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Fun attractive easy going northern couple looking to meet like minded couples for adult fun and adventure. We enjoy the outdoors, nudism, skinny dipping, hot tubs, sexy dress and uninhibited good times. Hoping to find that 4-way spark that leads to friendship, fun and excitement for all. Can and do travel and enjoy meeting/making new friends when we do. 

For those wishing to chat, especially single males, unless you are close enough to the Sault to actually meet, or plan to travel here, please do not initiate chat.  We'll message you if we find your profile attractive.

Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District, Ontario, Canada

Well Hello there , 

Little about us .. we are a happily married couple , with jobs and kids and busy lives like everyone .. and also like most we enjoy a little R&R wink.gif

 We are looking for a couple to get together with for laughs and drinks and if the chemistry is right maybe a little fun ecstatic.png

 Social drinkers but we are 420 friendly wink.gif

We have been in the lifestyle for a few years and have met some fantastic people.. 

We have also met some people who talk the talk and then turn out to be time wasters, we are not into having our time wasted as our playtime is sacred and we like to use our time to have fun not play guessing games ... With that being said if you are unsure you want to play please figure it out before you contact us !

We welcome singles: male and female , Mrs is Bi .. Mr is straight as a board wink.gif but that doesn't mean we can't be friends wink.gif

We will not respond to people with empty profiles or people with no pics , sorry!

Ottawa, Ottawa Division, Ontario, Canada
couple seeking fun -
We are both young and seeking some fun. We are both clean and have done this a couple times and wanting to do more. We are excited to meet some couples or single females/ males to have some fun in the bedroom. We are seeking no one younger then 20 and no one older then 50. We are up to trying new things. She's curious about females and have only done a few things to a female and wants to explore some more and he's curious about males but hasn't done anything to a male but has had a male do oral to him and is wanting to explore with a male.
Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Adult theater sex, gloryholes, dogging, gangbangs, etc. So what is this all about?

For me it’s all about a man I once knew. A man who suffered from a fever that normal men can’t understand. A torment can only be drained by a fleeting trip to a forbidden paradise. A taboo heaven so euphoric, so addictive that it drowns out any sense of decency and morality. A paradise whose earthy manifestation lies seemingly unconscious in the silence of a dark bedroom in an isolated house at midnight.

Every day I would watch that torment well up in him as he leered at the neighborhood girls combating the heat in their tiny shorts. And every night I would go to bed and wait, as he waited for me to fall asleep. But, unbeknownst to him, I won’t sleep until it’s done. So I pretend to sleep, and I wait. I can hear him strip down to his underwear. I can hear him thumb through his girly magazines. And in the silence of a desolate land, I can even hear him rub his hand on the bulge in his underwear to comfort the taunts in those pages, and the merciless naggings the neighbor girls so unwittingly foist on him.

He uses the pictures in the magazines like a man piquing his appetite before a big feast. I always knew that point when hunger becomes torture, for that’s when he turns the light off in the living room - my cue to quickly turn on my side in fetal position, scoot my butt to the edge of the bed, and pull my knees up under my chin. I learned that this posture makes it easier for me and more effective for him. In a few seconds he quietly comes through the door and inches his way to my bedside. He puts his hand on me and whispers “you sleeping?”, to which I remain motionless and quiet.

He then peels back the blanket, not all the way, but just enough to expose my backside, which I made sure is protruding off the edge of the bed. He cautiously lifts my nightshirt, again not all the way, but just enough to do what needs to be done. Then, he spends about a minute gliding his hands up my legs, over my butt cheeks, then back down my legs. It’s a form of theft. He’s stealing a tiny preview of the heaven that about to follow. But he’s not stealing from me, he’s stealing from THEM. The girls in their shorts. The girls in the magazine. And as those textures fill his hands, I can hear his breath becoming nervous and labored. Then I can hear the jar of Vaseline open. I can sense its greasy warmth being spread between my labia.

