• Anonymous - Jan 26, 2018, 9:55 AM

Will be going out tonight ad have some car Fun, Willing to invite Couples. Who want to give a show and watch at the same time. We are a couple here. Will share the location with couples only. ... View Comment...


Anyone know dogging spots in Ottawa/ Gatineau? I'm an adventurous single guy, searching for a great time.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thinking of going to a park tuseday night in scarborough possibly morningside park... would love to find a couple or lady who i could watch or maybe more as i jerk off ... if your interested let me know or provide suggestions ... ive always wanted to do this

I drive a large garbage truck the kind with forks on the front for dumping bins it’s green and I’m in the hwy 7 and woodbine area and I love and appreciate it when a car pulls up beside me and the woman has her skirt pulled up so I can see her white panties as a trucker we call that white walls and no panties is call what else but driving bald so a big thanks to all that practice this ... View Comments...

The wife and I are in town this weekend, St Catherines, from the states...would like to experience dogging, both as voyeurs and being watched...maybe if the mood strikes...have some join. Who's going where this weekend.

Need suggestions for a place, not being from the area.

Is bygones woods a good place ?

Went to Lakeside Park last night.....May go again tonight ... View Comments...


morningside park in scarborough. in second parking lot, around 1:00 pm this thursday. i will be in my red car, sitting with no pant. ready to put show for any couple or ladies. just watch or join me.

  • Anonymous - Nov 25, 2017, 5:10 PM

Centennial Park in Etobicoke (west end). Massive park with multiple large, medium, and small parking lots, many with shade/cover and few or no street lights! Great location to pick and choose how private you want to be ... View Comment...

Mc cowan north of St John's to the end. I was thinking of a pink Saturday. Lol around 1ish if there is no rain.if you are coming supply pic.we don't want to offend anyone.you can see us but we don't know who's watching.sundays as well if it's sunny.great for taking more adventurous pics. Lol ... View Comments...

Please let us know of any Ontario dogging locations that you know of by clicking here.