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Dogging in Ontario

Main dogging sites and directions for Ontario, including major towns and cities: Brampton, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Surrey, Toronto, Vaughan, Windsor.

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Are there still locations in Barrie, Ontario for dogging with minimal security scouring the park. We would love to have some fun and have others watch and who knows, maybe have them participate. She does enjoy her blow jobs.

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Wanna watch us??? ell us where are some spots and we will be there !

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The grotto park off vanhorne ... after 10 weekends lots of trafic but we play in there all the time.. have hooked up with random couples who chose to park /dog there as well.. Its an interesting playground if you have the balls to deal with trafic and arent shy to get caught or have/invite viewers .. Parking at the site can lead to open window dogging.... parking at the quality in offers a more inconspicuous approach as there is a walk way leading from the back of the upper parking lot to the park.. happy dogging to all hope to surprise more horny couples with my Gf

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on our travels we found potentials:
Brant RD 75 (tree cover’d lot; N of Waterloo-Brant Line Road) (Paris-Cambridge)
Rest Acres Road S. CUTOFF from 403 (1 concession S and 1 rd left) farm road ct by hwy (Burford)
Brant 18 JCT Brant 4 (S side underpass) NEWPORT river
Townline Rd (Waterloo 33) Puslinch Lake (S of 401; rear of rest stop EB 401)
Manitou Road / Wilson Kitchener

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Looking for couples to watch?join in a dogging site in sudbury

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anyone interested meeting up this week

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Pond Mills Park

Pond Mills Rd south you come to a park on the left hand side. It's an 'Environmentally Significant Area' with lots of trails and secluded forested areas.

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Dogging spot in Oakville

Young guy here looking for a horny couple that would like a guy or two to join them for some dogging fun. If you would like to know a great dogging spot in Oakville I know a great place where we can park or walk to a park or even a secluded spot close by. Message me if interested.

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North Bay

I wanna meet at a park
But be female! I'm a male - Straight also.

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Barrie dogging still??

Hey! Any couples or single girls still dogging around Barrie area? I've been to centennial 10th and 7th line and nothing, saw one couple at tyndale but security came before I could really notice lol let me know!!

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Does anyone know of dogging sites in the Ottawa-Gatineau area where we can watch couples ? Would love to watch without touching....

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Burgoyne Woods

Seems like a nice spot..esp the pavilion
We've been there a few time in the last cpl weeks but lacking others..we're looking for other cpls to come join/watch for now

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looking for dogging locations in the fort erie area

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Dogging in Niagara?

Ive never tried it but I would love to. Does anyone know of a a dogging area in niagara? Or do you want to just meet somewhere and lets do it? Im str8.. can just watch.. or join in if you want..

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Any Dogging going on in North bay ont......

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K-W, Cambridge

Looking for dogging sites in the K-W, Cambridge area. New to this but very interested

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Where can i watch some dogging in the GTA area

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any space available in orangeville, ontario? if yes, where and when?

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Please let us know of any Ontario dogging locations that you know of by clicking here.