Then I feel his legs bump up against the side of the mattress and his belly press on my butt cheeks. And I fight to maintain enough composure to keep my blank face as I feel him slide his penis up and down in the Vaseline slick in search of the opening. Then, all of a sudden, I feel that familiar “full” feeling inside me, and I hear him gasp. It’s a sound he always made, kind of like the sound a man would make who just realized he’s about to get hit by a bus. And like a man about to get hit by a bus, he freezes for a second partly from the shock of my insides, partly in disbelief of the evil he just committed, but mostly to make sure this intrusion didn't disturb my oblivion. Then he pushes his hips slowly forward and absorbs a burst of heaven's intensity. He emits little whimpering sounds during the intruders travel up into my guts, as he feels that incredible heaven slide down the intruder's length. It's a burst of euphoria he's felt a hundred times, and yet, it's a sensation that always seems to take him by surprise. Even with my eyes closed I can sense him staring at me as I feel the intruder inch its way gradually up my insides.

In a few seconds I can tell it’s in as far as physics would allow by the feeling of its head behind my belly button and the pressure of his belly against my butt cheeks. He holds it there, deep and still, and waits for my guts to deliver his orgasm, but it rarely happens on that first push. So he pulls back, then slowly pushes back in for another burst of intensity, and another gasp. Again he holds it still deep in my organs and waits for his orgasm. It usually comes on the second push. I can feel the quivers of his knees against the side of the bed vibrate through the mattress, and hear the moans of a man trying to lift a weight too heavy for him. But if he survives that burst, he pulls back and goes in for another. He never survived more than three.

The end comes with the feeling of the intruder bloating and stretching inside me, the quivering of his legs shaking the bed, and the sound of his breath huffing as if there’s not enough air in the room. Then, I feel that first squirt come out inside me and hit my cervix like a bullet. At that point I have to fight hard to maintain my appearance of sleep, for that sensation inside me fills me with a thrill that can’t be explained with language. Then comes another squirt and another and another and another. It feels like a tiny heartbeat behind my belly button, strong at first, then quickly dying out. A lifetime of pent up torment pouring out of him, and filling up my insides.

In about 15 seconds it’s over. He gently withdraws the intruder, flops the blanket back over me, and quietly leaves my room. I’m now safe to open my eyes, and cry – not because I’m hurt, but because of the emotional rush it gives me. I was a girl made to feel powerless and insignificant by an oppressively religious household. But what happened every night in that quiet darkness made me the most significant power in the world.

That was a long time ago, but that girl still lives in my head. And she still craves the potency to drain that desperation from the scum of the earth, no longer in a dark bedroom, but now laying bent over and motionless in the musty darkness of an adult theater. And in that darkness she can feel those hands devouring her textures and the intruder struggling to survive the power of her insides. The moans they make as they lose that struggle. The vibrations that rake their bodies with quivers. And the torment that pours of of them and fills her up. For in that darkness I'm not a 54 year old woman ... I'm your niece, I'm that neighbor girl, I'm the girl in the playground, I'm the cheerleader in high school, I'm the girl in the porn video, I'm whatever they need me to be.

I'm looking for women, couples, shemales, gay or bi men who share my fetish. But if you message me, have enough brains, balls, and enthusiasm to actually write something. If you just push that silly "I'd like to know more" button I will delete without reading.

Toronto, ON, Canada

We are not a Barbie and ken, just a fun couple looking to have a great time. We are down to earth and enjoy the company of friends. Looking to add some new excitement in the bedroom. We are D&D free and expect the same. We always play in the same room. Soft play is where we start and will full swap with the right couple. Also interested in adding a single bi female.Not into bondage or pushy shellfish people. Would like to meet for a drink or dinner first need to have a connection. We will also travel and would expect the same. We are smokers (trying to quit) and the Mrs. is Bi so if this isn't a problem lets chat.

