other late in life. We have been on SH for a few of months now and now know the basic rules of engagement and are ready to notch up our involvement, to a level 6/10. You can ask us what that means if you like, if you have any further questions not addressed or described in our Descriptive Levels or are curious about my kinks (knowing, sexy smile on my face - from her)

Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada

Helloooooo... sexy funseekers!      We are friends/lovers looking to engage with like-minded sexy COUPLES in the 40-60ish age range. 

It is important to us that everyone plays and can play - ie not into watchers or directors! I mean we are looking for COUPLES! lol 

 Please be NON-Smokers.  We are  NOT interested in SINGLES!!    Please note we are also not into the under-35 crowd.

Our Intro:  We are fairly new and are only looking for UP to SOFT (4some), same room play at present.  We only play together and are both straight. We are somewhat bi-curious or call it just plain curious! lol  Not sure how far the bi stuff will ever progress, so girl on girl play is not a given. 

We are happy to ease in and get comfy with others as we feel building a connection may take time. Looking for articulate, sexy mature couples that want to explore like us and are honest about who they are. We think sexiness starts in the mind...and please, let's keep it sensual and fun!  With great chemistry, who is to say where it could go? We want to go with the flow and probably prefer other newbies like us. 

When we can play: We are limited to weekday, mostly daytime meets in the TORONTO area. Basically you need to be in or close (or travelling) to the Toronto area for it to work!  

About us:   We are both tall (5'10" +) - he's fit / average and she's quite curvy!  TO THE MALE half of the couple -- the gal likes taller men, since she is 5'10", so please be around that height or taller.  Discretion is given and expected in return! We are DDF; care about our personal grooming; and practice safe sex; want to keep it that way and therefore we expect the same from you!  

Let's strike up a conversation! We both use this account and need to speak with both of you - here or on email.  We aren't into random/club hookups (too risky!) and need to get comfy with you.  First meets would be likely be over coffee or a drink to see if we hit it off!

Pic sharing comes only after chatting and need to be of BOTH of you (ie show me your MISTER not just the Mrs) -- after all -- we do!! Just sayin'. FYI – we don’t cam.   ...and please don't just friend us -- geez --- let's get to know each other first lol

Looking forward to hearing from you if the above sounds good!! 

NOTICE TO:  To all institutions using this or any site or its associated sites for projects - You do NOT our have permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal action.

Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada

fun loving and easy going like to meet new people love to do new things 

(Single Men Read The Bottom)

Hello we're a married couple that's into full swing because penetration is something we both truly enjoy. 

We love fun and ADORE sex. We're not fat or skinny and neither of us have ever been fashion models. I guess you can say we're normal people that enjoy orgies and seeing each other have sex.  

Both of us have a slight kink for pubic hair but if you shave your private parts we won't turn you away.


We enjoy making friends, swinger parties and have no problem swinging on the first meeting.  
However we're not interested in going to bars or spending time with adults that act like adolescents.

NB:  Couples -  We voice verify using the telephone.  This must be a woman-to-woman conversation
so if you're serious please give us your phone number in the first message.     

We only meet people face-to-face!  No exchanges of photos over the Internet..  
Meeting for coffee at Tim Hortons is not that hard to do.  (Hell we'll pay for the coffee.)

The following list is uniquely for you

1) You must be able to host in your home - No hotels!
2) You must be at least 20 years old and not older than 25
3) You must be single - No cheaters!
4) No drugs, no alcohol, no diseases, no ego

H2K, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Hello! We are madly in love, fun, loving couple. Hope to find open, secure people to join in our adventures. 

Comox-Strathcona B, Strathcona, British Columbia, Canada

Hello, We are a mid 30's couple (she's bi-curious, he's straight) looking to meet fun, open minded fun women and couples.  We are fairly new to this lifestyle....we've been missing a whole new world of fun.  ? 

We are 2 down to earth people who love to explore our kinkier naughty side. Want to show us your kinkier side?

At this time we have no interest on single males.  No offense - no hate mails. Thanks!

Peterborough, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada

Now the fine print... Starting back again with same room same partner possible soft swap, and then we will see how things go before we approach full swap.

She is bi-curious and wants to explore that aspect of the LS more. He wants to watch that too :)

Don't be afraid to send us a message. Have a great sexy day!!!

Cambridge, Waterloo Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

We are a comitted loving couple who enjoy spending time with other likeminded couples and possibly singles.  We are a bi couple, but always make sure boundaries are understood and respected during play.  We are into same room play, where everyone plays and has fun.  We love playing together, and hope you do too. In addition to couples we are open to single straight or bi females and single bi males.  Also occasionally open to select straight guys for threesomes, but preference for bi guys.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

new to the swingers scene and would like to spice up our sex life. Would love to try threesomes with a male  or two or a female and do a couples thing.

Wainwright, Division No. 7, Alberta, Canada

Not totally green but not very experienced either ...wait and see....hopefully.....something may pop up.

We always play together as a couple, therefore no single guys are of interest...

Happy swinging.....:bounce:

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and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or
pictures/videos, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a
serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other.

Calgary, Division No. 6, Alberta, Canada
Leduc, Division No. 11, Alberta, Canada

A bit about us. We are a hornney and happy couple. I am 38 curvy, 38D, shaved and Bi. He is 41 talented tongue, cut and trimmed.  We have soft swapped before.  And we love girl on girl play. 


Not quite sure what we are looking for just yet, for now want to have guy/couple/girl play with us via cyber will exchange pics and start there.wife wants to have a female/couple watch her stroke hubby's cock only have 3 message so will have to use male have thst om message and we eill reply


Clean, professional, discreet, married couple looking to have some fun. Same room only. No drama, just good times with fun people. Looking for like minded, clean people around our age and in our area. We like to have a night out with the hopes of play later. We love to make friends with benefits. We also enjoy swinger clubs when we travel. Don't be shy!

Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District, Ontario, Canada

Fun attractive easy going northern couple looking to meet like minded couples for adult fun and adventure. We enjoy the outdoors, nudism, skinny dipping, hot tubs, sexy dress and uninhibited good times. Hoping to find that 4-way spark that leads to friendship, fun and excitement for all. Can and do travel and enjoy meeting/making new friends when we do. 

For those wishing to chat, especially single males, unless you are close enough to the Sault to actually meet, or plan to travel here, please do not initiate chat.  We'll message you if we find your profile attractive.

Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District, Ontario, Canada
Moncton, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada