Manitoba, Canada
Bisexual male Transvestite > Couple with bi male
sexy, confident couples and ladies message me for shared pleasure please ♡♡♤
Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
Bisexual male Transsexual > Gay male couple
I am someone that is very pansexual, very gender fluid, and very non-judgemental.  I prefer real people with real bodies to fantasies every single time.  I also find intelligence a major turn-on regardless.  I have no issues with gender, race, ethnicity, anything really save intolerance.  I myself am a very freckled white genetic male, smooth shaven from the neck down (twice a week regularly shaven) and someone that gets off more on making others get off than my own need to cum.  Not saying that isn't important to me, but what works best for it is first being the service slut to whomever I am with at the time.  I am bluntly honest to a fault in some eyes. I would add that my wife knows everything, always has and always will.  This may not be her scene but she always knew it was mine from the moment we first met 20 years ago, I hide nothing.  I would prefer to interact with people able to maintain such openness between their partners/playmates, although it isn't an absolute red line for me, it is a strong preference.I am fine with group sex especially with being a cum dump for people, and I am finding I am a serious anal bottom, a recent discovery, but aside from that I am well experienced in almost all vanilla sexual acts, and I have very few areas I will not consider.  I am not, however, by nature a submissive, if anything I am closer to a dominant in overall nature, but I am more of a switch in practice, although lately I am letting the subbier side be more prevalent.  Which means I am more bottoming anally, but orally and digitally (fingers, not electronic...LOL) I am truly equal opportunity slut at everyone's [removed] well, I want to make this perfectly clear, I am an informed consent freak, and I prefer to be very clear beforehand to set parameters that way once the sex starts I do not need to interrupt for basic clarifications.  It may be a little tedious at the start, but that way once I get going I can throw myself in with full abandon, which is the way I prefer my sexplay when I can.  I have managed to get to this age without accidental reproduction or anything worse than crabs as an STD when I was young.  So sexual ethics is something that matters a lot to me.Finally, I am quite open to pegging and such too, but I would prefer to break my ass in with the real things first (Gods and Goddesses, do I burn for the real thing!) for a while, because I have found a massive difference between the toys I used for a few years and my recent if limited experiences with the real thing, and I find I am really craving the real thing, I haven't moaned, twitched and screamed like that in decades...LOL  So any couples looking for a male bottom anal slut to add to their mix, I m good with that sort of role, I also am good with roleplay for the most part, and I will always be open to being asked to try something without being offended, I only have four real red lines sexually and I ALWAYS make them clear to prospective playmates first.  Aside from that, asking costs nothing, and I like to try things twice because relying on first impressions not a good habit in my [removed] that is a starting point that hopefully narrows down for who I might be an attractive consideration and whom I would not.
Oakville, Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada
Bisexual female Transvestite > Gay male
MtF Trans/NB Girl looking to explore. Not 100% out about being trans though. Made profile to match. Biologically male for those who don't know!
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transsexual - best of both worlds - female top male bottom