Peterborough, Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada

Happily married couple of 13 years. Looking for sexy ladies or couples. Adventure and excitement? Who's coming?? D&D free and non smokers. We have some experience but newer to the lifestyle. Looking to meet for great times. We have a child at home so looking to meet couples close for fun nights. Talk dirty to us! Hope to hear from you soon!! wink.gifwink.gif

Cambridge, Waterloo Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

We are a comitted loving couple who enjoy spending time with other likeminded couples and possibly singles.  We are a bi couple, but always make sure boundaries are understood and respected during play.  We are into same room play, where everyone plays and has fun.  We love playing together, and hope you do too. In addition to couples we are open to single straight or bi females and single bi males.  Also occasionally open to select straight guys for threesomes, but preference for bi guys.

Ottawa, ON, Canada
hamilton couple -
hello there Hamilton mountain couple here he is straight and I am bi looking for bi female or couple with bi female no single males please if we want a single male we will contact you
Hamilton, Hamilton Division, Ontario, Canada
Mid-40's Professional Couple Looking for Couples -
We are a mid-40's married couple. Both are working professionals with strong education backgrounds. We are relatively new to the alternative lifestyle but have had a few really great experiences. She is 45, 5'5" and 230 lbs and wears a size 22 dress. She has a pretty face, medium brown hair and great skin. He is 44, 5'10" and 210 lbs (size 36" waist, larger build but runs regularly). He has short grey hair, a neatly trimmed grey/brown goatee. Both are trimmed where it counts. We have both traveled extensively, love going out to movies, eating great and exotic foods and doing camping (our camping activities are usually backcountry or canoe camping). We are looking first and foremost for other couples for on-going fun in and out of the bedroom. We are both very sane, easy going, sociable and we want to find couples with similar attributes. This seems to be much harder to find than we first thought it would be. Both of us our bi-, although we can play things fully straight if that is the other couple's situation. However, we really like group play and combinations of partners as opposed to just spouse swap. Most things are on the table with us providing safe sex practices are employed. Our don'ts are no anal sex, no BDSM and no degrading language or activities. We prefer people to plastic. We feel our most compatible ages are (30 - mid-50's), personality (e-mail exchange and communication on chats) are very important to us. We like to get to know the people we physically interact with a bit before we meet, whether this is by e-mail, pm or the chats. I doesn't have to be extensive communication or a series of 'first dates' but we like to know the people we are with. Ideally you will be part of our network of friends who we can visit on occasion (or vice versa) or meet at various venues.
Windsor, ON, Canada

Down to earth committed couple looking to explore our fantasies. We've had some great experiences and are looking for more. We're looking for other likeminded couples who are looking for sexy fun times. We only play together, and are not looking for single males. If you want to know more. Just ask. Cheers 

P1A, North Bay, Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada

She is 5'9", a svelte 155 lbs., 36C, athletic body, gorgeous legs.    Natural auburn hair.
He is also 5'9", 165 lbs., athletic, salt and pepper hair, and looks very young for his age   We love oil massages and 69.  (Who doesn't ?)

We both have a great sense of humour.    We need prolonged foreplay to make the evening last.

Same couple, same room would be great to start as we are newbies; we only have sex with each other, in other words.   We know there are some hot, in 

shape couples who don't swap but get turned on having sex beside another hot couple.   Prefer couples (or female) younger than us.   Prefer attractive, 

sexy, fit, fun, funny too, clean, smart, educated, gentle, shit-free people who floss (no joke).   Cellulite and fat guts and smokers are a deal breaker.

Let's get together for drinks/dinner to meet and greet before taking it to the naked level.    We are not sexual fanatics, so there has to be a 4 way spark.

To repeat... we are a no swap couple.   No druggies.   No single males.  

Hamilton, Hamilton Division, Ontario, Canada

We are a happily married couple looking for something similar. We are not hard core swingers, just a couple that likes to have a bit of fun on the side and would like to share it with other people. We enjoy girl-girl if the ladies are into each other, but this is not a necessity. We also really enjoy swapping partners. Just to be clear, we will do most any kind of swapping, but at this point, we are not into full swap, so if that's a necessity for you, then we are not a good match. If you have an interest in us, drop us a line and after we exchange a couple of emails, perhaps we can chat a bit to get to know each other. We will be happy to provide more pics (face shots included) once we are comfortable that there is at least a basic connection. Sorry but we are not looking for single guys! We are both non-smokers and are looking for the same.

