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We're an easy going couple...we're not really looking for anything here, at first it was to meeting couples from the region for friendship, but it's never easy through a webiste.  In any case, we're not very active and are taking a break from meeting new people for now.  

We have our fun times while on vacation at adults only resorts (Desire/Hedo/Temptation) and parties.

You want to write us? Send us a real message, Automated messages will be deleted instantly...

Gatineau, Communauté-Urbaine-de-l'Outaouais, Québec, Canada

September 2017

Hello fellow hedonists and welcome to the Outaouais.  We are a happily married couple looking to broaden our sexual experiences with each other and enjoy orgasmic sex with similarly attached and committed couples and single women. We are a busy couple with a family that very much enjoy and value our time together and like to keep it light and get up to some slightly perverted fun.  She is a tall and curvy, sensual 40 year old super-hot mama.  He is a 44 year old slim-ish dude, rockin' the Dad Bod (popular for about a week back in 2015).  She... is super-hot, has long brown hair and brown eyes, soft skin, is bi-sexual and has a sexy smile; he... is lucky to have her (also V safe, brown hair, blue eyes).  

We are both educated, discrete/private professionals with very liberal social views.  We value kindness, openness and respect for the other.  We would like to meet a like-minded couple, woman or single male interested in getting to know each other a little bit, and then, if we are ALL feeling it, getting down to what we are really all here for. We are into full swap. She is into girl-on-girl action; he loves to watch.  Maple is bisexual, but she can play it strait; she really loves cock.  We go into these things with little expectation but hope for the best.  We don't feel that anybody owes us anything but we do appreciate communication and openness.  We prefer to meet first over a casual drink to see if there is a connection but we're open to suggestions for long distance hookups.  We are willing to share face pics if you are.  Show us that you are sincere, attractive (*), interesting and real (dislike using the term 'real'... we have yet to meet any fake people; every person we have fucked has been real.  True story) we will reciprocate with everything we've got.  We like to party, enjoy killing a nice bottle of red or denting a 24. Oh, yeah!...we are also totally 4:20 friendly   Photos are fun!

(*)  We are not models and don't pretend to be but we do get action frequently and we have it on good authority that we are a rather fuckable pair of perverts.  We care about our appearance and are conscientious about how we present ourselves, especially towards people we hope to fuck.  If you hook up with us you will get the best of us.  First impressions count for a lot; preferences do as well.  If your Mister is height and weight proportionate you have a really good chance attracting Maple's attention. As for Leaf, he loves women of all types and sizes and thinks that women in general are just fantastic.  And now for a little game .  We have noticed that many folks just don't read profiles all the way through.  So, as a fun little experiment, we have decided to add a little game to our profile.  If you have read this far we invite you to read a little further.  When you find the "secret word", send us a note of introduction and a little about yourself with the "secret word" in the title bar and we will send you a pic of us that is not readily available on this web site.

Single men: We are not currently looking for single men.  Please don't be offended if we dont reply.  

We will not respond to winks. (sorry, but they are just too easy)

Thank you for reading this far.  If you have you are either really horny for us or are looking for the "secret word"  or both and would be pleased to receive a naughty picture from us in your inbox.  Coming this far, we suppose that you will probably read the last bit anyway so we'll give you the "secret word" now.  Here it is, the "Secret Word": Ć©rable

Single women... (or Unicorn, if you prefer) if you do exist, you are a rare creature that we would love to confirm as real.  If interested, by all means, stun us with a message.  

Couples... please don't send random friend requests.   Rather,  send us a note introducing yourselves and we will do our best to respond as soon a possible.  We do read the profiles people have prepared and base our decision to make contact on what we see and read.  If you have pics, that is a great way to start.   If your  profile statement is absent, full of typos or short enough to be almost meaningless the chances are we will overlook you.   This is about marketing yourself; if you don't care here how you are presented it stands to reason that you may not be all that interested in the lifestyle. (Damn, almost wrote the entire thing without using that word, 'lifestyle'.  We prefer to look at it like a hobby, lol).  

And finally... thank you for "liking" our photos and leaving all those positive and sexy comments!  We have responded to those that catch our eye... on more than one occasion that has led to a sexy adventure.  

And now this shit:  Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have our permission to use any of our profile and/or pictures, or videos, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other associated legislation.  So fuck off if your into that.

Ottawa, Ottawa Division, Ontario, Canada

Fun and easy going couple. He's skinny and she has a few extra lbs...but add us together and divide by 2 you get a super hot couple!  

Not new to the scene.  Know what we like and what we don't.  Open to lots of options.  Ongoing or casual. Male is Bi Comfortable so straight couples or cock-o-phobics can rest easy!!

Female is actively seeking a "girlfriend" for ongoing friendship in and out of the bedroom and this is outside of our regular couple activities ***see Note below*** so single females feel free to message if you think I'm hot!

Couples...we always play same room/same bed as we like to play with each other as well as the other couple during sexy naked time.  We are very flexible and are seeking both longer term friendships FWB as well as more spur of the moment encounters. Full swap or soft swap,  Girl on girl is never a necessity but is more fun for us.  straight or bi combinations are all welcome to contact us. Female will never play alone with a male so forget asking but as that seems to complicated..if you will be instantly blocked

Single males..please take no offence but we will contact you and if you are going to send dick pics please ensure it is girthy and adequate to at least arouse Mrs Fun . Don't take offence if we don't reply and private messaging in chat with the thought that personally talking to us may make you the exception will just end up in the same result.  Blocked.

As the above wording seems to be too complicated for Single Males to understand and we are still repeatedly PM'd in chat we will now just block any single males making contact. sorry but the majority spoil it for the few!

We are always happy to verify both male and female via phone so don't hesitate to ask and we also use [removed]/bbm etc.  Not in to drama just here to have a good time and enjoy our selves to the full!  

If we click "LIKE" on your profile its because we do actually like your profile. we reply to ALL messages from couples as its the polite thing to do. If you just want to view our pics and then never reply then please don't waste our time.  Just move on and go bother someone else. We understand seeking 4 compatible people is not simple but its also not rocket either like what you see or you don't. If we are interested to the point of sending you a message then you can be assured its because BOTH of us are interested. 

(Lease unit has a cock at lease office)
One very user friendly, bubbly, fun, flirtatious, intelligent bi-sexual female. 

1 x Pair very nice Breasts, Painted 
1 x Voluptuous Curvy Bottom 
1 x Well Oiled Shaven Kitty 
1 x Well Educated and Intelligent Mind 
1 x Friendly and Outgoing Personality 
1 x Large dose of Respect, Discretion & Loyalty to friends 
1 x Masive Lack of Patience for Idiots and Timewasters 

Length of Lease: Long Term or Short Term (subject to availability) Please note: Lease unit MUST be returned occasionally for Service at Lease Office

Cost of Lease: Good nights out & intimate nights in with fun, intelligent, attractive & sexy girls. 

User Manual: 
This individual responds well to fun, flirtatious behavior, intelligent conversation and intimacy, responds equally well to a firm hand (or finger mmmmmm) and a good lick. When treated with respect this individual will perform exceptionally well, has extremely long battery life, performs equally well for short stints due to lack of time. 
Built to last, this individual is able to deliver exceptional oral, and is open to discussion on most apertures. This multi-tasking individual is good for great nights out as well as intimate nights in, enjoys socialising and conversation. 

The following will result in LEASE TERMINATION:

WARNING: This individual fails to perform when first emails consist of 'Wanna fuck tonight?' 'Wanna cam?' or 'Wanna do phone sex?' The reason for these malfunctions are: 

1) Individual needs to get to know someone either from chatting online or by phone prior to opening parts only a gynaecologist should see. 
2) This individual prefers ladies and has difficulty watching someone Jerk off whilst typing 'oh yeah baby, i am cumming' whilst reading a book. 
3) The phone is an awkward shape and fails to insert properly, this causes extreme discomfort and chafing. 
4) This individual does not cam, never ever! This individual is far too lazy to ensure make up is on, hair is done and kitty is shaven prior to being extremely disappointed in camer's performance. Honest!!!

*Any advertised guarantee becomes null & void if the individual is mis-used, disrespected or bored*

   Thanks for looking....hope you like what you see......hehehehe

                    Hugs & Kisses


Oxford County, Ontario, Canada

New to this.....but we like to play.  Message us and we will reply

P7B, Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada

New to this idea.  We've talked about it he is into watching me mainly with another woman although a couple is not out of the question.  were not party type people but enjoy camping having a drink or two watch a movie that type of thing.  open to ideas.  both very clean sorry were definitely not into drugs or that type of thing. probably pretty boring people except in the sack.69position

don't want to be rude  but NO SINGLE MEN!  did the caps thing so hopefully it's seen.

Prince George, Fraser-Fort George, British Columbia, Canada

Hey! Just a nice stable young couple looking to add a lady or couple for some extra fun.  Hopefully something on going. We aren't crazy party people, some might call us boring even, but we like us. We are very much in love and are only looking to add to that not into drama and bs.