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Looking to play -
We are a average loving couple looking to heat things up in the bedroom with either a couple or a single female. For soft swap, threesome and foursome play. We are not looking to jump in to bed right after meeting someone. We love to meet new people and go for a couple of drinks and see where it goes. We both work and enjoy having a good time. We are both dd free and we both enjoy sex. The male is straight but the female is bi curious. So let's have some fun...
Hamilton, Hamilton Division, Ontario, Canada

No longer as new as the profile name suggests, definitely not seasoned professionals. Had a couple of experiences, Still trying to find our way, we've meet some great people along the way. Message us if interested in finding out more.

Not looking for single guys
Waterloo Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Sane and safe Toronto man looking to meet sexually charged, honest and secure couples and single women. I'm drug and disease free, very healthy, workout and yoga regularly. I've had several longer term relationships with couples and women.

I am really just looking to make new friends first and foremost. Genuine connection (and attraction) provides the base for all of my interactions. Respectful of boundaries and appreciate open communication. 

Over the years I've acquired extensive experience with tantric and erotic massage if that's something you'd like to explore.  I have a professional table,  organic oil and love to do it, one of my passions. For women only though. 

I have experience visiting swing clubs with a woman or couple. Have been to Oasis and M4 so far. If that's something you like or would lime to explore let me know! Love to spend summer days on the nude beach on the Toronto Islands. Sometimes playing after dark if the situation should arise...

I try to be genuine and forthcoming when meeting people from this site. Have met several women and couples from this site who have all been great. I won't flake or not show and if absolutely necessary will provide ample notice if changing plans.  No one likes having their time wasted if you have any questions just ask. Thanks for reading!

Toronto, ON M5T, Canada

Hey everyone and thanks for checking out our profile.. 

So yo start off both my girlfriend and I are sort of new to the entire swinging scene, but we are very to get it going.

She is of indian descent Bi sexual (23 Years Old), 150, C cup breasts and an amazing body

He is trini 23 years old, 170lbs, 

We are both std free and expect you two to be the same
We are seeking couple that would be interested in oral fun for now ie: soft swap same room fun

single males please do not message us we will message you if needed

WARNING ! Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other 

North York, Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to our profile!  Please take a moment to test the waters and indulge in the process of getting to know us, read on and enjoy...

We are discrete professionals wanting to experience all of life's erotic delights & naughty deviant fun - open to a variety of play scenarios and optons,

As a single Mrs, she is bisexual and flirts with the notion of seeking a separate FF friendship for herself - a friend for girl talk, sharing in laughter, a good glass of wine, a shopping day and of course the naughtiest of female pleasures as the relationship evolves.

As a couple, we are seeking a non smoker D&D free FWB soft or full swap couple or female for ongoing friendship and play.  We are interested in making new friends, meeting for coffee/drinks, naughty hikes, lingerie movie nights and learning new things so let's be kinky!  Foursome fun or my hubby watching us play, we are very open minded.  How do you like to get freaky?

Her: a beautiful milf capable of limitless love and affection; a real body with sweet sexy curves in all the right places.  She has magnificent natural breasts and a round kissable ass.  This playful cutie loves to touch and be touched.  She is flirtatious and not shy in the bedroom.  Eager to please both men and women, her lust cannot be tamed.

Him:  a fun lovable fit fella on the shorter side; thoughtful conversationalist with a witty sense of humor.  He has an absolute passion for booty and loves watching a sexy milf bouce it, shake it and be a tease - yoga pants and sexy bottoms totally his weakness.  He has a great package and a tongue that can spell pussy in a thousand languages.

We‘re not super models and not expecting you to be either.  Busy family life, so planning is required.  We have face pics and will share privately.


~ kisses xxx


Legal warning to any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other associated legislation.

Orangeville, Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada

Please be between 21-40 yo not into the drama or jealous men.

What we are looking for is for another fun loving, successful married couple, we want a couple where everyone can be friends with each other. Let's be real and honest friends without the B.S.

Why can't four intelligent adults have fun but also get naked together?

The question really is, why is it so damn hard finding this couple?

Now this doesn't always have to be about being naked and having sex with one another but the sex is important, let's not kid ourselves here, just so everyone knows and are on the same page too.

Here are a few quick things about us, I'm straight and my wife loves women equally as she loves her man.

None of us smoke or drink and we definitely don't partake in any drugs and expect the same from you. We also have immaculate hygiene, so we want to make sure our new friends feel the same way about their hygiene as well. We both are fully shaved too and smell good.

She's is sexy, pretty, nice legs, personality wise and she is an amazing person with an amazing heart. He is clean, nice and very friendly and almost 7 inches.

We like to talk and have fun, having fun is important to us so let's exchange phone numbers and go from there, not into the drama please, we need a female voice verification before meeting.

Not into single males and we only into couples from the Kingston area. We host:)


Kingston, ON, Canada

Happily married couple with young kids & a busy lifestyle. We are looking for others couples like us to have some fun with. We are only looking for committed couples with no drama. Meeting for drinks in or outside of the clubs is a great way to see if there's a connection for everyone. Looks are not everything for us but there needs to be an attraction for all of us. We are more interested in meeting "normal" down to earth couples that share similar interest.

York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

We are looking to start off slow!! Soft Swap!

We are happily married with a young family. 

We enjoy going out for drinks!

We are looking for some cool people to hang out with and have some drinks!! 

Safe, clean, discreet.

Barrie, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada

Hi first off I'm a very respectful man. I have total respect for couples as we are being invited into their comfort zone. Many guys on here do not respect there are two people you are meeting on here. The guy and his gal so respect both. I chuckle about the promises from fellas that they will fuck the shit out of the wife or please them like nothing. Really what happened to hello. I'd love to start off by hello. All the best.

Oshawa, Durham Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

VERY Discrete,clean, cut, D & D free and V-safe typical Horny male looking for new experiences and friendship with like minded people. I am fairly open minded and am extra thick for YOUR pleasure. Luv giving a  total body rub, plus whatever else to relax and please you. I am looking for that special lady looking to explore her hidden desires and fantasies plus mutual fun with couples/singles. Respectful and non pushy to fit in with couples looking for a single!

Enjoy life and please cum by some time and say Hi ecstatic

Hamilton, Hamilton Division, Ontario, Canada
Looking for fun -
Looking for fun
Cambridge, Waterloo Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Hello and thanks for checking out our profile! We've been in the lifestyle for over a year and really enjoy meeting new people who are like-minded, clean, discreet and respectable. She is bi-sensual (she likes to play with the ladies but also loves a hard cock) and he is straight. Chemistry is important to us for a one-time bedroom experience or an on-going friendship. Send us a mesage if you like what you see!

Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm originally from Ireland. 5'9" good looking. S&P hair, blue eyes and average build. I'm sane, normal and good fun. Unfortunately my wife is no longer interested in sex and hasn't been for a long time, hence why I'm on here.

L7M, Burlington, Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Very laid back and fun guy looking for open minded couples  add to their mix.

I'm into fitness and healthy eating/living but I don't judge, to each their own. Not looking for Barbie ado Ken as shape certa only doesn't determine good sex wink.gif 

I'm dd free and except the same and only engage in safe encounters.  I'm well endowed thankfully and know how to use it so drop me a line if I sound like a match. 

Just ts added pics today so they should be viewable soon 

Ottawa, Ottawa Division, Ontario, Canada


It's true!

I always feel much freer when I'm naked.

Love the feeling of a naked woman in my arms.

I am polite, well read, well spoken and well mannered. I strive to be a congenial gentleman. 