And yes... we know we're hunting for unicorns...

Our profile is not to be used for any other purpose but getting off too.... thx

London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada

we are a new couple that are curious and checking things out. 

Oshawa, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

This is copied from our SLS profile:

Looking For:

We've met a lot of really great and interesting people since starting the lifestyle, and we're looking to continue that! We started swinging in California, and recently moved back to Ontario. Cum show us what Canadian swingers can do! 

Looking for great couples that are secure in their relationships to swap with, or play as a group. We're very down to earth with no jealousy issues and would appreciate the same! Ideally we would love to find a fun, adventurous couple that we can meet for weekend getaways, vacations, dinner here and there! 

AD is woman pleaser, always out for her pleasure first (and second, third, and fourth!).

CD's libido is a bit out of control lately, so she's looking for lots of fun during the day while the kiddos are at school. She can't drive, so only message if you're interested, have pics (please make available, she'll move you to the front of the line if she sees a hard cock and a cute face!), free to play, capable, and able to travel to her! Regular playmates preferred. It takes a LONG time to get the "leave the clit alone" message through to guys and she's tired of constantly reminding new people! -> this means she doesn't care about being eaten out, or rather, specifically does NOT enjoy receiving that.


We're both sci-fi geeks, consider ourselves Trekkies, and of course are Firefly addicts. We even threw some TNG touches into our wedding wink We also enjoy Action/Adventure. We enjoy going out for nice dinners, seeing movies, travelling to exotic places, and of course, meeting new people and making friends! 

AD has an average-fit body, brown hair and brown eyes. A bit shy/timid around new people, so if you're interested, let him know! 

CD is a BBW with a few extra pounds, F rack, blonde, brunette or redhead depending on the season (currently Blue!), with blue/green eyes. Very happy, bubbly and excited, a big people pleaser, crazy libido, and always ready for more. She has a profile on FL under the name OperaOrgasmic. ;)

Fantasies and / or real experiences:
We attend lifestyle parties every couple of weeks, and play privately in between. 

CD is interested in exploring some BDSM, and can appreciate a bit of rough play on occasion (Note, that does NOT mean she doesn't appreciate the softer side!). She's also interested fulfilling certain fantasies, such as DP, DVP, one day DAP, and eventually a gang-bang. 

However! Couples are preferred so we can swap. With our schedules (otherwise known as kids), evenings are best for us.

Additional comments and things to do, see, hear or learn about:
We're just looking for some really great people to have some really hot, erotic experiences with!

Wellesley, Waterloo Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Looking to explore  and just make like minded friends. Don't do rude or fake people.

P0A, Novar, Ontario, Canada

We are a fun outgoing couple, looking to meet the same or single female for a discretional full swap. We are looking for couples and singles who are up for some good times. Both of us would like to help couples fulfill fantasies of 3 somes or more somes. 

Both of us enjoy cam play, whether it be individual or as a couple. So feel free to send us an invitation if you like.

M - 30 years old. Intelligent & Funny. Blond hair blue eyes, and always lookng for a good time. 5'8 175lbs with a nice package 
F - She's 28 years old, tight blonde, small tits but a sweet ass and pussy. Gets super wet, and always horny. 5'2 110 lbs and loves to get wild.


Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

We are a mature couple looking for the company of another like minded couple who would like to explore with us all aspects of sensuality/soft swap/full swap/fmf/mfm.  Draw the line at BDSM and golden showers however!  Condoms are a must.
A little about us; She is 56, auburn hair Bi-playful woman who loves to tease and please men and women..
He is 61, a straight man who loves to make a woman satisfied and wanting more.   He loves to see me playing with another guy, and I love to see him having a great time.
If you are interested we would love to hear from you.
Send pics with reply,we are not into a lot of endless e-mails 
We are serious, respectful and real, so expect the same. 

Nick and Rhiannon

Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada

We are looking to make some friends/contacts. We like to socialize and have a great time. We do go on little getaways for the wkd here and there, send us a msg... You never know we might be in your area and you could be who we are looking for we are open willing to explore.  

  At this time we are currently seeking a bi curious or a bi male. This is not set in stone so feel free to shoot us a msg. We are happy to chat. You never know what can come of saying just a simple hello. 