I am open and nonjudgemental in nature. In short, "a nice guy". (Insert finish last joke here!)

Discrete and expect the same in return.

I always play safe.

I am of course D,D, & Drama free and expect the same of any future playmates.

Everybody is always much happier after a good bout of regular recreational sex.

The ideal would be to find a mature couple I click with for something ongoing. I think it would be very fulfilling to get together every 4 to 6 weeks, share a glass of wine, catch up, and then express ourselves intimately for a few hours.

I would also be willing to form a couple with a single lady who's looking for the security that comes with being part of a couple. If you're looking for a good guy to explore the LS with, I could be that guy.

Don't be shy. Drop me a line and let's meet for a drink.

I'm having a great time here!

Toronto, ON M1L, Canada

Hi - Very outgoing, adventureous, open-minded, and always curious Scorpio. Love the idea of being totally open - being watched, watching others, and participating in hot, erotice fun with with others. The humam mind is perhaps the most exciting aphrodisiac of all, and when we add all of our other senses to that the fun, and satisfaction is endless.

Toronto, ON M4V, Canada

Hi. Thanks for visiting. Looking for couple that wants a little extra fun or females. Am open to a lot. Can watch or join in. My wife is shy but she is getting braver as time goes on lol, She is straight but is open to having a female perform oral on her. She wants to see me with another woman its one of her fantasies. She may be open to playing with another couple if she is comfortable with everyone. She has no problem with me playing on my own and actually is encouraging me. Lucky guy lol. . Am very respectful of women and boundaries. Love to give massages and oral. Would like something ongoing but short term is good too. I am bi curious but it is not a deal breaker straight is good.Contact me if you need to know more. Don't hesitate to say hi. I am very friendly and easy going. Update. Wife is now open to being with couples and is looking forward to meeting new friends and playmates.

Cambridge, ON, Canada

Life is very short today you have everything and in one minute you can loose everything even the people you love and your own life so I decide to try new things at least once or more.If I like it I continue if not I stop.Im a widower who like to play with bi guys for the moment.I love to watch cam and I love to be watch too.If you watching my cam please be polite and say hi.You no going to die or be gay.Everybody in this site looking for friendship and sex.Be open mind

Mississauga, Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

We are here to find the right couple to share our fantasies with. We would like to find the right couple to be  friends with in and out of the bedroom. We have done a full and soft  swap with two different couples in the past. We enjoyed it very much. Now we wish to try it again. We wish to meet first to see if there is an attraction and  chemistry. we will play, first meet but only if everyone is comfortable with full or soft swap. We are both straight Mrs can be a little bi curious. Looking for couples right now. If we want single men we will contact . 

                           Thank you 

P.S. usually Mr on mostly . Mrs goes on here when she feels like it, or if mr tells her about a couple

Delhi, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

I'm an easy going, optimistic, well groomed and big on hygiene type of guy. I can be both dominating or submissive, just depends on the situation. I am honest, open minded, down to earth and not interested in mind games. If you would like to know anything else, fire me an email or send a flirt. I WILL answer all email.

I'm looking for people who are fun, good looking, well groomed, smart, can hold a conversation, discreet, and more important, D & D free. Can you fulfill my fantasies?

Toronto, ON, Canada

We are a friendly attractive couple looking to find other couples, couples with bi-females, or single ladies for Soft/Full Swap and explore new exciting encounters. He is straight, and she is Bi, looking to have fun with like minded couples. We are professionals and to enjoy life to the fullest. We are easy going and not pushy and expect the same. Don't be shy. Take a look at our profile and send us a msg if you would like to chat and exchange pics. If all goes well, a casual meeting at first would be best, but not manditory to see if we all connect. Meeting at clubs is also an option. Then go from there. We are discrete and will respect your privacy in all situations. Click on the Ads tab along the top of our profle for a bit more about us. No single males please Thanks kindly for looking.

Caledon, ON L7K, Canada

Mrs enjoys getting hot and feely with ladies on the dance floor and has enjoyed the occasional 'touching' lap dance experience from some fine establishments around the city. So yes, we are looking to fulfill the lady's desire to occasionally have the touch of a woman in bed and other places. Ideally we are looking for a single bi-curious blonde/fair haired woman for mostly girl/girl fun with him watching, filming and occasionally participating. Mrs doesn't mind sharing hubby on occasion but she gets to enjoy the money shot. Someone with a little experience would be nice as mrs likes to be 'given' direction.  Mrs. also likes to be disciplined on occasion ... Some vino, some dancing, some touching and kissing are all things that get Mrs in the mood for whatever, sometimes wherever. So if you are in the mood for a steamier date than usual let us know!

Ottawa, Ottawa Division, Ontario, Canada

Hello all,

We are an early 30s couple looking for fun and exitement with another woman or possibly the right couple. I am bisexual, he is straight but very open-minded. We're both new to this so we'd like to take it slow but with the right sparks anything can happen

Guelph, ON, Canada

We are an easy going couple looking for new friends with benefits.  

We are happy with each other and love the game!   
Female is bi-curious and revels in the pleasure of being touched. Likes to play and be played with.  

Pleasurable sessions with fun and friendship are the main event.
Male is straight, sensuous,  enjoys stimulating and arousing her.  What's your fantasy our lady friend?  He can really get into it if you let him!

Threesomes are a favorite play of ours.  We both like including toys in our sex game and have a varied supply of these to select from. 

Check out our profile, we have more pics in private albums...let us know if you would like to connect.

Let's have some  fun times, good friends, and please, drama free.

Leamington, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

we are not  ken and barbie. just down to earth couple looking for extra fun in and out the bedroom.   if  interested drop us a message

Orangeville, ON, Canada

 Hi everyone we r here to fulfill some of our fantasies we've been together  about 20 yrs very much in love new to this lifestyle but very exited about meeting with singles and couples to play with . If u have taken the time to read this we hope to hear from u .Let's play .

Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada

She is not shy, really honest and very down to earth socialiable funny little Irish firecracker that loves women and men.

He is shy at first very quiet laid back and relaxed kind of guy with a great sense of humor. Tall and muscular a ladies man and big ALL over...Caters to a woman's needs in bed can be gentle unless a lady wants him to be otherwise. Both have an amazing sex drive and he can last more then 2-8 mins ladies happy.gif

Her she can go all day and night as long as a man or woman wants... Great fun couple to be around. Looking for Fun in and out of the bedroom happy.gif

Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada

Looking for long-term male company 43 to 57 years for friendship, massage exchanges, oral but no full swap. Voyeur nudist ideal. Bicurious welcome but focus on her. Prefer cut cock and fit. Must be into sensual fun. If you are married it's unlikely you are free to meet.

Vaughan, York Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

We are a stable couple of over 11 years and we are drama and jealousy free. We have both dabbled on the bi side and we both find that a very erotic way to play, its not a necessity,,but adds to the level of fun somewhat. We are a m 50 and f 49 who somehow gets sexier as she gets older whereas i just get older,lol. We are hoping to find friends as well as playmates and we are  hoping for more then just a one time encounter as we dont like the one time stuff. We are not hard core at any of this and we are not here to change anything between us or anyone else.We are close to Mississauga and we would love to hear from anyone who thinks they might be a suitable match for us.

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Looking to cam later on tonight. Let us know if interested  bi female and curious m looking for a laid back couple. Friends with benefit lol. No single males 

Sudbury, Greater Sudbury Division, Ontario, Canada

I am looking for someone to join me in some bedroom fun. I love
to give and receive oral, straight sex, toys, mutual masturbation, etc.
Not into pain/humiliation or anything that leaves marks. No anal. I am a
46 year old BBW.  Interested in a MFM threesome.

Just looking for some casual bedroom fun. Talk first and take it from
there. I am a real person looking for real people. Only message me if
you are serious about getting together.
My play time is limited due to
my work schedule so I don't have time to mess around with people who are
not truly serious about meeting.  