Ontario, Canada

 We are Solid playmates looking to expand our sexual pleasures to include others.  We are interested in playing with another like minded couple and Ms is situational. Travel is not in our immediate future so more Local interest please. Pop by take a look at our pics and if u see something that interests you send us a message,  We are not looking for single males or females at this time and we ONLY play together so please don't ask either one of us to play alone! thank you 

Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada

NOTE: We have our facial pictures up so if you're not willing to share facial pictures when sending us a message, we will not respond to messages or friend requests until received.

We are a straight couple who have been together for almost a year, have a wonderful sexy and intimate sex life and are looking for like minded couples for safe and even sexier fun...not into pain or vulgarity. We will only always play together in the same room. No exceptions. We are both well groomed where it matters, DD free, and respect boundaries - we expect the same. We will never play on a first meet and we are not in a rush...ensuring we find the right chemistry or connection. As a side dish we love great food and wine and spend most nights BBQing and sitting by the fire / fireplace. Love the outdoors and good company.


Beaumont, Leduc County, Division No. 11, Alberta, Canada

we r not ken and barbie and dont expect you to be. we see ourselves as a fun atractive young couple easy to get along with love to have fun laughs maybe some drinks dinner whatever the case may be . we r interested in meeting like minded couples for some fun .... drop us a line look forward to hearing from you. !!

WARNING Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other.

Burlington, Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

We really enjoy our live but we would like to enjoy it even more with you...

Winnipeg, Division No. 11, Manitoba, Canada

We are lovers for 14 years now so we know what we like! We both are a lot of fun, easygoing no pressure couple. She is 5ft 8 curvy sexy redhead who has HSV1 virus. She enjoys giving oral and loves have fun. He is handsome, tall hung and a gentleman, with a kinky side.

We are a sensual, kinky couple who enjoy trying new things. She is multi orgasmic and a squirter. He is insatiable and loves being kinky.

We are seeking fun, easygoing people who can laugh and have fun. Soft swap/same bed is our kind of fun.  Female is bi curious( had a few experiences) prefers women with curves. Not deal breakeršŸ¤—

Time is an issue sometimes so planning is necessary! Safe sex only!!

Kitchener, Waterloo Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Very normal and down to earth couple who is fairly new to the scene. We have discovered some things we like and don't like. We are a same room/full or soft swap couple who enjoys watching and being able to touch each other. We enjoy playful, fun couples/singles who are not pushy and communicate well. We do insist on chat ahead of time to get to know each other and get a feeling if there may be compatibility. We have busy lives as well and aren't always available short notice. We rarely can host but are willing to travel or share hotel costs. If any of this sounds acceptable or intriguing send us a message!

Peterborough, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada

we are open minded couple looking formost for respect, honest and being direct. We are both pretty attractive and looking for same as this is a physical chemistry basis and id if doesnt match it wont happen. We are very approachable and have gone to sex clubs, vacations and possibly looking to meet a couple or single girl to with us to young swingers week in jamaica 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

fun clean couple looking for more fun clean people to meet and build new exciting friendships

Sudbury, Greater Sudbury Division, Ontario, Canada

Hey My sexy people  wink

We are a super fun & fantastic duo looking for an amazing girlfriend or colourful couple to hang with. 

We love trying new things, having a great time, laughing and living life to the fullest!

We are non-smokers, squeaky clean and love to wine and dine followed by a whirlwind on the dance floor. 

Meet up with us and leave with a smile. 



PS - we will pass on the single men and we are mostly keen on soft swap. Girl on girl,FMF, play is our favourite - ? Hubby is allowed to play alone!!

Kik- DNTBSHY 76.

Disclaimer - Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures/videos, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other.887877

Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada

We are a fun loving couple looking for a female or couple to enhance Our already great sex life. We are a clean couple. Want to try new things. Don't be shy send us a note or chat so we can get to know each other better :)

Kingsville, Pelee, Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Ottawa, Ottawa Division, Ontario, Canada

We are an attractive and passionate couple looking for new adventures with another open minded swingers (25-40 preferably). 

We have been experience clubs in the GTA and so far we really enjoy it! We are definitely interested in soft-swap (would also like all four involved at the same time together) and if things go well would entertain a full-swap. First, we would like to exchange some pictures and chat a bit over email to see if our interests are alike.

Hoping to make some friends along the way in the lifestyle. We aren't afraid to have some fun on the first date if there is a connection.  

We are simple like to laugh and have fun. No jealousy, just fun!

No single men.

M4W, Midtown Toronto, Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada

We enjoy camping hunting quading and the outdoors. Enjoy in our hot tub or drinks around the fire.

We are looking for long term friends with benefits. Chemistry is a must!

Caroline, Division No. 9, Alberta, Canada