I am bi-curious with the right person and situation.  I have to really get to know you first and see if there is a connection.  I will play with couples but again I have to get to know you first and have a connection.  Get in my head before you get in my bed.  Seduce my mind and you can have my body. I am NOT looking to bed hop.

I am looking for one or two quality regular play partners.

I can host. 

I only cam with people that I trust. If you ask me to cam
and I say no; I mean no. For personal and professional reasons I have
to be very selective about who I cam with; its not just about showing my
face - I also have several very visible and recognizable tattoos. I do
not masturbate on cam.

*****Please do not whisper to me or message me if you do not have a complete
profile including location and pictures. I will not respond.  I only pm with established friends, so if we have never spoken in the main chat or are
not friends; please DO NOT pm me.  If we chat in the main chat; please ask permission to pm first.  Thank you.  All unsolicited pm's will be ignored.



*********PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME UNSOLICITED PICTURES OF YOUR PENIS**************  These pictures will be ignored and immediately deleted.

Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

We're just a normal couple wanting to try new things a four way is one of the many things we both want to try out we are both new to this we are easy going and enjoy having fun. So if any couples near use hit us up wink

No single men. Couples only or Groups or Single womenwink.gif  plz 

we can skype for some fun

Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other associated legislation

Welland, Wainfleet, Niagara Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Sexy young professional seeks the honour of pleasuring you.

I'm experienced, having been in the lifestyle for 5+ years now. I am very open-minded and love assisting in fulfilling fetishes and fantasies by turning them into reality.

I'm dominant yet have a very laid back easy going man who enjoys intelligent conversation, humour, and witty banter. I know when to take charge/the lead and am also respective of limits and understand boundaries/rules. I like to educate and talk to those who are new to the lifestyle as well. I am flexible to play timing-wise whether am, afternoon, pm, weekdays, weekends etc. with some prior notice, however, spontaneous adventures are always welcome too! Also, I'm more than just 8 inches of fun! I have more pics and can webcam as well.

Feel free to send me a message on the site, ask for my bbm / k i k , phone number or add me on s k y p e

In most cases, I'm able to reply to your messages within less than an hour.

FYI - I am a non-smoker and a social drinker and am D&D free! 

Looking for: safe sex with women and couples and building unforgettable memories and friendships. Please note, I am straight.

Ideal First Meeting, somewhere in public over: coffee, drinks, dinner, ice cream, club etc.

Downtown, Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada
fun couple looking for other fun couples -
hot horny couple, he is straight, she is bi. She squirts, loves toys, oral, anal and double penetration. We only play together, group play, same room. We enjoy each other and are not looking to trade partners. But in a group setting almost anything goes.
Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District, Ontario, Canada

fun loving couple looking to have fun and explore our sexuality with other like minded couples/groups. New to the lifestyle and looking for like minded people to have fun with.  Both d&d free and expect the same. Feel free to message us and we will reply back. Discretion is a must.

London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Hot Irish guy -
Hi 25 yr old irish guy here just moved to toronto, looking for hot women for fun> Have pics and cam!
Toronto, ON M6H, Canada
have u been a bad girl .....need too be taught a lesson by someone talented .....? -
hey there so ......are u looking for that thing that's missing ....that raw sexual hot sweaty wet hot and I mean fucking hot feeling that u get ....when u are so fucking horny and u want it so bad u can feel it .....if that's what u want and need .....then msg me ill give u what u need and want don't be shy and if u are that's ok msg me and ill do all the work hahahahah
Mississauga, Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

We are a clean, disease free, black, professional couple looking for like minded couples or singles to play with in the GTA. Being discrete is imperative for us. He is 38 with a slim athletic build and adequately endowed (translates as above average but not huge) with amazing stamina and sex drive. She is 27 with curves (think Botticelli paintings) and voracious sexual appetite. Both are decent looking (to be modest), well read and well travelled. We are a little wary about posting pictures with our faces but will share with interested parties who are equally discreet. We are not interested in single men.

Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada